Time is Running Out! Help a Friend and Horror Host in Trouble!

 We had posted before about an old collaborator and friend who had run into a string of bad luck–Josh Hadley who has done much to spread the word about CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO in Wisconsin.  Mr. Lobo was appeared on a few Halloween Specials produced by Mr. Hadley.  When we heard about his fundraiser we wanted to help…Josh sent us this piece that we posted here on the website before that strives explain his ongoing association with Mr. Lobo and his current struggle. Please read it and if you are inclined–help out with a few bucks. BUT HURRY–HIS POWER GETS SHUT OFF ON MONDAY!

“I first encountered Mr. Lobo back in… god it must be 05 or 06 maybe… and I thought he was smart and funny and someone I should work with. I was attempting to start up my own show when this happened and I used Mr. Lobo as inspiration. At the time I was working at a small TV station and I eventually conned them into letting me host a movie on Halloween night (Night Of The Living Dead)… and it did NOT go well… at all*. The following year I was still running the long con and got them let me host The Howling on the station but by this time Mr. Lobo and I had been talking on the phone and he proved to have been MORE than an inspiration he was actually helping me at this point. This Halloween Special is still pretty embarrassing to me (Mr. Lobo is good in it though) as I was unsure of how I wanted to set a tone and I still sucked at line delivery. Another year passed and Mr. Lobo and I had continued to talk and work on some things and I got my TV station to give me Bram Stokers Dracula for Halloween that year and again Mr. Lobo was not only awesome enough to help me out he did me a huge solid by getting Tony Todd and Bill Mosley for it. This is the kind of person he is. This time, I attempted overt comedy and I think (for the most part) it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fLyhXTIajc I was also hooked up with the teaser/promo trailer for the Plan 9 remake featuring… Mr. Lobo.

I co-host and produce the internet radio show Lost In The Static and we had Mr. Lobo on the show early on in a fun episode. He and I stayed in touch and I continued to follow his work and continued to be thankful for not only his support but his friendship. It is as this point I hit my darkest hour. My wife fell and hit her head resulting in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) shortly before I lost my job and was blackballed from my industry. The bills piled up fast and furious as soon we found ourselves simply drowning in debt and now we are about to lose our house and Mr. Lobo has offered to help get the word out… as I said before, that is the kind of guy he is.

We need to come up with 7grand by months end, we have almost $500 so far but I need your help. You can do here http://www.gofundme.com/a8i4zs to read the entire story but short version is that the horror community and “bad” movie fans tend to rally around one another in my experience and I desperately need that support right now.

Thank you all that will help out and thank you to Mr. Lobo for being Mr. Lobo.”

*As far as I am concerned that night never happened and unless someone local taped it off of TV there is no record of it and I am fine with that.

This Throwback Cinema Insomnia Thursday Episode is Set for a “Double-Throwback Launch!”

For this week, those of you who do not own a ROKU channel box or the Zom-Bee TV app, you can still enjoy this week’s Throwback Episode online. Those of you who do have a ROKU or the app will be able to enjoy this episode on your television screen or digital devices anywhere you go. So for those online, Tweet, Tumble, and Share this episode with all of your friends and family and remember, “They are NOT BAD MOVIES-Just Misunderstood!” Join us next Thursday for another free episode online…and if you want more CINEMA INSOMNIA and Mr. Lobo check out the free ZOM-BEE TV channel for ROKU video players or purchase your own Zom-Bee TV app and take and watch Cinema Insomnia anywhere at any time!

This Week’s Knight–Is a Prince! Mr. Lobo’s Loyal Subject, David Calvin!

IMG_20130523_235943A Mild Mannered Customer Service Consultant by day and Sleepless Knight Of Insomnia in the evenings!  DAVID CALVIN AKA PRINCE EVERLOVE, although he lives deep in the heart of Texas,is proud to tell us that English blood courses through his blue veins. The Prince discovered CINEMA INSOMNIA in the Summer 2011, He was loFave image of the lobosoking for some retro horror, hoping to find T.V. Hosts of the Golden Years on YOUTUBE. 

And there my eyes came across Mr.Lobo and Cinema Insomnia. I was mesmerized, feeling like I was 12 again and hooked. Mr.Lobo is watched weekly in the Retro Palace and my Princess Warrior (Maria) supports the Cinema Insomnia addiction~and adores Mrs.Lobo as a role model! It’s really great to relive B Movie Madness and Monster Memories. Mr. Lobo proves that...perhaps you can come home again.”

The official CINEMA INSOMNIA channel was removed from YOUTUBE due to unfounded third party copyright claims–David was extremely vocal with his disappointment in losing his new favorite show, resulting in Mr. Lobo reaching out to make sure he knew that there were other outlets.  DAVID now watches old episodes on LOBOVISION. He also has collected many episodes from when the shows were available on out-of-print APPREHENSIVE FILMS DVDs and has just ordered the CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL–Our first Official New DVD in 4 years.DCClone

Prince Everlove is notorious around LOBO HQ for leaving hilarious and creative phone messages…although our VOICE-MAIL number has recently been on the fritz. The Prince has never met Mr. Lobo in person but he has his own special events at his home paralleling Mr. Lobo’s live shows on the road.  His faves to watch are GREEN SLIME(1968) and the ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES(1971)!

Thank You, PRINCE EVERLOVE, Favorite Movievalued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, DAVID CALVIN –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for August 20th through the 27th!

You now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced later this year!

Poster for the Trailer of the Film GORE-ILLA! Courtesy of the Upcoming Anthology MIDNIGHT SHOW!

Gore-illaposterPoster Artist STEPHEN SISTILLI did a marvelous retro treatment for GORE-ILLA, a segment of the comedy anthology of trash cinema trailers called MIDNIGHT SHOW. The Brain Child of Executive Producer NEWTON WALLEN III. B-Movie maven MR. LOBO was tapped for several segments of the film including COIN SLOTS, BLACK FRIDAY II: BLOOD MONEY, and WORLD WAR FU. For GORE-ILLA, Mr. Lobo’s multi-talented wife, DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO played the titular role as the GORE-ILLA with her KOGARELLA gorilla suit from CINEMA INSOMNIA and teamed up with the mister to design the title logo. Mr. Lobo does the voice-over narration for the trailer as you might expect–but also plays the lead detective DALTON BLACKSTONE, who is on the trail of a monkey from hell raised by a coven of witches.  

For Throwback Cinema Insomnia Thursday, We Go “Out of This World”

This Week, we go into the great unknown to bring you two Outer space Cinema Insomnia choices to choose from for this Throwback Classic Cinema Insomnia Thursday. Would you like to ride into space to investigate the origins of a mysterious fossil in FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS or fight prehistoric beasts in VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET?

Send in your votes and come back here online on Thursday to find out if your choice won and enjoy a free episode Online! Don’t forget to get your friends and family involved in the voting process by Sharing, Tweeting, and Tumble this news and don’t forget to tell them “They are NOT BAD MOVIES-Just Misunderstood!”

MR. LOBO fan “CIndy Insomnia” shows off her favorite End of Summer Shlock-buster!


Jeepers. We‘re not sure we’re worthy of such a decadent endorsement but we are still mighty grateful! CIndy is eager for Mr. Sun to go bake-off somewhere else and let the creepy goodness or Autumn and MR. LOBO’s Halloween fun keep her delightfully chilled to the bone.

If you blink your eyes a few times you will see that she is holding the CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE special. You can get your hands of the very same DVD in our shop and be ready to enjoy the coming season in style–Just Like our new fan “CIndy Insomnia”!DVD
Special Thanks to Cindy Crowley and photographer, Sleepless Knight Laney Loftin, for these photos!

Cinsomniacs, this Week We Ask”What Keeps a Monster or Villain Going?”

Villains always need partners, evil doctors need scheming henchmen, and some of the most vile monsters need that one monster, human, or group that continue to cause these creatures and villains to keep on the daily grind of mayhem and destruction. These will be demonstrated through video clips of trailers and possible classic show episodes revealing the things that make these monsters and villains tick. Pictures, posters, and much more shall fill up your news feeds so be on the look-out and share away with your friends and family!

We Always Need Your Help, CInsomniacs! You are the ones who keep Mr. Lobo going as well as the rest of the Cinema Insomnia family. We challenge you to represent the theme of the week! How can you do that? Tell us and show us your favorite villain and their partners in crimes by commenting or posting about them on our pages! Some of you who enjoy dressing up, put on your costumes and post pictures representing the theme and you will see your picture on our pages! If any of you have vintage posters or create animations representing the theme share those as well! If you know or find pictures and video clips matching the theme post them or your personal pictures on our Facebook pages, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram with #CIThemeoftheweek!

Be prepared for the “Undying Love” of Villains and….their inner “Monsters” this fantastic week!



Previously leaked Sneak Peek scene  from PLAN 9(2014) Pan and Scan version. This is not the way the movie was intended to be seen by the director. The Pan and Scan version will ONLY be released in select countries…But, shown here as it is a dying art.

” Being a child of the 80′s and seeing so many films in this format–decades later viewing how they were originally intended in letterbox format, blew my mind. However, the “pan and scan” version is how I remember most of those old films fondly. Our film is so reminiscent of those earlier flicks, (so we celebrate) the PAN and SCAN version!”
- Director John Johnson

All Rise For The Past Sleepless Knights of the Week!

Before We Begin Please Stand For the Insomniac Oath!




Over the past few months, we have held a weekly search for the “Fan of the Week.” MR. LOBO has a long list of dedicated fans and we have been randomly selecting one CINEMA INSOMNIA fan each week as a way of saying “thanks”. This week we are “re-saluting” them for their dedication and love for misunderstood movies and CINEMA INSOMNIA!

Ladies and Gentleman Here are The Sleepless Knights of the Week!

SIR LAURENCE LANEY LOFTIN  Sleepless Knight of the Week:  April 20th-April 26th   

SIR LARRY LEE MONIZ   Sleepless Knight of the Week: April 27th-May 4th

SIR GARRET MEHAFFEY  Sleepless Knight of the Week: May 4th-May 11th

LADY RENEE WHALEY   Sleepless Knight of the Week: May 12th-18th

SIR JEREMY BRIDGES   Sleepless Knight of the Week: May19th-May 25th

  SIR SCI-FI BOB ECKMAN    Sleepless Knight of the Week:  May 26th-June 1st

LADY BUNNY GALORE  Sleepless Knight of the Week: June 6th-12th

     LADY HEIDI CRABTREE   Sleepless Knight of the Week: June 13th-June 19th

     SIR MARC PILOWSKI   Sleepless Knight of the Week: June 20th-June 26 

SIR RICK LUCY     Sleepless Knight of the Week:  June 27th-July 3rd

SIR MARK MILLER   Sleepless Knight of the Week: July 4th-July 10th

LADY ASHLEY STATUM     Sleepless Knight of the Week: July 11th-July 17th

SIR KEN HULSEY     Sleepless Knight of the Week: July 18th-July 24th

SIR RUSSEL HUNSBERGER   Sleepless Knight of the Week: July 25th-July 31st

LADY OPHELIA NECRO     Sleepless Knight of the Week: August 1st-August 7th

SIR LUKE HARRIS       Sleepless Knight of the Week: August 8th-August 14th

Congratulations, Sleepless Knights of the Week from April 20-August 14, 2014! You are all eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR! This prize package will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open For More Details  to be announced later this year!