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MMReviewsYesterday, you might have thought I made the mistake of not continuing my review quest! Ah, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights, it was a mere foreshadow of my own SEQUEL! Sleepless Knight Kim Wailes requested I watch NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST.2(1985). I will be honest, I have seen this film many times and re-watching it reminds me how….different it is compared to the other following films within the NIGHTMARE franchise.

nightmare-on-elm-street-2-freddys-revenge-movie-poster-1985-1020198814There has been much speculation about the story in of itself involving different sexuality overtones, continuity issues, and much much more. I will agree about the first two mentioned, but won’t touch base on the first issue. I will say, though, the fact that Freddy comes out of the dream world to murder both Jesse’s best friend Ron, played by 80’s star ROBERT RUSSLER, and the groups of teens attending the character Lisa’s party instead of attacking them in their dreams brings down the film quite a bit. Not only that, it doesn’t explain how Freddy can do that. Some would argue it is the result of Freddy possessing Jesse is why he can walk around outside of the dreams. I believe though, this new piece takes away the edge the original film had paved for the rest of the franchise to follow. Also, it is never used again and this part of the franchise is never mentioned in any of the other films like 2-5 did with the DREAM WARRIOR storyline.

Back to the film, we open up to a group of kids riding the bus home from school. It seems normal enough. You have the girls talking to one another, papers thrown from one side to the other, the usual loud teenage high school banter, the guy in the back with the blaring boom box(ahhh the 80s), and the creepy, sickly looking new kid huddled into the corner. That is until….

That scream…now Jesse’s scream is one to give you nightmares. Ok ok, I won’t keep hounding on him. It turns out Jesse has been having nightmares ever since him and his family moved into Nancy Thompson’s former home. According to the neighborhood, town, or school’s legend, Nancy had gone insane over watching her boyfriend Glen and mother get murdered by Freddy Krueger. Now, if I put my roots down in a house where people were murdered-why wouldn’t this little plant have nightmares? Freddy uses the house kind of like a conduit in order to get into Jesse’s dream and initially possess him in order to kill the teenagers surrounding him. The downside is that we are barely in dreams in this film and more so outside of the dream world. A-Nightmare-On-Elm-Street-2-Freddys-Revenge-2

After the nightmare/high pitched screaming ceases, we go to the high school where it seems like the coach loves to pick on Jesse and his best friend Ron. Later we find out he is a S&M teenage sex offender who single’s Jesse out when the coach catches him drinking in a S&M bar. The coaches murder is one of the shortest yet weirdest and slightly best kills you see in the franchise-period.

a-nightmare-on-elm-street-2-freddys-revengeThroughout the films, we see this constant struggle between Jesse controlling Freddy and being straight with his girlfriend (more of a friend) Lisa about what is happening. Surprisingly, she believes everything he says to her about his dreams and attempts to help him by taking him down to the plant where Freddy apparently murdered his child victims. Despite her attempts, Freddy still takes over and goes on a party murder spree in a matter of 5 minutes at her own party.

a nightmare on elm street 2 - freddys revenge 11And yet, in the end love triumphs over evil……or does it?

Some may think this film is misunderstood while others may not. I, on the other hand, believe it was made to be misunderstood. I give this movie 6 1/2 out of 10 HYPNOTIC EYES. If Freddy Krueger is one of your favorite monsters and are strict with continuity, do NOT watch this film. If you are still a fan but don’t mind continuity-watch it and see if this becomes one of your top choices in the franchise.

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review in the middle of the week? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back next week for another MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!

                                                                                                                     –Mitch Mittens


MMReviewsThere are many sequels in this world: TREMORS 2(1996), JAWS 2(1978), FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2(1981), and many more. Today’s requests were given by SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS KIM WAILES and BRANDON BLACKMOOR. Today, I lay down my roots to review PSYCHO II(1983) and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2(1985). This review will be different, however, there will be the dreaded….SPOILERS!!!!

I know I know….ok maybe I’ll lay off the spoilers for PSYCHO II but for NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2. First up, PSYCHO II(1983). Ah, back to the Bates Motel we go, only in this films case it’s 22 years following ALFRED HITCHCOCK’s original PSYCHO(1960) film. It is honestly strange to watch the opening. Much like the early FRIDAY THE 13TH series sequels, it opens up to show the memorable shower scene from the first film.

We are then led into a large, barely filled courtroom with a slow pan into the back of ANTHONY HOPKINS aka NORMAN BATE’S head. It’s honestly strange to see him as a much older man. Despite being locked up in a psychiatric ward for over 22 years, he still seems like a innocent, naive teenage boy at times as we see in the beginning scenes. We find out after 22 years, a judge reveals that NORMAN is healthy enough to be released to the public…..now honestly, do you really think that is a good idea, CInsomniacs? Well, whether you think it’s the right decision or not, it happens anyway (insert mischievous cackle). 

Norman is released to a familiar past character’s dismay.

Don’t recognize her? Well ladies, gentlemen, and plant fold alike, put your hands and/or leaves together for VERA MILES! Or to the PSYCHO story, Lila Crane and in this film actually Lila Loomis after marrying Sam Loomis. Despite the marriage, however, we find out that Sam has passed away and Lila has a daughter named Mary Loomis. These two women are a key part in PSYCHO 2. Lila is still furious over the death of her sister and with the release of Norman, she and her daughter come up with a scheme in order to drive Norman insane again to put him back into the hospital.

How do they do it? Who is the key person behind Norman’s original insanity? Mrs. Bates! Throughout the film Lila makes numerous phone calls to the Bate’s home, pretending to be Mrs. Bates along with her daughter disguising her last name and placing various notes signed by Mrs. Bates at Norman’s new job and his home. 

Now, I will say this. When we see the Bates Motel and the house after Norman is released-it is one of those moments you wish you could slow down and take it all in. Can you imagine walking up those steps after seeing the original PSYCHO and then not seeing it for many years, BAM, you’re there? If you are a PSYCHO fan and haven’t seen this film yet, watch it and I guarantee it’s one of those rare cinematic moments that will take your breath away.


Back to the film, we find out the Bates Motel is being run by this sleezy guy named Warren Toomey. Toomey pretty much has turned the hotel, and I will quote Norman on this, “A-an Adult Motel.” After Norman finds drugs in one of the rooms, he fires Toomey from working there. Of course, Toomey doesn’t agree with him and throws a huge fit. Later in the film, we watch a mysterious figure dressed as Mrs. Bates kill Toomey and like the previous film, place Toomey in the trunk of his car and drown him in the lake. Now, I already spoiled the first kill and given you a clue to who Mrs. Bates might be but I will leave the mystery left to you.

imagesI can honestly say, this film is pretty great and I agree it is misunderstood and should be shown. It is cheesy at some moments, but it’s going to be. I highly recommend this sequel and give it 10 HYPNOTIC EYES out of 10!

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review in the middle of the week? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back next week for another MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!

                                                                                                                     –Mitch Mittens





LADY “TALKY TINA” BERKLEY FOUND OUT ABOUT MR. LOBO AND CINEMA INSOMNIA BY ACCIDENT. While searching through her recently purchased ROKU device, she sought for something….something to keep her interest for more than a mere 30 seconds. She came across a channel originally named, “The Anomalies Channel.”


Then, the voice of MR. LOBO came booming from her television speakers and her love of CINEMA INSOMNIA began. She began searching for more CINEMA INSOMNIA jewels on the internet. Then ordered for her SLEEPLESS KNIGHT’S OF INSOMNIA KIT and took THE INSOMNIAC OATH to join her other brothers and sisters in arms with other CINSOMNIACS across the country! She sent this picture in of her to show her love of CINEMA INSOMNIA to the world.

After doing more research, LADY TINA drew this FANTASTIC INSOMNIAC-INSPIRED cartoon picture for MR. LOBO!


10726389_845843302126394_969641950_nAnd this strangely striking photo of her dressed as her own version our dear host MR. LOBO!

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https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10425157_10205446891556860_485642337451246430_n.jpg?oh=8a869709d664fbd3170819ff282f492c&oe=54B2D6D7It’s never too late to upgrade! Mr. Lobo will be hosting FOUR FANTASTICALLY MISUNDERSTOOD HORROR CLASSICKS at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA in Winchester, THIS SATURDAY October 25th starting at 6PM. Still headlining the bill is HALLOWEEN III SEASON OF THE WITCH(1982), and Fred Dekker’s NIGHT OF THE CREEPS(1986)–BUT WE ADDED TWO NEW FILMS TO GO WITH THEM!

There will be a sizzling Q and A with actress STACY NELKIN who starred in many of MR. LOBO’s personal faves like GET CRAZY(1983), UP THE ACADEMY(1980), YELLOWBEARD(1983) and of course HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH(1982)!

The NEW Line Up:
Fred Dekker’s NIGHT OF THE CREEPS(1986)
Fred Dekker’s MONSTER SQUAD(1987)

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE a BETTER 80’s HORRORTHON? The theater has table seating with beer, wine, and a full menu. And it’s right next door to the lovely Country Inn and Suites hotel in case you want to get “Lt. Cameron” drunk at the show and sleep over. Mr. Lobo and Dixie hope to see you all there LIVE and IN PERSON!  It’s all part of the huge HALLOWEEN EVENT…DISMEMBER THE ALAMO!

We will have Lobo made MASKS and BEANIE CREEPS special for this event!

Then and Now! Horror’s Most Memorable Actresses

Screaming in High Heels (2011) Movie ImageThe horror genre has been defined over time by its most memorable characters and performances. However, though it tends to be the slashers and villains that serve as the enduring images we associate with great horror films, it’s often the ordinary people—be they victims, supporting characters, good folks turning to evil, etc.—who make the films great. So with the Halloween film season upon us, and hopefully more great performances on the way, here’s our look back at horror’s most memorable actresses and the projects they brought to life.

Jamie Lee CurtisCurtis_1(1)

Any list like this has to begin with Jamie Lee Curtis, who’s arguably the most recognizable horror film actress of all time. Her first major role was the masterpiece HALLOWEEN(1978), which as Flavorwire points out ultimately became the highest grossing independent film ever made up to that point. The film is still recognized by most as one of the great horror/slasher projects of all time, and Curtis also starred in the 1981 sequel (“HALLOWEEN II”). She had a subtle role 1983’s “HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH,” and she even reprises her role as Laurie Strode in 1998’s strange continuation, “HALLOWEEN H20: 20 YEARS LATER.”

JamieLee70sIf that list of films in the HALLOWEEN franchise comprised the entirety of Curtis’s involvement with the genre, it would be enough to count her among horror’s most memorable actresses. But Curtis’s legacy extends even further, first in the fact that her own mother was a renowned horror actress—Janet Leigh, who received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO(1960); and second in that she also starred in films like THE FOG and PROM NIGHT(1980).

Linda BlairLindaBlair

Sometimes the best genre actors and actresses are the ones that just never quite seem to leave what they’re best at behind them. Linda Blair is a great example in this regard, as her signature role in a horror film came in THE EXORCIST(1973) when she was a teenager. It goes without saying that this was one of the greatest horror triumphs in film history, but many might not remember that Blair won a Golden Globe for her performance. She was nominated for an Academy Award as well.

LindaBlair70sUnfortunately, Blair has yet to capture that same sort of glory in her career since THE EXORCIST, but it’s oddly refreshing to see a child star stick to horror flicks, independent films, and B-movies when she probably could have sold out and done something different. She’s been nominated multiple times for “Golden Raspberry Awards,” or Razzies,” which are basically mock awards going to the worst performances in film categories.


However, for her work in THE EXORCIST, its sequel, she’s earned a spot on the list.

Adrienne King

Adrienne King’s filmography has been fairly light since she starred in the film that made her famous-but has made a recent comeback and was interviewed by Mr. Lobo in 2008 at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. It was King who played the role of Alice Hardy in the iconic original FRIDAY THE 13TH(1980).” Since waking in the hospital after being dragged underwater by Jason (arguably the most infamous villain in horror film history), King has faded somewhat from memory (though she did also star in the 1981 sequel). But her contribution to horror history remains massive, as FRIDAY THE 13TH proved to have one of the most extensive legacies in the genre.

Not only was there a sequel in 1981, but through 2009, 12 total films based on or spun from the 1980 original have been made. This includes additional “Friday” sagas and a sort of sub-series of Jason material. In fact, the original film even had a wide enough following to inspire an adult film parody from Zero Tolerance (officially titled, simply, OFFICIAL FRIDAY THE 13TH PARODY). According to Adam and Eve, the movie features the “legendary Jason himself” hunting down a sex-crazed staff at Crystal Lake. Huh, sounds a lot like the original right?

Barbara Shelley

Perhaps the most well-known actress from the Hammer Films heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, Barbara Shelley certainly belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of horror actresses. Horror-Movies.ca notes that Shelley starred in eight films for Hammer during these two decades, with her biggest success probably coming in the form of  DRACULA, PRINCE OF DARKNESS(1966).” Although, it’s worth mentioning that her noteworthy scream in that film was actually dubbed by a co-star!

While her eight Hammer films were more than enough to establish Shelley’s legacy as a noteworthy genre actress, she also had some interesting side projects. While Adrienne King merely starred in a work that eventually inspired an adult film parody, Shelley dabbled in some more adult-themed content as well. To be clear, she was never an adult film actress, but her film VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED(1960) more or less concerned sexual assault by aliens.

MITCH MITTENS is Scared Leafless with “TROLL 2(1990)!”

MMReviewsDear CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights, I apologize for the late edition of this review. I have been here with the shades drawn down and my leaves falling one by one since watching this movie last night. This week Sleepless Knight PAUL ALLEN requested I take a peek at what critics call “The Worst Film Ever Made” TROLL 2(1990) and let me tell you…..it may be misunderstood to humans but for plants it is SHOCKING! 

Troll_2_posterImagine if you will (if you have not seen this film) a PRINCESS BRIDE opening with a grandfather telling his grandson a fairy tale. Only this fairy tale did not contain ANDRE THE GIANT, a revengeful Spaniard, or an “inconceivable” epic true love story. Instead, we witness the tale of a group of Goblins who trick a young traveler through a mirage of a beautiful woman to feast upon this gross green slime. All of a sudden the traveler begins to sweat green blood and turned into a gooey plant like substance that the Goblins feasted upon. I shivered at the mere sight! If you were a plant being consumed by a group of Goblins you’d understand. At least the child, Joshua, understood.

Anyways, we find out the grandfather telling the son this creepy tale had passed away not long before this, making us wonder if the kid is crazy or the whole tale was a memory. Joshua’s family, the Waits, decide it would be best for the family to move out into the little town of NEILBOG (Goblin spelled backward) in order to get a way and try their hand at farming. An extension to the storyline involved the Wait’s daughter Holly who was dealing with issues with her boyfriend Elliot spending too much time with his friends and not enough with her. When the Waits leave for NEILBOG, Elliot and his friends Brent, Arnold, and Drew follow them to the town to find “loose women.”

my-face-after-troll-2Fast forward later into the movie, the ghost of Joshua’s grandfather attempts to warn Joshua to prevent his family to be tricked by the Goblins by eating the poisoned food in order to feed the monstrous townspeople. Much like many characters in classic horror film cliches, writers make the children seem crazy when in all reality they are the ones that are the true “heroes.” And like other films, the family taunts Joshua and doesn’t listen until the grandfather’s ghost manifests and lights one of the Goblins, in disguise as a preacher, on fire to reveal its true form. This sends the family in a frenzy to protect themselves and find a way to save themselves.

Elliot and his friends remained on another side of the town in their trailer, wondering where are the women are. One of the friends, Arnold, bumps into a wounded woman in the woods running away from the goblins. Needless to say the Goblins catch up to them both and Arnold takes gets wounded by a spear. The scene above, sums up the demise of Arnold and the woman.Troll_03207d_3008007Now the dialogue delivery in this whole film is on the verge of being extremely hard to pay attention too with a side of wondering how these actors got into this film. The actress playing the families daughter, Holly, tops the worst of them all next to the father. The grandfather follows and the mother is the final. The only believable character acting wise was Joshua. The effects, though, were very good except in the popcorn seduction scene…..you’ll have to watch the movie.

Will the Goblins win? What happened to the Waits? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. In misunderstood terms, I give this film about 7 1/2 out of 10 Hypnotic Eyes. The effects make it slightly more understood than misunderstood but the acting, storyline, and this creepy woman here…..makes this film a doozy.imagesHave any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back next week for another MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!

                                                                                       –Mitch Mittens