MR. LOBO is a Special Guest and Leads Panel Discussion at RETRO CON 2015

Oaks PAThe Mighty RETRO CON has invited your favorite television movie host back to meet and greet fans and talk about CULT FILMS, the future of CINEMA INSOMNIA on OSI 74, and Mr. Lobo’s new podcast SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS WITH MR. LOBO. Guest Speakers at the 3 PM panel discussion include Newt Wallen of MIDNIGHT SHOW and Michael Joy from HORRORNEWS.NET. It’s always a great time–See you there!

This Month We Remember Legendary Director Wes Craven!

Directors come from all over the world to create their masterpieces: misunderstood and understood. Throughout the years, we have seen directors rise then turn into the great beyond. A couple weeks ago, we lost one of the most remembered horror directors of all time. That director was the legendary Wes Craven.

11988499_862880197158597_9142582958466751279_n(1)Wesley Earl “Wes” Craven did not begin his directing career right away. At first, he worked in the education field as an English professor at Westminster College then a Humanities professor at Clarkson University. During his teaching career, he purchased a 16mm camera and began working on short films.

In 1972, he released his first full-length horror feature entitled, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. The film told the story of two teenage girls on their way to a rock concert. While on their way, they are kidnapped by four psychotic killers. Later, the killers stumble upon one of the girls’ home where her parents obtain their revenge on them.

11227524_10153683708029430_3309093586970181323_nHe continued his reign of film terror through taking you on a “family trip” into the desert to visit a family of cannibals in his 1977 hit, THE HILLS HAVE EYES! It has received a continuous cult following to this day along with receiving a sequel in 1985 and remake in 2006. With another hit under his belt, this did not stop Craven from his creative streak! Wes Craven continued transforming his films from various dreams he had. One of which we know today through it’s series and it’s iconic serial killer who haunts you in your dreams. It spawned many sequels, kick started several well-known actors careers, and brought terror to the silver screen and beyond.

This month, we remember the legend Wes Craven was and commemorate his works, both the misunderstood films and accepted ones. What are your favorite Wes Craven films? Which one do you believe is the most misunderstood?

Do you have any vintage collectables, posters, or memorabilia pictures you’d like to share? You can post them on our page and they will be shared on our pages! Artists, this includes your brilliant art!

RIP Wes Craven, you will never be forgotten!

Let’s make this month memorable and discover all things “Craven”!


Tonight is the night! Come on out to The Colonial Theatre for the Italian All Night Splatterfest 4 featuring BLACK SUNDAY (1960)

black-sunday-posteralong with other classics DEMONS 2, A BAY OF BLOOD, NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES, and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY! What an amazing lineup!

Our very own DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO I made the T-shirts this year, by hand! Each one is slightly unique! She can not wait to share them with the world.


Come on out, you’re in for a scream!

We’re back! Mr. Lobo’s Team is Pushing the Limits of Reality with New Channel OSI – And You Can, Too! Get Ready!

Who is looking out to make YOUR entertainment universe better? We are! Piles and piles of Mega-Fun Top Secret projects all add up to our new venture…OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL and our new streaming channel OSI 74. We are reinvesting all our profits into the channel as we get ready for launch OCTOBER 30th, 2015. Now is the time to buy a CD, DVD, Poster, Shirt, Sticker, or other collectible treasure to join in on the fun and to give us an extra boost as we take on the small screen industry to make a channel for people like us! So far your support has been amazing! Thank you!

On the programming schedule, you can look forward to 13 New episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA with MR. LOBO,
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Mr. Lobo Put A Spell on You For This Theme of the Month!


Last month, robots roamed the Cinema Insomnia pages. This month things seem a little funny around here. Books are floating, cats are talking, even the movies are strange. Almost as if we were under a spell…..a misunderstood spell. We are under Mr. Lobo’s hypnotic power, but what if it is deeper than that this month? Maybe a witch, perhaps? But which witch?

Witches are one of the most misunderstood characters on film and in life. Sailing through the night on their brooms, the  There have also been interesting misunderstood films about them. For instance the notorious THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES (1964). 4811.D_210_118

Yes, that one…stop staring at the mole! It may hypnotize you and turn you into a zombie! She is only one in a long line of characters we will explore this month. Who is your favorite misunderstood witch of all time? Is it this mysterious Estrella? Or Is it someone bigger and badder? How about the Sanderson Sisters?


Maybe not……

Open your spell books and send us your pictures, WITCHY themed art, tattoo art, collection of your Witch themed films or figures, or pictures/video of anything you think pertains to the theme and it will be shared on our pages to be seen and enjoyed by all!

If you do not have your own piece of art, check out our ETSY shop and pick up a copy of DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO’s creation entitled “HAUNTED LEONA”!web res Leota 11x17Get ready for Bubbles, Toils, and Troubles This Month!


11745438_10200697344752926_2360284545376513509_nThis past weekend, MRS. LOBO dawned her MISS BLOB sash and MR. LOBO had the honor of hosting the annual terror of THE BLOB during BLOBFEST at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA! The Blob held back during the day outside the theatre where attendees enjoyed a fire extinguisher parade, costume contest, and all things BLOB! Later, they could view the screenings of THE BLOB(1955), THE CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON 3-D(1954), and ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN(1948). On Sunday, they rounded up the festivities with a screening of THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X(2012) followed by a Q&A with the director PAUL BUNNELL. 

If you have pictures from this past weekend, send them in and we’ll share them on our pages!

Photo courtesy of Freddie Bagnato

If you missed the festivities, here are some footage from the momentous event!

For a Behind-the-Scenes and Front of Scenes look, Here’s a video from CinemaSickness:


A side view of the famous Run Out by Ashley Fair:

Opening to Day 2 Footage of MR. LOBO! Footage by kupo:


Paul Bunnell’s Q&A footage by Cinema Sickness:


What was YOUR favorite moment at BLOBFEST 2015?

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Every misunderstood Movie has it’s day and you may enjoy this…


The Futuristic year is 1997.
New York City is a Maximum Security Prison. A Master Criminal’s Mission:
Rescue the Captive U.S. President

web res Escape from New York Poster 11x17

11×17 inch high quality poster print which includes a flexible plastic sleeve for protection. This image is an original digital illustration by Dixie Dellamorto. The print is suitable for framing and would be at home hanging on the wall in your Game Room, Den, or the War Room of the Duke of New York! This print is signed and dated by the artist. Be the first Crazy in your city to own it!



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web res Leota 11x17

You could do worse…much worse. web res 11x17 jailhouse rot


From The PLAN 9(2015) Site, A New Prediction From Criswell!

Criswell Predicts "Social Media Serial Killer"

We all live in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.Join us on a weekly web series where our very own Criswell takes a glimpse into the Future!

Posted by Plan 9 on Wednesday, June 24, 2015