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960292_780161802097104_82980786270136221_nYou heard that right, CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights! It’s Up to YOU to pick this month’s theme! It can range from a variety of misunderstood topics: misunderstood monsters, misunderstood films, etc. The Winning theme choice will be released this WEDNESDAY along with the name of the WINNER of the Baby Lobo baby doll made by Wicked Little Nursery.

So what do you say, Cinsomniacs and Sleepless Knights? What should Cinema Insomnia’s APRIL THEME OF THE MONTH be? Leave your suggestions in the comments or private message us your ideas. You can also post a pictures of your ideas as well. What shall this THEME OF THE MONTH shall be? SEND IN YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

Baby Lobo and Mitch Mittens Review “PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS (2004)”

Misunderstood ReviewsDear Fair and Noble Sleepless Knights, CInsomniacs, and Misunderstood Movie Lovers from near and far! Mitch Mittens here! I apologize for not showing my leaves since January. It’s been quite busy over here behind the green curtain. I seemed to be growing quite bald over the winter and had to receive an immediate leaf transplant. Don’t laugh, it runs in the family-just ask Miss Mittens. Ok, no don’t ask her, she’ll probably tell Grandfather Mittens and he’ll show up in his wheelbarrow and award winning garden trowel. No matter, I am now 100% recovered and ready!

Today I am joined by one of the most misunderstood Babies of all time…..Baby Lobo! He is joining me this month for his ONE and ONLY MISUNDERSTOOD REVIEW! Next month he shall be sent to his new home to a special Sleepless Knight or CInsomniac to love, to hold, and to enjoy all the misunderstood movies this world has to offer!

220px-PuppetmasterdtSince this month is “CREEPY BABY MONTH,” Baby Lobo and I agreed to view and review the battle between two of FULL MOON ENTERTAINMENT famous horror monsters of all time: the DEMONIC TOYS and THE PUPPET MASTER puppets in PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS(2004)! Baby Lobo filled up on milk and applesauce while I popped some plant food-flavored popcorn. Something told me this movie would be GREATLY misunderstood. Baby Lobo took the lead with the Insomniac Oath then we pressed play.

Take a peak at the Trailer first before reading on:

Now right as soon as the movie began, I noticed two things. One, there is no sign of “Full Moon Entertainment presents” and instead it’s the SyFy channel instead which means this is truly a misunderstood movie. The SyFy channel is responsible for MANY misunderstood films and sequels to some of our beloved horror classics including the last two THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series additions along with this film. Next up was the drastic form change in the DEMONIC TOYS designs compared to the original FULL MOON films. Observe:

DEMONIC TOYS (1992):           Demonic_toy3sPUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS (2004):

Demonic_Toysvlcsnap-2012-03-05-16h38m41s147 HUGE difference! And if you are a die hard PUPPET MASTER fan and haven’t seen this movie-you might want to shield your eyes on what they do to Toulon’s puppets.

The film starts off with a Christmas toy commercial of children opening up their presents, revealing the new editions of the DEMONIC TOY dolls. The camera pans out to show a some-what rough looking Corey Feldman, grumbling about the commercial while he works on Toulon’s puppets. Feldman plays the role of Robert Toulon, the great-grandnephew of Andre Toulon. His character also has a teenage daughter who looks old enough to be his sister instead of his daughter. Now, they both discovered the secret formula to bring the puppets back to life. Word of warning: When your shop gets attacked by evil henchmen, never keep your overly large syringes out in plain sight when an unprofessional cop enters arrives on the scene. Bad acting and awkward glances shall arise…..really bad acting.

414+wj0vUpLOn the DEMONIC TOYS side, we meet Vanessa Angel’s character. A spoiled rich woman who inherited her families’ toy company following her father’s death. Her father had made a deal with the demon of wealth “Bael” in order to for his greedy daughter to have control over the Demonic Toys. Downside, the toys are not so obedient anymore. After finding out about the Toulon formula, she seeks to steal if from her former employee, Robert Toulon, and formulate her own evil scheme.

The rest of the film is made up of overly exaggerated lines and scary acting from the main characters (thank you Feldman), enough botox to make the story line float away into the abyss (the lips!), an evil plan to have monstrous toys wake up on Christmas morning to wreak havoc upon the innocent, and an unforgettable battle between puppets and toys. In the end, Baby Lobo and I agreed to give this film a 7 1/2 out of 10 Hypnotic Eyes.

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Leave your comments or private message and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back for more MISUNDERSTOOD REVIEWS!


Art Lovers! Get Ready For The Unveiling of Mr. Lobo’s FAN OF THE WEEK!

photo5.phpSIRFinkleCreature ANDY FINKLE is a monster enthusiast, a librarian, and a visual artist. He creates his uniquely creative pieces in his art studio located in an old camper.
He participates in various shows along the East Coast and the Midwest, sharing his creations with attendees. He also shares his work on his website and had participated in our CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Theme of the Month this past January by sharing his painting of “The Kilted Creature.”

11075140_10152634851952237_224193775_n Around ten years ago, SIR ANDY dove deep into learning about different horror hosts. MR. LOBO quickly became his favorite. So much so that he emailed MR. LOBO, asking him if he could paint MR. LOBO’s portrait.

Currently, his favorite misunderstood films are ones featuring monsters and aliens. He continued,

“If it turns out the monster isn’t bad (as in evil) so much as misunderstood than it is all the better. I love movies that were made on low budgets. Some of them do not seem to have been made to make money so much as because those involved in the project felt compelled to make the movie, those are the most fun.”

finklecreepMR. LOBO and DIXIE tapped the talented Andy Finkle to illustrate the late great Barry Lee Hobart AKA DR. CREEP(1941-2011) for their tribute in the print edition of  HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES magazine.

poster-zaat When it comes his overall favorite misunderstood monster movie film, SIR ANDY’s personal favorite is the tale of the mad scientist who injected himself with a formula, transforming into a catfish beast entitled ZAAT or THE BLOOD WATERS OF DR. Z(1971).

“I love the scene with the hippie pied piper, the team in matching jumpsuits that travel around in an RV, and the crazy hand-drawn wheel illustration made by Dr. Z. That movie has got it all!” SIR ANDY recommended.


photo.phpThank you, SIR ANDY FINKLE, valued Sleepless Knight for ALL your Support for CINEMA INSOMNIA,watching all those Misunderstood Movies and continuous support! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can share, download, and print. Congratulations, SIR ANDY FINKLE - SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for March 27th through April 2nd, 2015.



10314626_776543455792272_8083748706685441162_nFor a full month we have brought you a look at some majorly spooky and over all creepy dolls on and off the silver screen. Record album covers featuring missionaries with their ventriloquist dummies….now those are plain scary. You’ve also shared with us some creepy dolls of your own in the past and in the present. This picture was sent in by Sleepless Knight Kim Wailes of her older sister’s old Barbie pictures. Lady Kim explained the story behind the picture:

984277_10153188519659430_4552569859919821418_nMy older sister’s Barbie family pictures were always a bit more put together. That baby is creepy. Grandma and Grandpa dolls’ eyes came out and fit perfectly into the ring hole on Barbies’ hands so those two eventually lost all of their eyes, and they were terrifying with just eye socket hole.”

10986901_762454510534500_6551333240848879688_nWe’ve also been holding a Spooky Doll contest. What do you have to do? Take a picture of you or your family with a creepy doll of your own personal collection or of the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen. It MUST NOT be from the Internet but be created or taken by you or a family member. You or your family member MUST be in the picture, not just the doll. You can send them in by posting them on our Facebook page wall, Direct Message them to our Instagram Page, Reply to this article with the picture, or Tweet us the picture! You may also send in as many pictures as you want. The winner shall receive this Handcrafted MR. LOBO Baby Doll created by the lovely ladies of Wicked Little Nursery! Deadline is March 31st! Hurry and get your pictures in today!

For the final week, we will be sharing MANY different creepy doll pictures. If you still have creepy doll pictures or art you’d like to send in to share on the pages-send them in! Let’s make this final week spooky, creepy, and ooky!

**Stay Tuned later this week for News About Next Month’s Theme of the Month! Bring your favorite monsters and misunderstood movies-they might be next month’s theme!

This Fan of the Week is a Lord…Horror Host, Lord Blood Rah!

LBR+on+set1The curtain has risen, the fog machines have begun, and through the smokey haze arises our Fan of the Week LORD BLOOD-RAH! He first met MR. LOBO at the famous WONDERCON around the early 2000s. At that time, LORD BLOOD-RAH wasn’t aware that the horror hosts were still going strong. He purchased two of MR. LOBO’s DVDs from his booth and has been a strong CInsomniac ever since, filling up on misunderstood horror films.

LORD BLOOD-RAH began on his “misunderstood quest” for Horror and Sci-fi flicks all the way back to the classic show CREATURE FEATURES hosted by Horror Host SIR BOB WILKINS,

“I grew up watching that show and blame it for my current condition!” He exclaimed, with a smile.

LBR+at+Forbidden+IslandToday, LORD BLOOD-RAH is a well esteemed Horror host with his show LORD BLOOD-RAH’S NERVE WRACKIN’ THEATRE for the past six years and is still going strong in the “Horror Host Community”.

He began his reign through hosting shows at live venues to the masses in the Bay Area and grew over the years. His show is currently in production for his fourth season and airs in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan as well as two local television stations and on the Horror channel GETSCARED TV on ROKU.

Here is one of his episodes featuring the 1962 misunderstood classic EEGAH!:


Thank you, LORD BLOOD-RAH, valued Sleepless Knight for ALL your Support for CINEMA INSOMNIA, the Horror Host community, and watching and showing Misunderstood films! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can share, download, and print. Congratulations, LORD BLOOD-RAH –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for March 20th through March 26th, 2015!


Strange and Fascinating Real Life Stories of the Casino World

world-NYCCasino and Gambling games have been played for centuries. People from here in the United States of America, to the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Italy, France, Holland, and many other countries, play an endless variety of casino games. The casinos become a favorite destination for the players and many players develop a special bond with a particular establishment. One of UK’s most popular casinos, is such a casino. People at different point of time have created many interesting stories around casinos and the casino games.

The world of casino is colorful, exciting, lively, kitschy, and full of fun. Let’s look at some of the great casino stories.–Stories that tell how the world of casino affects the lives and lifestyle of people, who enter it…

Oriental TradingThe Gambler Who Blew $127 Million: the highest gambling spree on record…

According to The Bored Ninja story, a man named Terry Watanabe’s gambling spree cost him close to $200 million. Terry, the son of Harry Watanabe, who founded the famous bulk novelty empire–Oriental Trading Company, became the CEO of the company in 1977. He sold his entire stake to a private equity firm in 2000 and amassed a massive amount money–only to engage in drinking and gambling. He visited Las Vegas in 2007 and never left. His addiction drove him to nonstop drinking and gambling. He would play for 24 hours without a break and spend up to $500,000 in a single day. During those years, the casino he was playing in, Harrah’s earned 6% of their total revenue from Mr. Terry alone. Luckily, his sister later saved him from this situation.


The $5,000 Gamble of FedEx
You may have heard this famous casino story. It’s said that the founder and CEO of FedEx in 1971 gambled $5,000, converted it to $34,000 and saved the company from financial disaster. After just three years of running their business, the shipping company, Federal Express, became the victim of the rapidly rising fuel cost. They were losing nearly a million dollars every month. None of their investors were willing to loan the company money. At that point, the company had only $5,000 to his name. The CEO flew to Las Vegas for the weekend and played Blackjack. By that Monday, the company had $34,000 in its account, which was sufficient to fuel their planes. Soon, the operation was on it’s feet. After four years of hard work(and an insane gamble) and the company registered its first aashishprofit.

The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Won $500,000 from Online Poker

If you believe what’s been reported on numerous casino websites, you may have seen the fascinating and inspiring story of Aashis Nanak, a boy from India. The eight year old won close to half a million dollar rupees playing online poker using his uncle’s account. The child genius was building web pages when he was only four years old. It was reported that the poker website refused to pay the money, considering his age and blocked his account. The legal battle between the Poker website and the boy’s family is apparently ongoing as no outcome has been reported.

Thanks for taking a gamble on this guest article. Best of LUCK to you in the future!

We’ve Spotted A Mighty Monster! Run For Your Lives–It’s Our FAN OF THE WEEK!

10961641_10203963359860284_1428871931_nSIR BOB JOHNSON grew up in the suburban plains of the San Mateo Peninsula in California. It was here where he grew up watching a science fiction, monster movies, and horror films at a young age. Many of them consisted of the classic Japanese monsters like the mighty GODZILLA and superheroes such as ULTRAMAN!

10841465_10203963359820283_636389781_nWhile he was in 2nd grade, he started getting into misunderstood movies. He recalled the momentous moment,

“I was over at a friend’s house. He said ‘There’s a cool movie on, you have to see it!’ That movie was THE FLY (1958). From that moment, I was hooked on monsters, horror, and Sci-fi. Searching out movies, glued to the TV for CREATURE FEATURES, Channel 44’s Friday Night Drive-In Movie, THE GHOUL, MONSTER MATINEE, and other shows that would present the movies I loved.”

SIR BOB currently runs the Bay Area Film Events, a group that produces movie screenings and film festivals. The different shows that are held have been GODZILLAFEST, ULTRAMANIA, BEATLES WEEKEND, THE CREATURE IN 3D, two BOB WILKINS benefits. They have also held two CREATURE FEATURES NIGHTS at AT&T Park in which movies were shown after the Giants’ game and the patrons gathered on the field to watch NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) featuring JUDITH O’DEA as a special guest the first year while the second year they showed CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954).

10979457_10203963359700280_1347579159_n SIR BOB met MR. LOBO while attending Scott Moon’s CREATURE FEATURES show in Sacramento which featured Bob Wilkins and young MR. LOBO. Later down the road, they became friends and SIR BOB tuned into CINEMA INSOMNIA on KTEH and posted on the Yahoo groups. He even answered the phones for KTEH’s CINEMA INSOMNIA pledge night.

Soon, MR. LOBO made appearances at the different Bay Area Film Events such as GODZILLAFEST and shared the stage with THE GHOUL for HALLOWEEN TERRORAMA! He also hosted 007 WEEKEND to THRILL, and the BOB WILKINS benefit shows at the Cerrito Theater in El Cerrito and The Crest Theater in Sacramento.

10965440_10203963359740281_957512842_nThank you, SIR BOB JOHNSON, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies and continuous support! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can share, download, and print. Congratulations, SIR BOB JOHNSON –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for March 13th through March 19th, 2015!


We are continuing to take nominations for future FAN OF THE WEEK! If you’d like to be nominated for FAN OF THE WEEK or know someone you believe should be nominated, leave their name or names in the comment section. If you also like to send your story about how you came upon CINEMA INSOMNIA and your love for MR. LOBO and misunderstood movies–send us your story through direct message. Keep your eyes open and you might stand alongside the other past FANS OF THE WEEK!

Spooky Doll Contest? Contest? Yes, Contest!!!

MidnightFrightsLightThis Month’s Theme is all about Spooky Dolls! Big Dolls, Little Dolls, Dolls that frighten the pants off of you! Ok, we’ll leave you to put your pants back on now. You good? Good! Get ready for this months SPOOKY DOLL FAMILY CONTEST! You heard that right, Contest!

What do you have to do? Take a picture of you or your family with a creepy doll of your own personal collection or of the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen. It MUST NOT be from the Internet but be created or taken by you or a family member. You can send them in by posting them on our Facebook page wall, Direct Message them to our Instagram Page, Reply to this article with the picture, or Tweet us the picture! You may also send in as many pictures as you want. The winner shall receive this Handcrafted MR. LOBO Baby Doll created by the lovely ladies of Wicked Little Nursery!

10986901_762454510534500_6551333240848879688_nThe Deadline to send in your pictures is March 31st. The Winner shall be announced on April 4th! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Dust off that creepy doll, smile for the camera, and say, “Cheese!” May the best CInsomniac or Sleepless Knight…..WIN!