Pushing Our Buttons

Buttons, buttons–Who’s got the buttons? We do. 4 classic designs pressed by those geniuses at Buttonlab. You get the Cinema Insomnia Logo and the “Famous Monsters” parody created by Mr. Lobo himself, Brian Maze’s “13 Hosts” comic book design, and Jeff Carlson’s “Mani-Yack” shirt design.  All four are 5 bucks! That’s a dollar and twenty-five cents each–plus shipping. Coming soon to our store but you can get them now if you email Mr. Lobo!

[email protected]

Thanks for wearing your support of Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia!


Mr. Lobo with SkullIF BY SOME SADNESS YOU MIGHT MISS SAC-CON ON SUNDAY IN SACRAMENTO, FEAR NOT! Many Mr. Lobo events and projects have been added to the ALL NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA CALENDAR! WONDERCON IN ANAHEIM! THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in Oaks, PA! MR. LOBO Hosts REPTILICUS at MONSTER BASH IN Butler, PA! Many more to come…Mr. Lobo will be on the east coast from May 3rd to July 16th. If you’d like to work with him on a project or book him for an event see our booking page or email Mr. Lobo’s assistant [email protected]! If you miss Mr. Lobo at an event you can always order a signed and personalized custom print or 8X10 in our shop! Thanks, CInsomniacs, and we hope to see you soon somewhere in 2012!