Alive and Kicking! Mr. Lobo’s personal update for Kickstarter donors!

This link will take you to our kickstarter update page where you will hear the straight unvarnished dope from MR. LOBO himself on what we have up our sleeve and when the new CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes are coming and the cherry  on top–the “thank you” rewards for making the task possible.

Our first round of rewards start here: A link on the website for those who donated on the “$1 or more” level.

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All other donors will get a link also with their rewards. Next up, the “$5 and up” crowd…Thanks again everyone!



This year Mr. Lobo just missed the Blob on Friday when he got lost due to road closures on the way to the stage show. The entire Colonial Theater yet again escaped with their lives as the Blob was eventually contained by the Phoenixville, PA Fire Department. Dr. Frank N. Stone used his super science to communicate with Mr. Lobo on route via “live” video link just before the annual run-out. This video is a condensed trilogy of cut-ins from the big screen. Enjoy.

Movie Host Mr. Lobo Speaks Out About Recent Colorado Tragedy

Mr. Lobo is shocked, disturbed and saddened by the events at a Aurora, Colorado movie theater last night. It is a double tragedy that people seeking escape and fun in their local movie house would have both their fantasies and realities shattered by a real maniac with a gun. A movie theater is a safe sacred palace of our collective dreams – the pain and violence of the outside world we leave behind when we attend a theater has no place there. To the good people of the Denver area we are sending our love, support, and hope for your community to heal.

To everyone else, enjoy the few public places we have left and take in the arts. Enjoy the world of entertainment and each other and do not let the random acts of a lunatic deprive you of a rich life filled with fun, fantasy, and the company of others who share your love for the movies.