More Kickstarter Rewards Rolling Out!

Everyone who donated $5 will be getting a limited edition 10th Anniversary CINEMA INSOMNIA Button made by our Friends at along with a personal and heartfelt “Thank You” note from your host, MR. LOBO! Some generous donors gave much more but opted for the $5 reward level.

Below is a list of our beloved $5 donors:

Mark Brett
Michael Kane
Curt Thompson
Raechel Miller
John Stoltzfus
Matthew Warner
Ben Hesse

Included at the $5 Level is a link here on the Website. If you would like your name to link to your website please contact us at [email protected] Likewise, if you are a $5 donor and you did not give us your address, we do not have you listed here. If you would like to receive your reward please email us your address.

Cinema Insomnia Fans are the best fans in the World and ALL of you are very much appreciated!

CinemaInsomnia.Com Is Back Online

Tell your Cyberpals! This is not a mirage. Every pixel is back in place and we are running at 1.21 Lobowatts per second. Cyberterrorists driven by jealousy and hatred for misunderstood movies and Mr. Lobo tried to hold your official Cinema Insomnia website hostage. Thankfully our systems guru Olav helped us beat these Lawnmower Men at their own electronic game and is back with a vengeance. In the near future we will be moving the site to a private server and will have full episodes watchable right here. Stay Tuned, fellow Programs! End OF Line.

Rare Cinema Insomnia Shows Ready to Go to a Good Home!

A special offer for Sleepless Knights of Insomnia and fair weather insomniacs!

Thanks for your support, cInsomniacs! It’s a rough biz sometimes but with your help we will make this world safe for misunderstood movies. Brand new shows will be rolling out for the fall! Below is a list of out-of-print Apprehensive Films DVD titles I have left…I will autograph them and include a free limited edition Mr. Lobo trading card!

-Gappa: Monsters From the Prehistoric Planet

-Prince Of Space

-Non Stop Movie Party: Zombies

-Carnival Of Souls

-First Spaceship On Venus

-Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

-A Bucket Of Blood

-Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

-Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

-Eegah! The Name Wriien In Blood

-Gamera Super Monster

-The Brain that Wouldn’t Die


-The Last Man On Earth

-Invasion Of the Neptune Men (Box without Cover)

These RARE disks are now(for a limited time) $20 each and ship for $2

I also have a Double Disk set Halloween Special with Mark Of The Damned I and II
and that goes for $40 plus $2 shipping.

Please send funds via paypal [email protected]

Your Cinema Insomnia host forever,
Mr. Lobo

[email protected]


Mr. Lobo’s official YouTube channel

has been “terminated” by YouTube.

We do think that these shows should be free for you to watch as it is broadcast over the air free and clear to TVs all over the country and that having the shows on YouTube could only help the show. The show will still be viewable on most AMGTV affiliates, THE MONSTER CHANNEL on the web, and the upcoming Roku type internet based television channel ZOMBEE TV.

From the YouTube channel’s launch a year ago, Cinema Insomnia episodes received many claims of copyright infringement. These claims come from dubious sources–competitors, distributors of PUBLIC DOMAIN content, robots that matched our FAIR USE content with another FAIR USE of same content, and AD hogs who hope a claim will allow them to imbed ads on our more popular pages.

Even unfounded and unfair claims will get your channel booted from their miserable service. We had one too many claims and right or wrong CINEMAINSOMNIATV is now deleted.

However, due to a recent acquisition of our old distributor’s remaining stock, we still have about 60 out-of-print DVDs in house that are for sale. This is a great opportunity for those who of you who love the show and would like to own them in a fixed way that can’t be taken away on a corporate whim.

Please contact your Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo personally for a list of titles. [email protected]