Wearing masks is fancy fun–Especially on Halloween! But this MR. LOBO MASK could win you a neat prize. Here’s what you do:

1.  Print out this mask and construct it according to the directions. Record video or pictures of yourself or someone else wearing the mask!

2. Email photos and links for Mr. Lobo who will be the final judge: [email protected] or post them on his facebook fan page wall!

The best Video and the best photo will win a free pair of ALL-NEW never before available 3-D LOBOVISION glasses!  Good luck and Happy Halloween!







Join us SATURDAY, OCT. 27th at CALLSON MANOR, a haunted house of a higher caliber in the Sacramento area. Located in Roseville at the Placer County Fairgrounds! MR. LOBO will be LIVE and IN PERSON on the LIVING DEAD STAGE to MC the  7:30 show and the 8:30 and 9:30 shows featuring the fire dancers of Obsydian butterfly and make up artist Nicole Chillelli of FACE OFF.  Callson manor is a total immersion of the senses–not like a typical haunted house with black walls and kids in rubber masks.  Owned and operated by a professional animatronics prop designer, they strive to give you the best in entertainment as you wander through the Callson Manor courtyard and attractions featuring Zombie Paintball, Chainsaw Alley, Tarot Reader, Bubbas BBQ, large scale animatronics and of course the Living Dead Stage with Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo as MC. You get all this before you even enter one of Callson Manors 3 haunted houses!


5 Bucks for a Killer Program! ZOMBIE BEAUTY PAGEANT plus NIGHT OF THE DEMONS

This Friday! Join Mr. Lobo at the Sacramento Horror Film Fest’s Opening Night program at an unbeatable price! First, put on your torn up stockings and get all bloodied up for…The 6th Annual ZOMBIE BEAUTY PAGEANT at 7pm!Then, stay for director Kevin Tenney who brings his classic of 80’s horror NIGHT OF THE DEMONS…

After the film Mr. Lobo will moderate as the filmmaker will answer your questions on stage! This program is include with all 3-day passes!

Grab a bite and come back at 10pm to gladly purchase admission for our second great program ROCKY HORROR with the AMBER SWEETS shadowcast–already world famous for their sold out REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA shadowcasts!

It’s only at the Historic Colonial Theater…visit the Sacramento Horror Film Festival Website for details!

Watch Film Fest Version of MAN Vs. SAC Now!

Not the final version but darn close…this is what patrons saw and what won producer’s choice for best of show at A Place Called Sacramento Short Film Fest 2012. Directed by Mr. Lobo and written by an 11 year old CInsomniac. Performed by Cinema Insomnia stable actor Jay Patrick! Have a laugh on us! No admission required! Congrats to all who worked on this award winning film!

Mr. Lobo appears on Making Monsters


It’s October and many of our Cinema Insomnia viewers are scanning Cable TV
looking for Halloween shows and movies. Even the Travel Channel has many reality shows with a horror flavor. Making Monsters is a fascinating look at the world of animatronics and mask makers. Haunt industry legend Ed Edmunds and his small staff at Distortions Unlimited work tirelessly in Greeley, CO, to create some of the scariest animations and innovative prop and creature designs.

In the latest episode, premiering last night,  Ed faces off with world-renowned Hollywood designer and sculptor, Jordu Schell, who often assists the Distortions Unlimited crew with his creations.

How does this man fit into the picture?

Not where you might think! Although, the main thrust of the episode is about Ed and Jordu making a giant B-Movie Centipede for Ben Armstrong who Horror Hosts and Creature Features fans know as DR. SPECULO, who now owns the NETHERWORLD haunt in Atlanta.

But the side story revolves around Ed and Jordu donating sculptures they made to a charity auction at the National Haunters Convention 65-dollars-a-plate “gala” dinner in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Mr. Lobo and Dixie where both guests of the convention and were caught by the Travel Channel cameras. This caused many “cable-ready” CInsomniacs to have seizures and heart attacks. Even spooky KDVS radio DJ Ophelia Necro caught us on her TV with her camera!

So keep your eyes peeled in the last 3 minutes of the program and see your horror host and his bride among the horror elite!

Special thanks to CInsomniac super knight Mike MacArthur for buying us dinner…Our whole group later sneaked away from out table and played with abandoned attractions and arcade games! Mr. Lobo wishes that was on the Travel Channel!





TODAY, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7th, 1PM, at the Crest Theater, 1013 K St. in Sacramento, meet Mr. Lobo live and in person during the A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. There will be a screening of several local short films including Man Vs. Sac–a film directed by Mr. Lobo and written by an 11 year old Cinema Insomnia fan named Ian Wynton. Insomniacs get up early and enjoy the premiere of this hilarious work in a darkened theater…with cast and crew in attendance.


Mr. Lobo has created “original” parody art to package new IMPERFECZ toys…these LOBO Mini Figures…
Left to right: Lobo Laser Gaurd, Lo-bominal Snowbeast, Lobo-Monsta Jr., Zombee LoBo, Big Shot Lobonator, Monster Lobo Zero, Headless Lobo-Giest, and Mister Mutanto.

Luke Harris of Imperfecz brings these fab M.U.S.C.L.E. parody figures. Collect these Many Individual Super Tough Entertaining Rubber Strangers or MISTERS direct from IMPERFECZ. Enjoy these fun and nostalgic art pieces!

Or friend Luke Harris on facebook




Starting Today, Thursday, October 4th, come in to Toy Fusion in Sacramento and show your Cinema Insomnia membership card and get two free toys from the two of the scariest films ever made while supplies last.

Toy number one is a naturally super glow-in-the-dark Paranormal Activity 4 Sticker. The chilling X-Files style typewriter font warns you that “All The Activity Has Led To This…” but when you turn out the lights a glowing number 4 shines out in the dark. You can pretend you are making out with The Invisible Girl from the Fantastic Four.

Anyway, it’s free and it’s all yours courtesy of CINEMA INSOMNIA and TOY FUSION! The second toy is actually a toy and not a sticker and it’s from the scariest Halloween film of them all!

It’s E. T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL bendable action-figure! This Alien from the 1980’s is a nifty promotional item to promote the Universal release of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial on Blue Ray. Take them away because Mrs. Lobo is extra-terrified of them. He is all yours to play with or keep in the package…a THANK YOU gift for joining THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA.

Don’t have a card? Not a member? Like to buy things in a cool store? Look for LOBOVISION GLASSES and CINEMA INSOMNIA FAN CLUB KITS soon to be for sale in TOY FUSION! These CINSOMNIAC GOODIES will include BOTH items while supplies last! Big Thanks to Andrew at Toy Fusion!


1908 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, California, 95815


Sunday Film Fest Premieres MAN VS. SAC. Directed by Mr. Lobo


Check our calendar and yours! At the Crest Theater, A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival will screen Man Vs. Sac starring Jay Patrick who has appeared several times on Cinema Insomnia in various roles including Phantom of Krankor and Big Foot’s College Roomate. Mr. Lobo directs this film written by and 11 year old Cinema Insomnia fan. You will laugh…to survive this outrageous satire of reality TV shows!