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In a few hours Mr. Lobo is going to be deactivating the FREE SHIPPING coupon code “CINSOMNIAC”–the code served us well this week. We sold more fan club kits than ever before in the entire history of CINEMA INSOMNIA!
The fan drive is officially ending–but EVERY WEEK is fan appreciation week and we always are looking for dedicated Sleepless Knights to become official fans. It’s the finest horror host membership kit on the market and worth every penny. Ask a CInsomniac who has one!  Thank you all for making this Fan Drive/Fan Appreciation Week a monster success! We hope you have a bit more swagger in you step and speak a bit louder when you talk about the show and Mr. Lobo. Be proud Cinsomniacs–we ARE taking back the night!

Mr. Lobo is for Equal Equality For Especially Everyone Equally!

Mascaras 4Love. Horror. Arguing About Money. Three simple things. They are the fuzzy glue that bind all couples in their hearts when they make a commitment to each other. That’s why Mr. Lobo and the staff at Cinema Insomnia believe that same-sex couples, different sex couples, mixed race couples, robot couples, human and plant couples, or a foursome consisting of two clowns, a horse, and a midget with a camera should be able to get married.

Everyone…everyone…NEEDS to be nagged into taking out the garbage, NEEDS to be taken for granted, NEEDS to have their dreams squashed, NEEDS to have their feelings ignored, NEEDS to be criticized when they fart, NEEDS to be annoyed by in-laws, and NEEDS to lose everything in a messy divorce.

CINEMA INSOMNIA, MR. LOBO, his house plant MISS MITTENS, and his wife Dixie, are joining the campaign for Equal Marriage Equality for Especially Everyone Equally, figuratively taking off the fake-garter-belt with our teeth and throwing it into a national conversation about the power of love.

We’ve learned that its tougher than diamonds, rich like cream, stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream, and it can change a hawk to a little white dove. If washed up rocker Huey Lewis can marry his band “The News” in small San Francisco ceremony–why not everyone everywhere.

Why Not, Indeed.Miss-Mittens2

Mr. Lobo is a thrice ordained reverend in The Church of Ed Wood, Universal Life Church, and The Church of the SubGenius. This means he can marry people, robots, plants, clowns, horses and midgets in LAWFUL matrimony.
To solve the problem of marriage equality, Mr. Lobo will now solemnize an internet  wedding of all life on this planet. You may want to comb your hair.

“Do you, everyone, take everyone else to be your lawfully wedded spouse?”

(Say I do)

“You do?”

“Then, by the power vested in Mr. Lobo by The Church of Ed Wood, Universal Life Church, The Church Of The SubGenius, and the State of Insomnia–I now pronounce you Everyone and Everyone Else. You may all kiss each other…just don’t get carried away.”

We’re all one big happy family now. We better start respecting each other.Equality

Equality is something that has always been an important issue in the Horror and Sci-Fi Community–Although, Mr. Lobo have never got a straight answer as to why the bots on Mystery Science Theater have offensive negro slave names…

Record Breaking Week–Keep it up Cinema Insomnia fans!

Dungeon MasterFanatstic fan support coming in from all over the globe. Mr. Lobo has had more people join his OFFICIAL FAN CLUB this week than any week in recorded history. First Sleepless Knights are joining weekly in the “double digits”…then what? Who knows? Maybe triple!!! Maybe, just maybe, the whole gosh dang planet will finally wake up and accept the truth “That they’re not bad Movies–Just Misunderstood! and that Mr. Lobo is the people’s candidate for “favorite horror host”. You can still get your fan club kits here at our Horror Hosts and Creature Features Etsy Shop and you can still vote for Mr. Lobo in the Rondo Awards at the Rondo website! Great hustle, CInsomniacs! Thanks for staying up late and watching TV!

CInsomniacs In High Places


Cable TV bigshot, BILL SWAN, COO of BIG TABLE MEDIA sent us a snapshot from his Flashy Northern California office. His company produces Yard Crashers, Bath Crashers, Room Crashers, Kitchen Crashers and basically every show on DIY Network with someone smashing up the place with a sledgehammer.
Besides this successful niche in home destruction/improvement shows, Big Table produces many other above-par reality and documentary programs on HGTV, Travel Channel and other networks up and down the dial.
As busy as this man is–He is celebrating CINEMA INSOMNIA FAN APPRECIATION week by hanging his favorite horror host on his wall–next to his other favorite horror host, Mr. Bob Wilkins, who hosted Creature Features and other movie programs in Northern California from 1965 to 1981. Swan directed Bob’s comeback special on KCRA in 1997. A man of great talents and great taste flaunting his love for Misunderstood Movies and support for Mr. Lobo for all his clients and God to see.

Have you mounted Mr. Lobo in your office or bedroom? Send us a snapshot! Er, wait. That came out wrong…um, you know what we meant.

email us at [email protected]



ATTENTION CINSOMNIAInsomniac Theater CS! Mister Lobo needs his loyal and world weary fans more than ever. ZOM-BEE TV has a group of new sponsors aboard  to help us bring you more CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes and more new Mr. Lobo content. Your host has not been slacking–there are battles fought behind the scenes to keep us going that are too gorey to share.

The powers that be need to see that Mr. Lobo’s fan base is alive and well and more viable than ever. We are having a FAN DRIVE this week-BE COUNTED!

Join the fan club–watch videos on, review episodes on IMDB, fill in the blanks on Wikipedia, watch the episodes on your ROKU and tell Zom-Bee TV that you are watching, visit you!), wear your t-shirts, flaunt your buttons–in other words be an active  Sleepless Knight of Insomnia!

We know how it is!  This kind of show is passive enjoyment when you are unwinding from a long day or a longer week. The 2 hours you give Mr. Lobo per show is precious.  Mr. Lobo has always felt your love and support and doesn’t take you for granted!

22,000 or more watched each week when we were on in Northern California on ABC and PBS, millions of households on UATV and AMGTV, thousands more discovered CI on DVD, 50,000 or more on YouTube, thousands on bit torrent, thousands on public access, and gadzillions of streams, downloads, links, and shares all over the world. We need insomniacs to stand up and shout! Our numbers have been steadily rising and we need to keep that momentum going if we are to make it in today’s rocky entertainment world!

Not all viewers are CInsomniacs but many are–there is a battered and patient legion waiting to be awakened and activated–It’s not easy being a Mr. Lobo fan these days–you are appreciated.  Our time has come.

Mr. Lobo is pressed against the glass ceiling–He needs your clown hammer of justice to get him through. Thank you, Cinsomniacs!

All Systems Go,


Can Club KitMR. LOBO’s FAN DRIVE starts now! Love the show? Spread the word–tell your friends they can get the full membership kit for the CINEMA INSOMNIA/MR. LOBO FAN CLUB with FREE SHIPPING until March 31st…All you gotta do is–put in the COUPON CODE: “CINSOMNIAC”.  Are you already an official Sleepless Knight of Insomnia? Well, good knight, this is also FAN APPRECIATION WEEK! Get FREE shipping on EVERYTHING at our Horror Hosts and Creature Features Etsy shop with the same code! Sleepless Knights of Insomnia, assemble! Now’s your chance to hang some fine artwork for your home–like this STAY YOUNG THE VAMPIRE WAY print!Stay Young the Vampire Way 8x10 Print

Famous Banned Episode of Cinema Insomnia…

In the wake of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the McCarthy-like paranoia concerning intellectual property rights we thought we’d share this one. Star [email protected] was a fan favorite and inspired CInsomniac fan art, Secret screenings, Fake fantasy DVD covers, and Uploads to open source archives. The infamous Banned Episode of Cinema Insomnia is now on Lobovision. All commercial DVDs were destroyed to comply with a “cease and desist” order from New Horizon Pictures-successor in Interest to the defunct New World Pictures Library. Many entertainment experts have deemed Mr. Lobo’s treatment of this film as fair use and it is presented here for educational purposes. You be the judge! Enjoy this piece of CINEMA INSOMNIA history.


Gravely MacabreAn Announcement for you Western Pennsylvania CInsomniacs who’ve been waiting with Godlike patience to see MR. LOBO  OF CINEMA INSOMNIA LIVE AND IN PERSON! An Ambassador from Castle Blood, GRAVELY McCABRE– has graciously invited MR. LOBO to be a featured celebrity guest at the NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION. This is an annual celebration for professional creeps, hobbyist ghouls, AND the general public.  Vendors Booths, Exhibits, Hearses on Display, Informative Seminars, Tours, Contests, and special events aTravelchannelre crammed into one weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center in OAKS, PA.  Last year the show was featured on TRAVEL CHANNEL and Mr. Lobo and his bride were broadcast across the country hob-knobbing with the Hob Goblin Elite on an Episode of MAKING MONSTERS. This year ZOM-BEE TV’s cameras will be with is to capture some of the magic for their channel as well as capturing segments for CINEMA INSOMNIA.  MR. LOBO will also be visiting GRAVELY McCABRE at CASTLE BLOOD on a future episode of MIDNIGHT MONSTER HOP.
DIXIE DELLAMORTO of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES will be joining Mr. Lobo with her amazing artwork, jewelry, art prints and remaining copies of the original print version of the HHCF magazine she and Mister Lobo produced.
Dixie and Mr. Lobo will be teaming up crownsashflowerslongon the vendor floor with our award-winning sponsors LEATHERHEADS–makers of fine hand tooled leather fantasy art and wear-able works of wonder. The walls will come down!
Their 3 big booths-6014,7013,7011– will form an “L” shape on the far right end of the main floor. On MAY 3rd, 4th, and 5thEnjoy a buffet of Creepy Crafts, Putrid Paintings,  Lurid Leather and autographed CINEMA INSOMNIA Crap to thrill you as we sow the seeds for the 2013 Halloween Season!



Mr. Lobo And His Look-A-Like!


Lobo LookalikesFrom The CINEMA INSOMNIA ARCHIVES: Mr. Lobo and Mr. Lobo(Fan Rick Lucey) share a tender moment at the BAL Theater in San Leandro. Do you have a Mr. Lobo Look-A-Like in your family? We’d like to see proof! Send your pictures–and fan art, too–to  [email protected]!