Everything You Never Knew That You Didn’t Want To Know About MR. LOBO!

Spoiler Alert! While you are waiting for the CINEMA INSOMNIA  Halloween Special to go LIVE on ZOM-BEE TV you can read this earth shattering article. Indie book label that focuses on cult phenomenon, CULTMACHINE.COM through their sister project CULT SCOOP magazine probes deep to unravel the mystery of the mysterious MR. LOBO of CINEMA INSOMNIA.  Are you sure you want to know who your horror host really is? These guys did. With all the links and pictures this deep case study of an artists life’s work from the perspective of curious fans!



Bad Manor thumb

On AMAZON  and iTUNES NOW! ZOM-BEE TV and MR. LOBO, host of the Nationally Syndicated Television show, CINEMA INSOMNIA, bring you a new Halloween Sound Effects and story album. HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR! A wickedly funny satire of children’s vinyl records of the 60′s and 70′s. Give a listen to the samples and have a Horrible Holiday Season!


A WARNING for all who are watching The CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL premiering HALLOWEEN NIGHT on ZOM-BEE TV for ROKU. It was recorded in what many experts and locals believe is a “real” Haunted House. We can’t show you the house here at the request of the owners. We also don’t want to spoil what the actual rooms look like until the show premieres.

This claim has been recently given more validity by one of our fans, Gern Blaith of Indiana who brought to our attention a photo we originally published here on this website a few days ago. The house was dark as we had to supply our own electricity and some strange light play is happening in this photo.fakeghostpeekSome upsetting history about the house built in the 1800’s came out while making the special. The old woman who owned the rural farm house often wandered and was often found by the locals far from home disoriented and confused. The story goes she was locked in her room and checked on every few days. Desperate scratch marks and locks were still on the walls in the bedroom where she died.

The crew on the special have interesting incidents to share. Before Zom-Bee TV began restoring the rooms for shooting. A thief broke in an stole all the mantles and radiators from the home. The set builders had to recreate the beautiful mantles using the broken tiles from the original mantles that were scattered on the floor. They needed one more piece of wood to finish the mantle for the front room featured in the Halloween Special. They searched the whole house top to bottom for a spare piece of wood and found nothing. Before leaving the remote area for Home Depot they decided to look one more time and in a very conspicuous spot in one of the bedrooms they say they found a piece of wood that fit the mantle to the millimeter.

Another story, The staff at Zom-Bee TV completely cleaned up the front room that it could be restored and decorated for production. They came in the next day and found one lone cut-out newspaper obituary from 1958. They thought the owner was trying to fool them–but he was very elderly and religious so this is an unlikely explanation. They left an empty prop scrapbook in one of the rooms. Later they came back and found more obituary clippings under carpets and behind doors. They picked up the scapbook a pile of 20 or so obits fell out that were not there before. Some were written on in pencil with specific dates–all were from 1958.

During production of the Halloween Special. Mr. Lobo, Dixie Dellamorto and Dale Jackson were doing some pick up shots. Loud scratching noises in the condemned kitchen made recording of scenes impossible. Thinking it was a large rat or possum the director made loud noises, clapped, and even threw pieces of tile–but it refused to stop. Eventually, after throwing half a box of old tiles the noises tapered off. Typically, rodents leave or hide during any commotion. Due to structural danger we were not allowed to be in that part of the house so we never saw what it was.

In light of all this data…we took another look at the photo and we can’t explain what we found. Do you see a face?
To see more of the real haunted Winchester Farm house standing in for the fictional Chestburster Mystery House in Mr. Lobo’s Special turn on your TV and your ROKU box after 8pm and click over to ZOM-BEE TV for THE CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL!




  Svengoolie Since the 50’s TV Horror Hosts have been a staple of Halloween fun–presenting classic monster movies, chillers, and thrillers to eager young viewers. Almost always with humor and often as larger than life cartoonish characters like Vampires, Mad Scientists, and Witches. At 8PM Halloween Night on Zom-Bee TV you are in for a special treat!

In this Halloween special written by Mr. Lobo, a group of “paranoid investigators” called THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST-BUSTERS– who had their own kids show in the 80’s–return to the one house that they could not prove was haunted by a fake ghost in a rubber mask.


This holiday special is NOT ANIMATED but features some very animated actors who are better known as their Horror Host Personae.



Dick Dyzel
(Count Gore DeVol’s Creature Feature) as Sheriff Bronson Canyon

John Dimes(The Spooky Movie host, Dr. Sarcofiguy) as Professor Ex-Exorcist

Andrea Marie(Ultra Ma’am on Monster Madhouse) as Lady Sara Chestburster

Dixie Dellamorto(Editor of Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine) as “Kogarella’s trainer”

Jerry Moore II(Karlos Borloff host of Monster Madhouse) as V. Price Tagge

Rich Koz(Svengoolie) as the voice of Dr. Rummage Goodwill

And of course, Mr. Lobo as Himself and Miss Mittens as Herself, who together have hosted horror movies on Cinema Insomnia for almost 13 years.

The world’s leading horror culture and entertainment publication, RUE MORGUE did an article for their AUG 2011 issue #103, They did a story on Washington DC legend, COUNT GORE DeVOL, KING OF THE CARDBOARD CASTLE, Dick Dyzel. This included a round-up of Top 6 active Horror Hosts after the famous Vampire. We are proud to say that not only that we have Count Gore AKA Dick Dyzel playing a role in the special but RUE MORGUE’s number 1, 3, 4, and 5 ranked Horror Hosts.

rueindexIn fact, the only 2 missing from the list are our good friends PENNY DREADFUL and DR. GANGRENE–who coincidentally already did a special together with COUNT GORE DEVOL hosting for ALPHA DVD called THE DREADFUL HOLLOGREEN SPECIAL(2010). Which might make for a good double feature.


COUNT GORE DEVOL(Dick Dyzel) is the host of CREATURE FEATURE THE WEEKLY WEB PROGRAM and the first horror host on the Internet at www.countgore.com! He started his career in Paducah, KY, but became a TV icon in Washington, DC where he hosted CREATURE FEATURE from 1973 to 198goredevol17. As self proclaimed sex symbol to the world, he poked fun at presidents, politicians, his boss and the bad movies he was forced to host. He’s also America’s ONLY Vampire Hypnotist and was honored in 2009 with the release of “EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN,” a feature length documentary on his long career.

 KARLOS BORLOFF(Jerry Moore II) Intergalactic rock star and monster hunter KARLOS BORLOFF,, in his long strange travels through time and spacekarlos, has assembled a motley crew of crackpot creatures, villains, monster hunters, robots, space aliens & other various loonies, to help him decipher & broadcast classic monster movies! His “Telly Award” winning TV show, MONSTER MADHOUSE, was created in 2006, and broadcasts in the Washington, DC area to LIVE television audiences and streams on the internet to thousands of monster movie fans around the world, and to a whole new generation of “monster kids”. It’s time for our main madman and his team to warn the world that “THE MONSTERS ARE COMING!!!” and they’re gonna freak you out! http://www.monstermadhouse.com.

DR. SARCOFIGUY(John Dimes) firmly believes that there are no such things as bad movies, only bad audiences. He is the charming multi-talented host of THE SPOOKY MOVIE, the TV version of THE SPOOKY MOVIdr3E FILM FESTIVAL – The Washington, D.C. International Horror Film Festival. Using wit, confusion and occasionally music, he’s been making the residents of Northern Virginia uncomfortable for over 15 years. As psychiatrist to the twisted and famous, he’s tended to the likes of Anne Rice and Maya Angelou. Recently, he’s worked closely with his fellow horror hosts, sworn in as “President Sarcofiguy” while visiting MONSTER MADHOUSE, and spewing wisdom in horror host documentaries EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN(2009), VIRGINA CREEPERS(2008), AMERICAN SCARY(2006) and his own “Doctormentary” BALD HEADED BLUES(2013) Lord have mercy! http://www.spookymovie.com

MR. LOBO  Who is Mr. Lomrloboretroconbo? Is he friend or foe? Shrouded in the black mystique of a formless void, this guide to “the beyondo” presides over the tattered cult movies of CINEMA INSOMNIA from the regal heights of the finest rocking chair that Goodwill had to offer. His nationally syndicated show has been seen in over 30 markets with one Halloween spectacular reaching 45 Million households. While exploring the unknown with his various companions, including a houseplant named MISS MITTENS, he’s made hundreds of appearances for events, film festivals, spook shows, radio programs, comic books, and independent films. He is an advocate for “Bad Movies”. In fact, he claims, “They’re not bad movies–just misunderstood”.

Svengoolie2We are also very lucky to have a special guest star RICH KOZ better known as SVENGOOLIE supply the voice of DR. RUMMAGE GOODWILL–Rich has been hosting movies on CHICAGO airwaves for over 30 years and is now enjoyed nationally on ME-TV stations! He took over the role from JERRY G. BISHOP in the1970’s and has made it his own. With a black top hat and a psychedelic coffin, he is often pelted by rubber chickens, he sings songs, and creates hilarious parodies and skits. Considered by many to be the top host in the country right now. http://www.svengoolie.com

This HALLOWEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!FGBteaser web



Part 3: Saturday Matinee to Saturday Morning to Saturday Night Live

3stoogeTo coincide with CINEMA INSOMNIA’S HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL premiering  on ROKU Halloween Night via ZOM-BEE TV, MR. LOBO was asked to share some of his comedic influences. In parts 1 and 2 of this extremely nerdy article we looked at the somewhat unfair status of “the one, the only, the original” GHOSTBUSghostbustersTERS(1984).

AYKROYD and RAMIS were doing the same GhostCatchersthing LOU SCHEIMER and NORM PRESCOTT of FILMATION were doing in 1975 with their version THE GHOST BUSTERS continuing a great American Comedy mainstay of ‘busting ghosts’. This tradition was particularly rich in the 40’s with the films of THE BOWERY BOYS who were influenced by many other comedy teams like ABBOTT and COSTELLO in HOLD THAT GHOST and OLSON AND JOHNSON in GHOST CATCHERS.

Going into the 1950’s, a producer director who worked with THE THREE STOOGES, EDWARD BERNDS had THE BOWERY BOYS re-enacting borrowed gags from STOOGES and transformed them into lucrative kiddie-matinée fodder and found a new generation of fans when the films were repackaged and syndicated for TV in the Sixties and Seventies. Often used to fill up the early-afternoon time-slots on weekends, kids of the 70’s like MR. LOBO were getting a major dose of 40’s shlock and slapstick comedy.spookbusters

Excessive violence in Saturday spaceghostcartoons was a hot topic and by 1969 JONNY QUEST and SPACE GHOST were canceled because of pressure by concerned parents groups, most notably ACTION FOR CHILDREN’S TELEVISION(ACT). Just like when THE COMICS CODE was enforced in the 50’s, this was the perfect storm for nostalgic clean-cut fun to make another come-back. When horror magazines like TALES FROM THE CRYPT were banned by outraged parental groups, funny books like ARCHIE reigned supreme and in 1969 it’s video counterpart THE ARCHIE SHOW by FILMATION–with it’s #1 hit bubble-gum pop song by RON DANTE “SUGAR SUGAR”–was a powerhouse. archiesEager to build upon this success, CBS asked Hanna Barbara for a cartoon featuring teens who solved mysteries–as a cross between the popular I LOVE A MYSTERY radio programs of the 1940s and THE ARCHIES and that it couldn’t be “too scary”.

Thqdefaulthey developed the show to focus on the lighter elements and especially the comedy-duo of the cowardly SHAGGY(Jughead) and SCOOBY(Hot Dog), who are more motivated by hunger than any desire to solve mysteries, save for a BOB HOPE-inspired tendency towards temporary bravery, due to the peer pressure of the other teenaged members of Mystery, Inc., FRED(Archie), Daphine(Betty), and VELMA(Veronica). Like the BOWERY BOYS leave the malt shop to bust a ghost, monster, or other supernatural creature causing trouble that is actually an elaborate hoax, and—often with the help of a RUBE GOLDEBERG-inspired trap designed by Fred—they capture the villain and unmask him.



Although many critics claim DOBIE GILLIS(which was also influenced by THE ARCHIES) inspired SCOOBY DOO, MR. LOBO believes I LOVE A MYSTERY, THE ARCHIES, and ENID BLYTON’S FAMOUS FIVE(1942) books–that featured four youths with a dog busting a hoax–were the template. 40’s nostalgia to please concerned parents.

It premiered opposite another teen mystery-solving show, ABC’s THE HARDY BOYS by FILMATION and buried it at the bottom of the ocean with  65% share of the TV ratings.

GooberIntrosc02 HANNA-BARBERA and its competitors produced several animated programs also featuring teenaged detectives solving mysteries with a pet or mascot of some sort, including JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS(1970), FUNKY PHANTOM(1971), THE AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN(1972), GOOBER AND THE GHOST CHASERS, SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and THE GROOVIE GOULIES.

1975 a live action TVThe_Ghost_Busters_(TV_series)_cast_photo series was produced by FILMATION starring the comedic duo of FORREST TUCKER LARRY STORCH from the TV series F-TROOP and BOB BURNS who often played a KOGAR the GORRILLA in RAY DENNIS STECKLER’S spoof  ghostbusterspromo1of BOWERY BOYS–THE LEMON GROVE KIDS.  It was called THE GHOST BUSTERS and was another throwback to the 40’s comedy-horror with physical and bumbling slapstick humor reminiscent of BOWERY BOYS, ABBOTT and COSTELLO, and THE THREE STOOGES and made references to classic cinema, despite the unlikelihood that tTracyTheGorillalahe primary audience would recognize them.

Tucker ironically played a human character named “KONG”–from KING KONG(1933),  while Storch played ZOOT-SUIT-wearing “SPENCER” and Burns was credited as TRACY the Gorilla’s  “trainer”–taken from the famous actor SPENCER TRACY. A Tape recording of MR. ZERO(voiced by co-producer LOU SCHEIMER)explained their mission at the start of the show in a parody of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Their investigations would invariably take them to the same  spooky old mansion, and after a series of chases and pratfalls the Ghost Busters would send the ghost back to the afterlife with their Ghost Dematerializer.

Meanwhile, by the late 70’s abelushind SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE alumni DAN AYKROYD and JOHN BELUSHI where a new breed of comic duo.  Appearing together in THE BLUES BROTHERS, 1941, and NEIGHBORS, Aykroyd’s Fascination with the paranormal lead him to write a vehicle for himself and Belushi.

ghostbusters-logoWe’re told the original story, GHOSTSMASHERS as written by Aykroyd, was wildly different from what was eventually filmed. The GHOSTSMASHERS dressed like futuristic  riot-cops with witch wands and traveled through time, and other dimensions in space combating bizarre ghosts like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man–which DID make it into the film .


But ultimately, the movie w190px-Ghost_Chasersas shaped to follow the tied and true premise of professional paranormal “exterminators” from THE BOWERY BOYS SPOOK BUSTERS(1946). And Like THE BOWERY BOYS ghost movies–the fantastic is grounded in the urban setting of New York. Even “working class American” names of the GHOST BUSTERS seem BOWERY BOYS-LIKE.


Our “Totally Fake-Ghost Buster” characters in this weeks CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL don’t quite have the same ring…MR. LOBO, SHERIFF BRONSON CANYON, DOCTOR RUMMAGE GOODWILL, PROFESSOR EX-EXORCIST, VINNY PRICE TAGGE, and KOGARELLA but their influences will be apparent when you see it!

(To Be Continued in  MR. LOBO AND THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST BUSTERS Part 4, ” I Aint Afraid of No Ghost Busters”)

FGBteaser web

This HALLOWEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!



CINEMA INSOMNIA is a showcase for Misunderstood Movies hosted by MR. LOBO with humor and irreverence but also with heart and humility. October is time for Halloween–arguably the most community driven of all holidays where we invite strangers to come to our homes and attend parties that celebrate diversity. With our Halloween Special we are also recognizing October as Disability History, Employment and and Awareness Month.  All people with or without disabilities are deserving of respect.  We all have the ability to help each other and learn from each other in different ways. Over the years we have had many exceptional fans who happen to be disabled–including MR. LOBO’s #1 fan who will never be replaced, KATIE FLUKE who passed away in 2009. Our appreciation for Katie was not defined by her disability but rather for her many strengths and for her love of the show. We are honored that we were able to be a part of her life and her family life and to be something she looked forward torobmccarthy.  A little silliness on a Saturday night can be very important to those who have limited mobility due to temporary or permanent circumstances. 

Many of the Jokes in CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL were written by staff gag writer ROB McCARTHY, author of the hilarious semi-autobiographical comic strip HELL ON WHEELS–about life in a wheelchair. Rob has written jokes for many CINEMA INSOMNIA epiosdes that do not have disability themes but for the Halloween Special he got to create some situational humor for a wheelchair bound character PROFESSOR EX-EXORCIST played by JOHN DIMES and add commentary from his particular point of view and with his delightfully twisted sense of humor.


“Everybody tells you “laughter is the best medicine but I’m gonna tell you why, Laughter can made with common household items.”–Robert McCarthy

Since, October IS Disability Awareness Month.  Please join us at CINEMA INSOMNIA to increase public awareness and respect for individuals with disabilities. During our lifetimes each of us is likely to come into contact with someone who has a disability or we, as individuals, may become disabled ourselves.  In truth, all of us are only “temporarily abled.”  

This HALLOWFGBteaser webEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!








Part 2: The Ghost Breakers to Hold That Ghostfakeghostpeek

On October 31st at 8PM on ZOM-BEE TV, CINEMA INSOMNIA host MR. LOBO and a group of “Paranoid Investigators” enter an old dilapidated house in Winchester Virginia that locals believe is truly haunted by ghosts. The CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL features Horror Hosts in character roles including  COUNT GORE DEVOL AKA DICK DYZEL as Sheriff Bronson Canyon and KARLOS BORLOFF AKA JERRY MOORE II as ghost hunter Vinny “Price” Tagge.

What are ghosts but the past intruding on the present time. We hope that we awaken the ghosts of classic supernatural-comedies that you all have enjoyed since your earliest days of trick or treating and perhaps way, way, before that.

Besides loosing his mind, while writing the episode, MR. LOBO made some interesting discoveries…

ghostbusters-logoLast time we talked about GHOSTBUSTERS(1984) and THE GHOST BUSTERS(1975) and how they are both throwbacks to the 1940’s horror comedies.  Prior to this, in WALT DISNEY’s LONESOME GHOSTS(1937) MICKEY MOUSE and company raid a Haunted House as The Ajax Ghost Exterminators. GOOFY exclaims “I ain’t scared of no ghosts.”

The Dynamic between Peter Venkmen(BILL MURRAY) and Dana Barrett(SIGOURNEY WEAVER) in GHOSTBUSTERS(1984) is arguably similar to that of comedian BOB HOPE’s smarmy radio personality Larry Lawrence and PAULETTE GODDARD as sophisticated Mary Carter who lives in a New


York high rise in THE GHOST BREAKERS(1940) which was the third remake of DICKEY AND GODDARD stage play, THE GHOST BREAKER(1914) directed by CECIL B. DEMILE and THE GHOST BREAKER(1922) directed by ALFRED E. GREEN are both lost forever.

THE GHOST BREAKERS(1940) by director GEORGE MARSHALL was not only a remake but a  follow up to 1939 hit THE CAT AND THE CANARY pairing Hope and Goddard again.–it’s said both films inspired Walt Disney for the HAUNTED MANSION attraction at DISNEYLAND.

At the same time, the NBC radio series I LOVE A MYSTERY(1939-44) was enormously popular and later spawn two movies, TV show and be a primary inspiration for SCOOBY DOO(1969). In it a tough, charismatic woman-hating group leader Jack and the slightly less edgy Doc and Reggie are detectives. It had vividly imagined settings and elaborate, often bizarre plots. In a medium whose heroes tended to be serious and strait-laced, this trio was reckless and exuberant and was the first serial to cause concerned parents to write letters to the network. Sadly most of the original shows are lost to the ages.

Speaking of exangelswithdirtyfaces_gorcey_cagneyuberant, “THE DEAD END KIDS” were a group comedic characters based on tough New Yorker stereotypes that originally appeared in the film DEAD END(1937) and featured LEO GORCEY, HUNTZ HALL, BOBBY JORDAN, GABRIEL DELL among others. They appeared in six more films as “THE DEAD END KIDS.” In 1938, LITTLE TOUGH GUYS, was launched by UNIVERSAL and ultimately recruited most of the original DEAD END KIDS for twelve films and three serials.

Later, MONOGRAM PICTURES hired several of them from both groups and called them EAST SIDE KIDS. They added SUNSHINE SAMMY MORRISON one of the original laugh20.1946members of OUR GANG–who also had many bumbling adventures with ghosts.

When the first issue of the long running cartoon magazine ARCHIE COMICS appeared in 1942, the character of JUGHEAD enormously resembled LEO GORCEY’s character SLIP in look and “speech” and appeared with a modified fedora beanie crown like what was worn in these earlier films. (More on the ARCHIE Later)

After ABBOTT AND COSTELLO’s haunted-house comedy HOLD THAT GHOST(1941) became a smash hit, THE EAST SIDE KIDS released the similar SPOOKS RUN WILD(1941) with BELA LUGOSI.holdthatghostspookbusters

When  LEO GORCEY’S’s request to double his weekly salary was refused, He quit which ended the series immediately. His agent, JAN GRIPPO, GORCEY, and HALL, revamped the format, and they became THE BOWERY BOYS. The gang usually hung out at Louie’s Sweet Shop(Like Pop’s Chocolate Shop in ARCHIE) until an adventure came along. The original main characters Terrence Aloysius “Slip” Mahoney(GORCEY), Horace Debussy “Sach” Jones(HALL) became more and more of a ABBOTT AND COSTELLO-like duo with the rest of the guys standing around.

Lugosi was then “borrowed back” for BUD ABBOTT AND LOU COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN(1948). The basic premise to transplant COSTELLO’S  brain into the Frankenstein monster played by GLEN STRANGE was copied a few months later by THE BOWERY BOYS in MASTER MINDS(1949) also with Glenn Strange as the monster who switches minds, this time, with Sach (HUNTZ HALL).


And this went on and on and prompted GEORGE MARSHAL remake his remake THE GHOST BREAKERS again as SCARED STIFF(1953), featuring the comic duo of MARTIN AND LEWIS.  In it DEAN MARTIN says “I’m a ghost buster, so watch it, buster.”

On CINEMA INSOMNIA, MR. LOBO joked that “artistic theft is a cornerstone of any thriving culture.” and like all jokes–there is a shadow of truth. We promise you nothing but pure entertainment on Halloween night, but we do warn you this is one of the geekiest episodes ever.

(To Be Continued in  MR. LOBO AND THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST BUSTERS Part 3,  From “Saturday Matinees”  to “Saturday Mornings” to “SFGBteaser webaturday Night Live”)

This HALLOWEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!



Part 1: The Ghost Busters Vs. The Ghostbusters

Mthe-real-ghostbusters-the-complete-series-20081201022247692R. LOBO went totally insane while making this years CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL for HALLOWEEN and he hopes that you trust him enough to go along with him. It all started when a family friend was talking about how they were showing reruns of “the bad ghost-busters” cartoon show on cable TV–meaning not “The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon based on the Dan Aykroyd-Bill Murray-Harold Ramis blockbuster hit film from 1984.


This got MR. LOBO thinking about the whole idea of Real Vs. Fake, Homage Vs. Parody, Inspiration Vs. Plagiarism and he fell through a worm hole. The Supernatural-Comedy or Horror/Comedy sub-genre–whatever you want to call it–has to be one of the most incestuous and back-biting sub-genre of them all! A greedy snake that eats itself and is somehow born anew again and again…


Mr. Lobo was very influenced as a teenager by THE GHOSTBUSTERS(1984). The green slime here on the CINEMA INSOMNIA website is a subtle giveaway.


The teaser trailer gave us “No-Ghosts” logo, a sampling of spectacular effects, and hilarious scenes with MR. LOBO’s comedy heroes DAN AYKROYD, HAROLD RAMIS and BILL MURRAY. But No Title.

All he knew was that he had to find out all he could and see it! Unknown to all of us at the time, there was a hiccup with the rights to the name “GHOSTBUSTERS”. The story goes that when they were filming the triumphant post-climax scene on the streets of New York, The director IVAN REITMAN was on the phone with COLUMBIA, and/or their lawyers, asking them if they secured the name because he had hundreds of extras chanting “Ghostbusters…Ghostbusters…Ghostbusters”.

It could have been “GhostSmashers” or “GhostChasers”…but it had to be GHOSTBUSTERS…Which also happened to be the name of MR. LOBO’s favorite live-action Saturday morning TV kids show from 1975.ghostbustersTracyTheGorillalaHe remembers lying on the living room floor in footy pajamas flipping the channels on the giant Radiation Master cabinet console. Most of the time, he would change the channel if it wasn’t a cartoon. He barely tolerated CAPT. MARVEL and was pretty unimpressed with ISIS. BUT THE GHOST BUSTERS captivated him…We think it was the Gorilla or what he thought at the time was a Gorilla.(Actually, The Great Bob Burns–but more on him later…)

This show, like the other FILMATIOshazam-live-actionN live action shows–were updated throwbacks of a by gone era of Saturday Movie Matinees and Serials from the 1940’s. Especially, the BOWERY BOYS who made films like SPOOKS RUN WILD(1941), GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE(1943)SPOOK BUSTERS(1946) and GHOST CHASERS(1951) which was originally titled GHOST BUSTERS.spookbusters

Even in its own time this was was nothing new

Funny wise-guys bumbling through supernatural mumbo-jumbo was always good for laughs and were big business. COLUMBIA signed THE THREE STOOGES who made 190 shorts between 1934 and 1957. Often MOE, LARRY, CURLY, or SHEMP face “ghosts”, “haunted houses”, “mad scientists”, and “psychics” and usually there was a gorilla somewhere in there, too. 3stooge

Let’s take a look at Ghost Busting Supernatural-Comedy in a larger context as a grand American tradition. MR. LOBO has made some discoveries he hopes you find interesting as background to the many fun influences apparent in this years CINEMA INSOMNIA HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

(To Be Continued in  MR. LOBO AND THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST BUSTERS Part 2, Bob Hope’s “Ghost Breaker”s to Abbott and Costello’s “Hold That Ghost”)fakeghostpeek

This HALLOWEEN NIGHT at 8PM be in front of your TV with your favorite snacks and watch MR. LOBO in a REAL HAUNTED HOUSE with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of fellow TV HORROR HOSTS. If you haven’t yet already, treat yourself to a ROKU streaming player for connected TV and add the ZOM-BEE TV channel for FREE classic and new horror thrills!

(Here is an actual behind the scenes photo from the set of our Halloween Special in Winchester, VA.)


Sven cover

JERRY G. BISHOP 1936-2013



“The time has come for scary things like monsters, ghosts, and vampire wings, with horrible movies all drippy and drool-y, and horrible jokes, like me – Svengoolie!“

 He slipped away from us squares here in the real world in a cloud of psychedelic smoke  last month.  We were still feeling the sting of losing the great BOB CARTER AKA Horror Host SAMMY TERRY when the word got to our desk here at HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES. Although, many have written wonderful memorials since September about the ORIGINAL SVENGOOLIE from SCREAMING YELLOW THEATER, we felt the need to do something special…(Click here for the full article on our sister site HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES)