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All Rise For 2014’s FANS OF THE WEEK Part 1!


GarrettPicrenee whaley9

Jeremy Bridges 1sci-fiBobscreamBunny4





This first part of the year, we honored Sleepless Knights and Cinsomniacs from across the U.S. and abroad! Today we salute half of them and congratulate them again! Ladies and Gentleman, here are the Fans of the Week from April 20th, 2014 to August 14th, 2014.

Laurence Laney Loftin April 20th-April 26th

Larry Lee Moniz April 27th-May 4th

Garret Mehaffey May 4th-May 11th

Renee Whaley May 12-May 18th

Jeremy Bridges May 19th-May 25th

Sci-Fi Bob Eckman May 26th-June 1st

Lady Bunny Galore June 6th-June 12th

Heidi Crabtree June 13th-June 19th

Marc Pikowski June 20th-26th

Rick Lucy June 27th-July 3rd

Mark Miller July 4th-10th

Luke Harris July 8th-14th

Ashley Statum July 11th– 17th

Ken Hulsey July 18th-24th

Russel “Mojo Man” Hunsberger July 25th-31st

Ophelia Necro August 1st-August 7th

Luke Harris August 8th-14th

They are all eligible for the “FAN OF THE YEAR” to be announced on December 26th! The Sleeples Knight of the Year Award package includes: “CINEMA INSOMNIA’S HAUNTED HOUSE” DVD, “HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR” CD, STRIPED LOBO TIE, “They’re Not Bad Movies” PINBACK BADGE, SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE YEAR CERTIFICATE, Signed 8X10, Limited edition Signed LOBO/DIXIE 4×6, LOBOVISION Glasses, and LOBOVISION 3-D Glasses and screen used NOTE CARD.

Lobofan copyThis coming new year, we want to honor more Sleepless Knights and Cinsomniacs. We are accepting nominees for 2015 “Fan of the Week” awards. We want to share your story, your passion, your love for misunderstood movies and CINEMA INSOMNIA. You can leave your nominations in the comment section of this article and in the comment section of the pages.

Thank you, Sleepless Knights and Cinsomniacs for a fantastic year and for your love and support for MR. LOBO, MRS. LOBO, and for the rest of the CINEMA INSOMNIA family! And Remember:



RetroCon Rewind from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

MR. LOBO had a wonderful time at RETRO CON–where he presented a panel about CINEMA INSOMNIA and his new streaming channel OSI 74! Let’s take a look back at all our new friends.

THE LAST SATURDAY OF JULY 2001 AT 3:05 AM, the very first CINEMA INSOMNIA episode with host and TV veteran Mr. Lobo aired on ABC TV in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. Today, we know MR. LOBO and his AKA “Alan N. Smithee” as a multimedia mogul and director who founded OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL and  the streaming channel OSI 74. You can see a restored version of THE WRAITH Episode, re-edited by AARON LANE on ROKU right now, right here or on OSI74.com!

A Bold restoration effort is underway! Many first season CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes are being transferred from tape to digital for broadcast on the channel in the coming days and weeks. Today, MR. LOBO is shooting a 15 Year Anniversary Special with MISS MITTENS and the first ever crossover with his OSI Director persona to introduce this rare material. SO–Double your pleasure and your vision!

Cinema Insomnia – 15 Year Anniversary – GHOST CAR FROM SPACE THAT KILLS PEOPLE from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

Above is a first season show from 2001 that has been restored for educational purposes only!

As we said before, In the canon of the show, MR. LOBO’s first hosting gig was on a supposedly on a series called INSOMNIAC THEATER–an ancestor to CINEMA INSOMNIA. He also hosted another show in the 70’s called CHANNEL 74’s CINEMA SHOWLACE DON’T BE CONFUSED…The first 24 episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA have never been on DVD or ROKU and very few of them have been in syndication.

Cinema Insomnia S2E01 – BATTLE OF THE WORLDS from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

And here is another BRAND NEW throwback episode…Movie Host MR. LOBO goes back in time to the Turbulent and Polyester 1970’s before CINEMA INSOMNIA when he presented low rent Sci-Fi films afternoons like BATTLE OF THE WORLDS. Featuring sexy sidekick RO-MANA and supercomputer ABBAKISS.

Let’s Take a Ride on “SANTA’S SLAY” on Mitch Mittens Reviews!


To think it is already the holidays. Time to gather around for this holiday edition of MITCH MITTEN’S REVIEWS! SANTA’S SLAY(2005) is one of those HUGE misunderstood holiday horror films not many have heard of and few have seen. I viewed it several years ago but it was fantastic to hear you CINSOMNIACS and SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS wished me to review it. Strap yourselves in because here we go!

Twas the Night before Christmas dinner, all through the night the Mason family was hosting a dinner party. Not just any Christmas diner party. A Christmas party that would be the last Christmas party of their life. Mr. Mason (played by the legendary JAMES CAAN) pleads for a “moist” turkey, Gwen’s husband gets “handy” with the golddigger Mrs. Virginia Mason, and the twins nieces bicker over present requests. Then there came a clang on the roof, the thumping of boots, oh who who who comes to visit the Masons this fine Christmas Eve?


Why is it……Santa Clause?

santas-slay-04Or BILL GOLDBERG?

This is only the beginning, we travel to the town of Hells Township (what a name) where he begins “just desserts” holiday murdering spree. Can you imagine growing up with the joyful tales and images of a old man with a swollen belly who brought Christmas joy to the doors of children of all ages to all of a sudden become a murdering giant wielding Christmas decorations, lights, and stripper poles across the town.

douglas_smith_1253934934Why? Why is he doing this? We meet teenager named Nicholas who lives with his somewhat crazy inventor grandfather. Only his grandfather is not as crazy as he may seem. After Nicholas comes home to his grandfather’s homemade bunker, he sits down to hear the true tale of Santa Clause.  According to the tale, Santa (son of Satan) lost a contest with an angel of heaven. The cost? Santa had to cease from killing and slaying for Satan for 1,000 years and turn the official “Day of Slaying” into a day of joy aka Christmas. Now, that time is up and Santa is no longer Mr. Jolly.

SANTAS-SLAY-2The rest of the film is filled with unique kills, thrills, and cheer to keep you wanting more and more. One death in particular will probably be enjoyed or not so enjoyed by Star Trek:TNG fans. I wonder who is going to get his collection of irreplaceable collectables? 

Anyway, this holiday horror extravaganza is the gift that keeps on giving. I officially give this film a 10 out of 10 Hypnotic Eyes! You barely hear about it, it is truly misunderstood, and it’s one of those holiday horror films who should join the space alongside BLACK CHRISTMAS(1974) and SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT(1984).

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into these films? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review in the middle of the week? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back for another dose of misunderstood holiday cheer from MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!


Happy Krampusnacht! See LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS with MR. LOBO LIVE in the CHATROOM!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
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We’ve Prepped the Cinema Insomnia Canvas for This Fan of the Week!

10815853_10152413067037187_2084288932_nSIR STEVEN COURSE first viewed our beloved host on the former MONSTER CHANNEL formerly online. The thing that drew him to the show; however, was actually not a usual story. In fact, the unique piece to the show that truly hooked him to CINEMA INSOMNIA was….THE HYPNOTIC EYE! The moment he saw it, he fell under the entrancing spell and has tuned into the show ever since. Also a few years ago, he attended the annual BLOBFEST held in Phoenixville, Pennsylvannia where he got to meet MR. LOBO.



As a child, Steven was allowed to stay up for CREATURE FEATURES which could be viewed in his hometown of Cambridge, England where him and his family lived. during that time. He still enjoys tuning into misunderstood films along with lower budget genre films which made him who he is today. He demonstrates his love for these films as well as CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO through his art.

Each piece he creates is unique and from his heart as we can see in the art pieces of SLITHER(2006) and THE DEADLY MANTIS(1957) and MR. LOBO, of course.

10811723_10152413067257187_1093353977_n10819036_10152413067282187_296671342_nA composer of electronic music, Steven is working on sound-scapes for a very surreal and artistic spoken word project with MR. LOBO called HYPNOSIS FOR HIPSTERS–that is due out early next year..

Thank you, STEVEN COURSE, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support, for your incredible art pieces, and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, STEVEN COURSE –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for December 5th through the December 11th!

FanoftheWeekmasterYou now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are eligible to become the FAN OF THE YEAR and receive prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced in December! 10822263_10152413067312187_1546981886_n


FRIDAY DECEMBER 5th–click on our LOBOVISION ustream viewer and join MR. LOBO and other CINSOMNIACS for a LIVE Holiday Chat and screening of our classic Holiday Special featuring THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS(1959) in PLANT-O-VISION! The frosty fun starts 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific and ends around 1AM EST/10 PST. Ask MR. LOBO questions about his 2015 HOLIDAY SPECIAL that is in production now and our plans for the coming year…