10899795_10152960583903006_785351963_n  b0e33ca55810733e78272588bf5ba555SIR SCOTT BRADLEY has been a monster-sized fan of misunderstood movies since he was a little kid. Classic horror hosts, UNCLE TED from his GHOUL SCHOOL in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and Philly legend DOCTOR SHOCK along with their own personal bags of tricks and fantastic films could be found enjoyed in his family home. When it comes to Horror Hosts, he believes it’s a uniquely bizarre art form and at the time they along with the films were frightening, but today he has found a love for them. His favorites are films created by the beloved cult or “campy” masterminds like ED WOOD, JOHN WATERS, and RUSSEL MEYER, because they celebrate the average person in today’s world and open the eyes of people from all walks of life.

 SIR SCOTT discovered MR. LOBO back in the mid-2000’s when CINEMA INSOMNIA aired on KTEH PBS channel 54 out of San Jose, California. At that time, SCOTT attended a live LOBOTRONIC film show at the BAL THEATER in SAN LEANDRO. He recalled his first thoughts and impressions of our host MR. LOBO on stage and screen.

“I loved his patter with the audience and his persona. I loved the minimalist approach and the knowing, self-deprecating humor, and became a steady viewer–What I love about MR. LOBO is his ability to take the limitations of a budget and resources and make them part of his art. He flaunted it and transcended it, allowing a knowing wink at himself as well as the movies. And I LOVED the commercial breaks and the taped mini-movie around ‘LAST MAN ON EARTH(1964)’ Great Stuff!”

SIR SCOTT has helped advertise as well as “random vandalism”, as he called it, for MR. LOBO’S many live shows at the Bal Theater. He recalled the highest point of his fandom was when he was able to supply some tombstones and decorative props for MR. LOBO’s Halloween show at the Theater.

“Sleepless Knight Scott Bradley is the real deal. We need more like him. He really gets what we are doing and knows what we are up against to do this kind of show in this day and age. He provided much appreciated support when we were doing shows in the bay area. He is now part of our nation-wide CInsomniac family and helps make this world safe for Misunderstood Movies.” –says Mr. Lobo.

Scott also donated to CINEMA INSOMNIA’S 10th ANNIVERSARY KICKSTARTER and proudly displays his “thank you” certificate and screen used LOBO TIE..

Thank you, SIR SCOTT BRADLEY, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, SIR SCOTT BRADLEY –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for January 30 through February 5th, 2015!


10887783_10152960582973006_1670797874_nWe are always looking to receive more nominations for future FAN OF THE WEEK awards and articles! If you’d like to be nominated for FAN OF THE WEEK or know someone you believe should be nominated, leave their name(or names) in the comment section. If you also like to send your story about how you came upon CINEMA INSOMNIA and your love for MR. LOBO and misunderstood movies–send us your story through direct message. Keep your eyes open and you might stand alongside SIR SCOTT and many others as FAN OF THE WEEK!


10917389_10153087670334489_7681053931278962517_nSleepless Knights and CInsomniacs! Lend us your ears! This week is the LAST week of Undersea Month! Your participation has been extraordinary this month and has put a smile on MR. LOBO’s face. It truly means a great deal of you sharing your pictures, your art, your collections, and recommendations. We hope you’ll continue to send in your pictures and art in to mark the end of a FANTASTIC month and they will be shared on our pages.

We hope you will join us for our NEW THEME this coming February and will show the same participation you showed this month. Everything helps and counts. Spread the word! Get involved!

In case you missed it, here is FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD COVE(2005). Keep repeating…”They’re Not BAD MOVIES–Just Misunderstood!”

1779049_10153084887139489_683978821902945025_nShout Out Credit: Eric Yee for Creating/Performing Gilbert The Gillman!

Another Look at THE PARANORMAL IDIOT–This Time With Our THIRD eye!

An update for THE PARANORMAL IDIOT, an animated pilot that is looking for fundship via KICKSTARTER. Please support this project that will feature MR. LOBO and a host of other cult celebrities. If you can’t donate…Share the video or the link and tell your friends!



  Screencap2 Screencap3



 It’s an honor for MR. LOBO to be part of this great project. THE PARANORMAL IDIOT will finally tell the truth!

Amazing, Absurd Animated Project That Goes Beyond The Normal–THE PARANORMAL IDIOT

One of our favorite directors or surrealist comedy short films and some of our favorite people in the world of cult movies are making a pilot episode for an animated comedy series centered around two part-time paranormal investigators. Please support this worthy project on Kickstarter and make this program take off into the Stratosphere. If you can’t donate…Share this video or the link and tell your friends!

The show is a semi-scripted / semi-reality based comedy. Most characters play animated versions of themselves and incorporate both personal stories and fictional accounts. We have started this Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to make the series pilot episode. Specifically the funds will be used to upgrade computer equipment, upgrade mics, hire additional animators and cover the production expenses of our cast and crew over the course of 90 days.  The show was created by Tom Barndt and Buddy Barnett. The characters are voiced by Dean Martin Rossi, Buddy Barnett, Kathe Duba-Barnett, Frank Mengwasser, Brad Linaweaver. Tom Barndt and Samara St. Croix handled production.  Tom Barndt, Buddy Barnett, Kathe Duba-Barnett, and Mike Plante serve as the show’s producers.


“LAS VEGAS INTERCEPTOR” also made the animated in-theater ad for our Horrorthon last October featuring HALLOWEEN III. CINEMA INSOMNIA’s MR. LOBO is a character on this show, too! It’s an honor to be a small part of this great project. These guys will  really deliver something special worthy of a top tier cable network–Let’s make THE PARANORMAL IDIOT happen!


10941464_896492990394758_7031554356452354658_n Hello CInsomniacs and Sleepless Knights! How has your winter been? How many of you can’t wait for Summer raise your hands or leaves? Have you enjoyed this months theme so far? There are numberless things we must catch up on!

MISS MITTENS and I had a great holiday. I was excited to see her on Christmas along with the rest of the Mittens family huddled around in our baskets. We enjoyed Christmas Night with hot cocoa plant food flavored water and MV5BMTQxMDU3MjM0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTMzNTQ1MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_gathered to talk about how the family has been….or not been. When MISS MITTENS told me this week’s theme, she unveiled her Christmas present to me for the occasion: REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955)!

Today I decided to watch it for the very first time. Calm down! Calm down! No need to screech at me, Tiny Seedlings. No need to yell, CInsomniacs! It was an honor to watch it for the very first time today. I have been a big fan of THE GILLMAN. It is not everyday horror fans speak about this creature. He is the only one of his kind and only wants to be adored and accepted by society.

imagesNow, I always thought THE GILLMAN had perished in the first film CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. To my surprise, he had not died in the depths of the deep sea beyond. A couple of scientists go into the “Black Lagoon” to retrieve the creature to be studied under the close eye of animal psychologist Professor Clete Ferguson. Upon the capture of THE GILLMAN, it ignites a cluster of reporters and media attention spanning all across the world.

In one particular scene, we meet a future familiar face to westerns and epic cinema characters. Ladies and gentleman, CLINT EASTWOOD as Jennings, the forgetful lab assistant. To be honest, his acting is greatly lacking compared to his future films DIRTY HARRY (1971) and ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (1979). What do you think about his performance? revenge-of-the-creature-clint-eastwood

revengeofthecreaturenew2The Creature is then placed in an oceanarium or in modern day terms a 50’s version of Sea World where he is studied and oogled by thousands of onlookers who have come to see him as a tourist attraction piece. We are joined by the beautiful ichthyology student Helen Dobson who wants to study the creature herself. Through the many experiments, THE GILLMAN slowly begins to become intrigued by her.

Of course it is not long till Professor Ferguson and Helen begin to fall in love with one another, igniting The GILLMAN’S fury leading to his breaking out of the tank and attacking innocent bystanders attending the show.

Revenge-of-the-Creature-monster-movies-37195278-260-194He then sneaks into Helen’s dressing room later that night and carries her off to the Lagoon, sending Professor on a huge hunt along with other men to track down the creature. They find them and shoot the creature and the credits roll after the creature swims away to search for love another day.

This sequel was not as impactful as the first film. Much like the cliche that sequels are not as good as the original–this one is true. It is misunderstood in ways of THE GILLMAN’S search but the it is bridging on the bad category. I give his film 5 1/2 out of 10 HYPNOTIC EYES!

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review? Leave your comments or private message and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back for more MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!



tumblr_n5hv5ygEBL1so6onio1_500 copyThis year is a new year. 2015. New changes, new themes, new shows, and more FANS OF THE WEEK to discover. Last year we honored many Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs by telling you their story, their passion for Cinema Insomnia, and how much they love misunderstood movies just as much as MR. LOBO.

10559094_928601203833181_2111183007_nWe are re-igniting this flame for 2015 and looking for individuals to honor this year. For those who are new, you are probably scratching your head and wondering what this is all about.

For over 10 years, Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs alike have represented MR. LOBO through communication, watching his shows, coming out to see him in live shows and conventions, even through our pages by sharing their art and ours through theirs in order to spread the word about CINEMA INSOMNIA. Last year we began to honor one, two, and on one occasion a WHOLE FAMILY by their devotion and dedication.

This year, we want to do it again. We want to hear from you–hear your sci-fiBobpaullobostory. This is not just a representation of a “Fan” but of family. We want to honor our Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs family.

If you’d like to be nominated for FAN OF THE WEEK, leave you name in the comment section. If you also like to send your story about how you came upon CINEMA INSOMNIA and your love for MR. LOBO and misunderstood movies–send us your story through direct message!

Let’s honor the many SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and CINSOMNIACS for 2015!

Freaky Game Night with the SPOOKY FAMILY!

  addams-family-slot  Whenever we visit our favorite gambling and kitsch mecca of Las Vegas, Your Horror Host and his Monster Bride are always on the lookout for games with a “spooky, kooky, or all together ooky” flavor. THE MUNSTERS,THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and ELVIRA themed slots make us grown adults giddy and silly with excitement. My wife started taking pictures of these flashing beacons of pop subculture and promptly got us thrown out of the casino by security. Apparently, you’re not supposed to take pictures of the machines. Who knew?  

However, we recently discovered a new game online for creepsters like us, that you can ogle all you want in the privacy of your own haunted house. It’s called SPOOKY FAMILY and it’s crawling with darkly comic Tim Burton-esque animations and variety of chances to win.  
SPOOKY FAMILY is fun an exciting new 5-reel slot at NETBET. They have a lot of great games for fans of cult movies and fanastika, Superman, Batman, Ghost Busters, Red Dragon Wild, Bruce Lee, Aliens, Rambo, Blood suckers and more.

These guys are not quite the ADDAMS FAMILY or THE MUNSTERS–but perhaps they’re descendents of both. The family that plays together, stays together, and sometimes slays together!–So be sure to play by their house rules when you plan your stakes.

spooky-family Ooky extras can cause the Darkness Bonus round worth 10,000 coins and the base game jackpot is worth 5000x the stake! Even a vampire can appreciate those stakes.
spooky-family2spooky-family-pet-bonusYou can play 25 coins or the maximum of 150 coins per spin. Per line the risks seem minimal–just a couple pennies per line or more if you’re feeling extra kooky.
A ghostly skull appears to make random family faces or  other elements “WILD” and help to substitute a match needed for any win on your reels. With each win, you have the choice to  “double-up” to bet your winnings or move on to the next spin.
The haunted house appears as the Bonus. When you collect 3 or more haunted houses anywhere, it triggers the Random Bonus game. Win up to 10,000 extra coins based on your stakes waged before beginning the bonus round.  There is also a Feed The Family Pet Bonus spin that gives you a chance to win 250,000 coins.
Our gaming pals in the Netherlands told us to Look out for “scatters” –these can move multiplied winnings for each Character or Icon landed on SPOOKY FAMILY reels. We enjoyed playing the game as much as we enjoyed the spectacular, silly, and sinister design and art created for this themed game.  We recommend that you play with THE SPOOKY FAMILY on your street!