10469597_742351772454106_782408057_nWho could this mysterious SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK be? BATMAN? CAPTAIN CINEMA INSOMNIA? No, it’s SIR BRANDON BLACKMOOR! We have put up the signal to honor this SLEEPLESS KNIGHT on this Friday, February 6th, 2015. We take you now to the story of how this Sleepless Knight of Insomnia came to be.

Ci_gigantisSIR BRANDON grew up tuning into Dr. Madblood during his “formative years” and  became a devoted fan of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 as an adult. But his Sleepless Knight crusade all began in Portsmouth, Virginia. That night, SIR BRANDON picked up the episode of CINEMA INSOMNIA of MR. LOBO hosting GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER on a local UHF channel. He may have missed the beginning of this classic episode; however, he did catch the name of our host which stuck with him afterwards……MR. LOBO.

But our tale does not end there, folks, oh no. That is only the beginning. He revealed his long remembered tale to us and now we tell it to you.


Several years later, SIR BRANDON attended one of the yearly MONSTER FEST in Chesapeake, Virginia. While roaming through the halls, he came across a man win a suit and “Birth Control Glasses.” His face caught SIR BRANDON’S attention and he placed himself in the stranger’s path.

“You look a lot like a guy I saw on late night TV once,” He recalled to the gentleman.

“Mr. Lobo,” the gentleman replied.

“Yes! I have only seen it once, but it was a cool show. That’s a great costume.”

“I *am” Mr. Lobo.” The stranger revealed.

SIR BRANDON remembered feeling dumbfounded at that moment. Then when his senses came back to the front, MR. LOBO was gone.

012-VenusAfter a few more years, one of SIR BRANDON’S friends had shared MR. LOBO’S Facebook page with him. From then on SIR BRANDON discovered along with discovering classic CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes including his favorite episode FIRST SPACESHIP TO VENUS on ZOM-BEE TV and THE ANOMALIES CHANNEL. He then joined and sworn into THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA!




Thank you, SIR BRANDON BLACKMOOR, valued Sleepless Knight, for ALL of your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can download and print. Congratulations, SIR BRANDON BLACKMOOR –THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for February 6th through 12th, 2015!


We are continuing to take nominations for future FAN OF THE WEEK! If you’d like to be nominated for FAN OF THE WEEK or know someone you believe should be nominated, leave their name or names in the comment section. If you also like to send your story about how you came upon CINEMA INSOMNIA and your love for MR. LOBO and misunderstood movies–send us your story through direct message. Keep your eyes open and you might alongside SIR SCOTT BRADLEY and SIR BRANDON BLACKMOOR many other past FANS OF THE WEEK!

Six Legs, Eight Legs, Twelve Legs, MORE! The “BAD BUGS” are Coming to Cinema Insomnia’s Theme of the Month’s Door!

10390248_102046555558166812_83106116406019178_n  We are now back home from vacation from the Lagoon. As you settle into your sheets and you feel your eyes close, you feel a slight tickle across your cheek. Your eyes snap open in a panic. No one is in your home, you know that–so what could it be. Your eyes drift back to the ceiling. Suddenly, you see one hairy, pointy leg reach out of the darkness……to reveal a gigantic SPIDER! A tiny voice echoes out of it’s enlarged body, “Welcome back for CINEMA INSOMNIA’s New Theme! Bad Bugs!” Then your Insomniac clock rewinds back and you are prepared for another month!

10952574_10204655557846879_6884791579663932294_nThat is right, Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs! Bugs are INVADING CINEMA INSOMNIA! For DECADES, these little creatures in all their variety of species have terrified us both on the screen and in our homes. Scientists have captured them, studied them, in a few cases enlarged them to terrorize towns across the world, and sneak into nooks and crannies you never knew existed.

This month, these creatures LIVE. Do you believe these creatures are misunderstood? Have they ever been misunderstood in your book? Let us know in the comments on this site or our pages! Better yet, show us by sending us clips of your favorite “Bad Bug” monster along with why you think they are misunderstood and we will share your findings.

878909e7ec198472ee72bc381fc1bcdcLast month your participation was fantastic! Your art, collections, and suggestions were stunning and put a smile on MR. LOBO’s face. This month is no exception.

If you would like to do any theme related art, post it on our wall or send it to us and it will be shared on our pages. There are so many ways to get involved, join us! You may also take a step further and post your favorite scene, clip, picture or poster of your favorite BAD BUG CREATURE FEATURE on your Twitter or Instagram pages with #CIBADBUGMONTH and tag or directly send it to Cinema Insomnia and we will favorite and Retweet/Share your findings.

Arm yourself with your Bug Spray, set those nasty traps up, and make sure all the cracks are covered! Jiminy Cricket isn’t here to be your conscience this month because it is BAD BUG MONTH!

Thanks for All the Fish and Kudos to Everyone Who Made a Splash with Our January Theme!


No need to fish for compliments! We got some amazing submissions for our last theme of the month…Including this incredible original piece by professional artist/illustrator Donald David–who says he’s never drawn The Creature before! Thank you, David for adding your name-brand talent to our little game!  Our new
“Bad Bug” theme for February will have a tough job following our “Underwater Creature” theme! Well Done, Everyone!