During This Month’s Theme, Keep an Eye On Your Dolls!


 Dolls, we all have seen them or had them…..over the years they have been around in many forms: Puppets, Ventriloquist Dummies, Baby Dolls, Barbie Dolls, etc. But they are not the only dolls that we have witnessed. In cinematic history, Dolls have also been used to remind us that even our toys can be not so innocent or “life-less” as we believed. How could we have misunderstood these little “darlings”?

imagesTake the “Good Guy Doll”, for instance. One minute he wants to play then the next you find out he is possessed by the soul of a serial killer in its tiny little body and wants to take over your child’s body. For this month, CHILD’S PLAY(1988) is our background to a full month of Spooky Dolls! You will be Spooked, you will be Frightened, and you will be Enlightened. You can join us through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr pages with #CISpookyDollMonth! 

dollsWhat is your favorite “Horror/Haunted/Scary/Spooky Doll or film? Do you always look twice when you pass a Ventriloquist Dummy? Do you have pictures of yourself and your doll collection? Have you painted or animated a picture of your favorite scary doll or Puppet? SEND THEM IN! If you have favorite clips of your favorite Spooky Doll films, post them on our pages. Anything you send in your fan art and pictures and they will be shared on all of our pages! 

Also this month there will be a contest held for an opportunity for you to win a MR. LOBO baby doll made by The Wicked Little Nursery. More details about the contest to come soon!

Lock up your Dolls and Dummies and get ready for Cinema Insomnia’s “Spooky Doll Month!”