More In Store? Dixie Lobo ReOpens her Etsy Shop with Mr. Lobo Approved Goodies!


web res 11x17 Marilynweb res Killer in Drag 11x17 Attention Misunderstood Movie Lovers and CInsomniacs…Do you need something weird for your castle walls or treasury? Please visit Dixie Dellamorto Lobo’s recently reactivated Etsy shop. There you will find orginal art and official CINEMA INSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO goodies.
Mr. Lobo with SkullMR. LOBO 8x10s

Just like in the CINEMA INSOMNIA shop, There are Autographed 8x10s featuring Mr. Lobo of the Nationally syndicated late night Horror Host Program, Cinema Insomnia. These 8×10’s are personally signed by Mr. Lobo himself and are made out to you! When buying this listing, please message us to let us know who to have Mr. Lobo make it out to! A must have for a Cinema Insomnia Fan!


And if you are a fan you should Join the Sleepless Knights of Insomnia!


Lifetime Membership includes:

NEW PLASTIC Decoder Member Card to carry with you always. Signed and numbered on the front by Mr. Lobo and the entire “Alpha-Numeric” Secret Code on Back.

NEW–the world’s fanciest and most detailed Certificate of Membership. Printed on expensive parchment paper! Numbered and signed MR. LOBO.

NEW Larger “Cinema Insomnia Fan Club” Pin-back Button Badge inspired by Monster Magazine fan club badges of yesteryear.

NEW randomly selected Signed Large 8X10 Photo valued at $10 to $20 at conventions. Just like the 8X10 photo in the picture above or similar. Are you feeling lucky?

CLASSIC Signed 4X6 Black and White Photo of Mr. Lobo,This is the very same photo offered to insomniacs from day one of the fan club.

AND other random goodies not mentioned above.

Best of all you will be an official CINSOMNIAC…or a SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF INSOMNIA!

Be sure to watch CINEMA INSOMNIA on our new internet based channel OSI 74 launching in October.


This poster designed by Mr. L0B0 is the first of a series of fundraisers for the channel. It features “THE MOST ACTION PACKED TV HORROR HOST SHOW IN THE WORLD !!”…Not CINEMA INSOMNIA, but MONSTER MADHOUSE!

web res MonsterMadhouse OSI11x17Poster2

This 11×17 inch high quality poster print includes a flexible plastic sleeve for protection. This image is a print version of the MONSTER MADHOUSE OSI 74 promo piece. The host of MONSTER MADHOUSE, KARLOS BORLOFF is generously donating 100% of the profits into data storage and delivery costs for the channel. The print is suitable for framing and would be at home hanging on the wall in your Game Room, Den, or in the dungeon! This print is signed and dated by the artist upon request. Be the first Monster Kid in the Madhouse to own it! Thanks for supporting OSI 74 and MONSTER MADHOUSE!

Something for you vampires…Dixie Dellamorto’s internet famous and often bootleged design…


“Drink this much Human Blood Every Day! — Drink a full big glass of Human Blood every single day to get plenty of B Negative — one thing your undead body doesn’t store up. Stay young the Vampire way! “

web res Stay Young 11x17

11×17 inch high quality poster print which includes a flexible plastic sleeve for protection. This image is an original acrylic painting by Dixie Dellamorto which has been modified to mimic a vintage advertising art. The print is suitable for framing and would be at home hanging on the wall in your Game Room, Kitchen, or the wall of the Blood bank! This print is signed and dated by the artists. Be the first Crazy in your city to own it!

Every misunderstood Movie has it’s day and you may enjoy this…


The Futuristic year is 1997.
New York City is a Maximum Security Prison. A Master Criminal’s Mission:
Rescue the Captive U.S. President

web res Escape from New York Poster 11x17

11×17 inch high quality poster print which includes a flexible plastic sleeve for protection. This image is an original digital illustration by Dixie Dellamorto. The print is suitable for framing and would be at home hanging on the wall in your Game Room, Den, or the War Room of the Duke of New York! This print is signed and dated by the artist. Be the first Crazy in your city to own it!



If you’re willing–Come by and pick up something for your weirder self…

web res Leota 11x17

You could do worse…much worse. web res 11x17 jailhouse rot


From The PLAN 9(2015) Site, A New Prediction From Criswell!

Criswell Predicts "Social Media Serial Killer"

We all live in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.Join us on a weekly web series where our very own Criswell takes a glimpse into the Future!

Posted by Plan 9 on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Better Way is There to Remind Dad That He’s a Weirdo? Order Your MR. LOBO DVDs Now to Get Them for FATHERS DAY – June 21st.


Who says FATHERS DAY is not a real holiday? Is it just because Dad wont shoot death rays from his eyes if he isn’t appeased like Mom does? Sure, Dads just want one thing–to be left alone. One day to relax without taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, filling out tax forms, opening factory sealed jars, or picking up pet droppings. This year make sure Dad kicks back in style with these fun items from our store.

AtomicBrainDVDCoverAttention SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and spawn of confirmed CINSOMNIACS! CINEMA INSOMNIA: ATOMIC BRAIN on OSI DVD has been released on an unsuspecting world and can be ordered today to receive by Fathers DaDVD_201_20D_400wy!

This CINEMA INSOMNIA episode contains a full lost episode of “Insomniac Theatre” from 1963 when a younger and less world weary Mr. Lobo presented the, then new, film MONSTROSITY AKA ATOMIC BRAIN.
You can still get our essential CINEMA INSOMNIA: HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL featuring MR. LOBO and unusal cameos by other horror movie hosts Rich Koz(SVENGOOLIE), Dick Dyzsel(COUNT GORE), Jerry Moore(KARLOS BORLOFF) and John Dimes(DR. SARCOFIGUY). Filmed in a REAL haunted house!

And speaking of haunted houses…
Listen to Mr. Lobo in your hearse or coffin on this spoken word CD spoofing children’s Halloween LPs from the 60’s and 70’s. HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’s VERY BAD MANOR!

Bad Manor thumb
For a more traditional gift you can pre-order the OFFICIAL CINEMA INSOMNIA NECKTIE worn by America’s second or third best movie host Mr. Lobo!Lobotiebutton

Happy Fathers Day From CINEMA INSOMNIA!


Put on your 3-D Glasses! Creature Features Bob Wilkins Interviews Christopher Lee in the Great Beyond


SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE arrived in the kingdom of infinity looking well. He is obviously enjoying his vacation after a lifetime of intense work entertaining us fans of Fantastika in classic Hammer Horror films like THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN(1957), HORROR OF DRACULA(1958),  and THE MUMMY(1959) and Summer block-busters from the STAR WARS and LORD OF THE RINGS film franchises. He even played WILLY WONKA‘s father in the TIM BURTON film, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY(2005). And Misunderstood Movie fans will remember his roles in POLICE ACADEMY 7: MISSION TO MOSCOW(1994) and the big budget comedy bomb 1941(1979).
Whithout a doubt, LEE is best loved as DRACULA, as he played the dark vampire prince in a number of sequels up into the early 1970s. However, he played many other iconic characters, co-starring in THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES(1959), and made numerous “non-PC” appearances as FU MANCHU before that was a thing. And who could forget THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOMES(1970), THE THREE MUSKETEERS(1973), and Bond film MAN WITH THE GOLDEN


GUN(1974). Lee appeared on the San Francisco Bay Area TV show CREATURE FEATURES to promote that film and was first interviewed by the host of that show, MR. LOBO’s mentor, BOB WILKINS.

“SIR” BOB and SIR CHRISTOPHER  met again today on a cloud of star-stuff that quickly formed itself into a facsimile of a TV Studio.


Bob puffed his cigar and told him how much he would be missed down on earth by us Creature Feature fans and movie fans in general. Mr. Lee was tickled when Bob informed him that CINEMA INSOMNIA is celebrating Mummy month and that we have been sharing many images of him as KHARIS THE MUMMY all over the internet. MR. LOBO will even be presenting HORROR HOTEL AKA CITY OF THE DEAD as part of the new CINEMA INSOMNIA season coming this fall on OSI 74. Bob presented Lee with an original tribute Count Dracula drawing by CI fan and artist DAVID HARDY. He smiled at all the praise and gracefully shook his head.  countLee

He then reminded Bob that he would never play DRACULA again.  But of course, he doesn’t have to…DRACULA IS FOREVER. CREATURE FEATURES ARE FOREVER.  Thank you, SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE for all your fine work. We miss you already! We still miss you, too, Bob!

3-D Pictures by Scott Moon!

Classic Fan of the Week!

For the next couple weeks, we will be re-honoring some of the FAN’S OF THE WEEK! All of you and any of you may be picked for future FAN’S OF THE WEEK! If you have a story and would like to share it; you can send your pictures and story about how you found out about Cinema Insomnia, favorite episode, favorite misunderstood movie, etc to [email protected]!

This we are re-honoring SIR LAWRENCE LANEY LOFTIN, the very first SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK who paved the way for this to continue:

LobofanSir Lawrence Laney Loftin is a MR. LOBO fan from way back and is in fact the poster child in our Fan of the Week graphic above.  Ever since he discovered CINEMA INSOMNIA on KEJB UPN 43 in Monroe, Louisiana, back in 2003-2004, our staff has been getting weird things in the mail from Laney–Christmas cards, postcards, magnets, books, kitsch, pulp-fiction, VHS tapes, and scandalous photos of himself with uninitiated pizza delivery girls.

We dropped in on Laney during a cross country tour and witnessed his mind boggling collection of Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, and Comic Book memorabilia.
It was then, in person, when Laney gave MR. LOBO the strangest gift of them all–a taxidermy piece of Cryptozoic-crypto-zoology–called a Hootenanny! This kin of the Jack-a-lope and the Swamp Booger was stuffed by his father after a close encounter.

hootenanyThe Hootenany briefly appeared in our 2013 Haunted House Special and resembles a deer’s behind with bobcat teeth. Semi-retired, Laney works at the Society for the Prevention of Meanness to Laney, when he is not lobbying for his local tavern or Pizza place to show Cinema Insomnia episodes on the big screen instead of Svengoolie. 

He spends countless hours making crude memes of MR. LOBO for the internet and has crashed MST3k screenings while wearing his CINEMA INSOMNIA T-shirt. Each month, he sends us different pictures that complement our THEME OF THE MONTH! Whether it’s a hilarious meme, film poster, or picture edit-SIR LAWRENCE never stops showing his support for CINEMA INSOMNIA and his other CInsomniac and Sleepless Knight Family.

laneythrowbackThank You, Lawrence Laney Loftin, valued Sleepless Knight, for all your support over the years and for watching all those misunderstood movies!

Today, we re-honor you and open the doors for the future FAN’S OF THE WEEK! Send in your stories TODAY!

Are You Ready To “Un-Wrap” The Theme of the Month?


As more news arises from OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL and CINEMA INSOMNIA, this month’s THEME OF THE MONTH shall bring it’s own sort of terror! For years, the mysteries of the Egyptian kings have baffled archeologists, historians, and scientists. Some have said the tombs hidden in the masses of sand and earth contain evil curses who rack the bodies of searchers who stumble upon them. For years, Universal and Hammer along with many independent films have told many different adaptions of the tale of THE MUMMY!

image2sIt all began with BORIS KARLOFF’s 1932 classic, THE MUMMY. His monster wreaked havoc, conquering anyone who was in his path. From there, a legend was born and from there did many films follow. 

We’ve seen infinitely many different adaptions of this tale. THE MUMMY’S HAND (1940), THE MUMMY’S CURSE (1944), THE MUMMY’S GHOST, and many more. Then HAMMER FILMS began it’s own reign of terror.

This month, we will dive deep into the adaptions of THE MUMMY and maybe even discover a few surprises along the way. What is your favorite adaption of THE MUMMY? Do you prefer BORIS KARLOFF, LON CHANEY JR., or CHRISTOPHER LEE as the monster?

What is your favorite MUMMY franchise film? Do you prefer HAMMER or UNIVERSAL? Mummy-CurseSend us your pictures, MUMMY themed art, tattoo art, collection of your Mummy films or figures, or pictures/video of anything you think pertains to the theme and it will be shared on our pages to be seen and enjoyed by all!

Help us celebrate the “uncovering” of THE MUMMY as well as the more news to come from OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL. Keep Your Eyes Open, Your Curiosity in Check, and BEWARE OF THE MUMMY!