To better serve you! THE CINEMA INSOMNIA STORE will reopen as the OSI 74 SHOP!

Mr. Lobo and Dixie want to serve you better and we will be making a lot of adjustments to our shop over at This inconvenience is only temporary and we apologize! The Cinema Insomnia store is also down. To make our lives simpler and to make it easier for new CInsomniacs to find Mr. Lobo’s official merchandise. Cinema Insomnia store will become the OSI shop with Cinema Insomnia stuff in it’s own section. Thanks again for reaching for the sky and supporting OSI!

No time for Dingalings! Ring In 2016! It’s Time to Announce SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE YEAR!

12460008_10153924538349430_41883637_nSIR LAWRENCE LANEY LOFTIN, the very first SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK  is now FAN OF THE YEAR!

LobofanSir Lawrence Laney Loftin is a MR. LOBO fan from 2003-2004 and has continued to stick by us all the way to 2016! He first discovered CINEMA INSOMNIA on KEJB UPN 43 in Monroe, Louisiana. Ever since that fateful day, our staff has been getting weird things in the mail from Laney–Christmas cards, postcards, magnets, books, kitsch, pulp-fiction, VHS tapes, and scandalous photos of himself with uninitiated pizza delivery girls displaying CINEMA INSOMNIA merchandise.

ECblackT shirtWe dropped in on Laney during a cross country tour and witnessed his mind boggling collection of Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, and Comic Book memorabilia.
It was then, in person, when Laney gave MR. LOBO the strangest gift of them all–a taxidermy piece of Cryptozoic-crypto-zoology–called a Hootenanny! This kin of the Jack-a-lope and the Swamp Booger who was stuffed by his father after a close encounter.

hootenanyThe Hootenany briefly appeared in our 2013 Haunted House Special and resembles a deer’s behind with bobcat teeth. Semi-retired, Laney works at the Society for the Prevention of Meanness to Laney, when he is not lobbying for his local tavern or Pizza place to show Cinema Insomnia episodes on the big screen instead of Svengoolie. 

He spends countless hours making crude memes of MR. LOBO for the internet and has crashed MST3k screenings while wearing his CINEMA INSOMNIA T-shirt. Each month, he sends us different pictures that complement our THEME OF THE MONTH! Whether it’s a hilarious meme, film poster, or picture edit-SIR LAWRENCE never stops showing his support for CINEMA INSOMNIA and his other CInsomniac and Sleepless Knight Family.


11953269_1045443958808847_7198036329278642515_nLaney was one of the quickest to support Mr. Lobo’s latest project, channel OSI 74. He made fan made fundraiser T-Shirts and dressed as “Commander OSI”. He purchased some OSI 74 Stickers and put them everywhere–documenting his canvasing of people, places, things, and pizza girls. 

We did a small interview with his fellow Sleepless Knight and also former FAN OF THE WEEK, Kim Wailes, about her friend. She had this to say:

Laney is a very nice man with unique and delightfully perverted tastes.” She followed up her statement with praise, “He also is very knowledgeable about all things Horror Host and Misunderstood Cinema. He’s a Sleepless Knights’ Sleepless Knight.”

In support of OSI 74, Laney even made Con Exclusive OSI 74 Bookmarks for Geek Fair 2015!

Patented Organic “PERFECT SHAPE” bookmark is the brainchild of Laney Loftin, publicist for Ian Loftin’s book SPOOKY TALES OF THE SCREAMY, plus he has created OSI character flyers as bookmarks! These colorful sturdy slips served as cross promotion for their book, our channel, and for the event itself.

11813343_1029447340408509_3456506034003412888_nAs Always, Thank You, Lawrence Laney Loftin, valued Sleepless Knight, for all your support over the years and for watching all those misunderstood movies! Your SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE YEAR award will be shipped to you shortly!

FanoftheYearLoftinLadies and Gentleman, Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs of all ages! We want to Honor YOU and YOUR constant support! We will be re-launching our “Fan of the Week” awards once again. If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone you know for this award, comment or send your story and pictures to us by messaging us. Who knows, YOU may receive this award at the end of 2016!

Thank you for your support and give another round of applause to our SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE YEAR, SIR LAWRENCE LANEY LOFTIN!

New Year, New Theme, It’s 80’s Retro Month!

384197_1107208865965689_7472649573178251726_nWelcome to 2016, Sleepless Knights and CInsomniacs! It’s a new year, new opportunities, but still bringing you the misunderstood goodies! This month, we’re going “Back In Time” this month despite the new year. A reflective look, if you will, to a time where cinema was fluent with films that were questionable to the “normal” mind’s eye. There were thrills, chills, and comedic stills ingrained within our brains from then to now.

220px-Killer_klowns_posterKiller Clowns with Cotton Candy Cocoons, Weird Cannibal Family Sequels, Vengeful Pirates in Search of Their Gold, and other Tales to make you keep coming back for more. Comic books, vintage toys from your childhood, many things will come back to remind you that THEY ARE NOT BAD, JUST MISUNDERSTOOD. 

What are your favorite memories from those times? Was it the music? The films? The retro clothes? The hair? What do you consider the most misunderstood film from the 80’s that you can’t get enough of anytime you view it? Comment and Share your favorite memories!

We are always searching for new things to share with you pertaining to the themes of the 220px-Texas_chainsaw_massacre_2_postermonth. Search through your scrap book of memories and send us your pictures, RETRO themed art, tattoo art, collection of your 80’s films or film figures, or pictures/video of anything you think pertains to the theme and it will be shared on our pages to be seen and enjoyed by all! That even includes pictures of your your big hair, ladies.

For the fans who have fan art, we have seen them over the years and enjoy every piece you have. Keep sending them all in and we’ll share them this month and many years to come! Show your love for Cinema Insomnia and all things 80s!


il_570xN.794880400_qwqmIf you do not any art or posters, check out DIXIE DELLAMOROTO LOBO’S ETSY shop and pick up a copy of her creation in tribute to the 1981 John Carpenter Classic “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”. There are other items pertaining to the 80’s as well as CINEMA INSOMNIA and OSI74 merchandise for you to add to your collection.

Don’t forget, CINEMA INSOMNIA is now on OSI74 Saturday Sleepover Nights on the OSI74 Channel you can download on your ROKU. If you don’t have a ROKU, you can tune into episodes your missed on the OSI74 Vimeo Channel:

Time to Go Retro, Let’s Go!