Mr. Lobo: First SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS Podcast and First Review of Said Podcast!

join the SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS as host MR. LOBO and BESTOW TV PAUL SANDERS talk about collaborating on CINEMA INSOMNIA for OSI 74, talk shop, talk pop culture, talk movies, and try not to get too lost. Please Subscribe, Rate, and Review us on iTunes so the normals can find us! Also, check out this review!

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CINEMA INSOMNIA SEASON SWEET 16 Announcement from MR. LOBO Dec 2017 from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

CINSOMNIACS! We hit 30 Patrons today! Well, we didn’t actually hit them. That would be abuse! We went from 27 to 30 patrons now in our Super-Core! We announced a new goal for December of 113 patrons on PATREON. We will release a special video for patrons only and mail an exclusive prize to our patrons who pledge more than $5 per month. 9 patrons already a have opted in at the $10 level to get an exclusive CINEMA INSOMNIA Button set! We want Season 16 of CINEMA INSOMNIA to be our best ever! What other things should we do for you if we reach our goal? What are some good ways to reach this Goal? How will you help us reach this Goal?

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They’re Not Bad Causes–Just Misunderstood.

We’re hearing from a lot of sad CInsomniacs with tiny pockets that want to back our 16th season but can’t right now. Mr. Lobo totally understands. This CINEMA INSOMNIA PATREON campaign is not a “gofundme” or a “kickstarter” this should be a painless volunteer subscription to something you appreciate and enjoy…we’re not looking for big donations here, yet…we’ll want to establish big rewards first that will make upping your gift worth the trouble.

Right now, we want to be able to identify and count people who can be counted on to boost our 16th season and $1 puts you on the team.

The increase of people in our core is our primary goal. The more patrons that are coming on early the more momentum we can generate….and we need momentum a lot more than money. Thanks for giving what we do meaning…let’s do something fantastically ridiculous.

“They’re STILL not bad movies–Just Misunderstood”