29 Days Till Halloween and this Throwback Episode Will Make you Shiver….In TERROR!

If you saw a mysterious woman wondering around in the middle of nowhere, what would you do? Chase her? Help her? Attempt to battle the forces of evil in order to save your soul as well as get involved in an overly complicated love fued? Today on THROWBACK CINEMA INSOMNIA THURSDAY we bring you THE TERROR(1963) starring the talented BORIS KARLOFF and JACK NICHOLSON!

Tweet, Tumble, and Share this free online episode with all of your friends and family and remember, “They are NOT BAD MOVIES-Just Misunderstood!” Join us next Thursday for another free episode online…and if you want more CINEMA INSOMNIA and Mr. Lobo check out the free ZOM-BEE TV channel for ROKU video players or purchase your own Zom-Bee TV app and take and watch Cinema Insomnia anywhere at any time! Also check out and follow us on our Cinema Insomnia Ustream page and enjoy even more CINEMA INSOMNIA fun!

29 Days till Halloween, fair Cinsomniacs and Sleepless Knights…..are you ready?

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  1. THE TERROR is often overlooked by Roger Corman fans. I likey! Boris Karloff in the twilight of his years and Jack Nicholson near the beginning of his stellar career. The film is full of dread and gothic atmosphere. I own at least 3 copies! But in Lobovision? Perfect.

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