SealEven though it was an early day for this Insomniac, MR. LOBO is very grateful for the opportunity to speak to the “adults of the future” attending DELCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL on Tuesday. I was overwhelmed by their amazing facility and outstanding curriculum. We didn’t have anything like this back in California when I was growing up. I would have killed to focus on my media career while still in High School.
Not sure if I had much in the way of “words of wisdom” but I hope I was able to show how stubborn persistence and precious little professionalism can make a horrible student into a semi-famous horror movie host and the head of a streaming channel/creative collective.


They combined The New Media Class and the Video Production Class into one room for my talk. Here is one of the videos we showed to represent OSI 74…our collective of independent video producers that enjoys cross promotion and shared resources for a larger impact.


We talked about how Mr. Lobo got started on this path to cult success(fame without fortune)and the origin of the independently produced TV show CINEMA INSOMNIA.

From 2005 CINEMA INSOMNIA – House on Haunted Hill highlights – Web version from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

We compared early and later episodes and discussed low-budget and no-budget techniques…

Cinema Insomnia Haunted House DEMO Pt1 from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

Looking at them now–I hope they were not TOO subversive for school use. Please direct any angry parents or faculty in my direction. My apologies.

I especially would like to thank MRS. QUANN for suggesting that I address these students and Instructor MR. PHILLIPS of the NEW MEDIA DEPARTMENT and MRS. ABELL of DIGITAL MEDIA FILM/TV DEPARTMENT for actually inviting me and allowing me to once again–at my advanced age–waste valuable school time.

Both media instructors mentioned that I made them feel like teenagers again, at the drive-in or in front of the old Zenith TV watching DR. SCHOCK–More high praise for my already inflated ego! Let’s hope we can create that kind of optimistic fun and memories for today’s teens. It was interesting to note that none of these media students ever heard of ELVIRA and only 3 of them ever saw MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER–So needless to say there is a lot of work to be done!

Thank you for your confidence in letting me show these students my work and do what I do best–talk. Your group not only listened but made me feel welcome! I ran out of business cards and stickers–so I think that means that we may have the good fortune of working with some of these young talented and tech savvy cadets in the months and years ahead.


The audience asked some tough questions–but the eager silence on their faces was even more challenging…let them know they can always message MR . LOBO if public speaking is not “their thing”.


TuxI think it would be great to plan some activities together creating content and making media magic–I think our organization could benefit and learn a lot from some new blood. I think they could gain valuable experience working on projects for a larger audience, sharpen their skills, build their confidence, and have something they can put on their resume. Maybe even help make a brand NEW SEASON of CINEMA INSOMNIA!

Thanks-A-Billion for inviting me to come back next year to work with these Sophomores as Juniors…

I’d also like to thank DELLCASTLE staffer MRS. QUANN for sweetening the deal by giving MR. LOBO a Tuxedo…and MR. PHILLIPS NEW MEDIA class for giving me a wonderful trophy in the shape of a Starbuck’s Coffee Travel Mug as a “Thank You” that says “Mr. Lobo, Mentor / Advisor”.


I must admit I was choked up for a bit.

When I think of words like “Mentor” and “Advisor” I never think of MR. LOBO–I think of someone special who influences and inspires people…like my Mentor and Advisor, “BOB WILKINS” of CREATURE FEATURES. To be acknowledged in this way is a true honor and makes me feel like I’ve arrived and gives what I do extra meaning. I will strive to rise to this challenge. I will work harder to share what I discover and to deeply listen to the needs those I am attempting to serve in this role.

All Systems Go,
Mr. Lobo


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