A Femme Fatale Fan That Will Slay You! All Rise(and Fall) For Our Lady Sleepless Knight of the Week!

This week’s Lady Sleepless Knight ASHLEY STATUM is not a stranger to MR. LOBO! Back on October 12, 2012, Ashley participated in the 6th Annual Zombie Beauty Pageant for the Sacramento Horror Film Festival* held at the Colonial Theater–Mr. Lobo had been the MC for the festival for 6 years–until his move to the East Coast. In 2013 Ashley would FINALLY take the crown and first place–but unfortunately her favorite horror host wasn’t there to present her the crown!

10508535_672601636147859_840829984_nShe was first introduced to CINEMA INSOMNIA by her Sleepless Knight older sister, Kelcey. She admitted to not looking into it at first until she and her sister attended the SACRAMENTO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL in 2009.10529449_672601879481168_658135330_n“Initially I went to compete in the annual Zombie Beauty Pageant and to watch some rad horror movies. Then we saw Mr. Lobo take the stage. That totally sparked my interest because I’ve always had a soft spot in my little moldy heart for crappy (misunderstood) horror flicks, and here was a person who was all about it!” She commented.


Double Your Pleasure and Pain! Ashley (right) and her twin sister Lauren (left) with Mr. Lobo at another SHFF ZOMBIE BEAUTY PAGEANT.

10528069_672601602814529_760887499_nAfter that weekend, Ashley became a huge CINSOMNIAC for life! She continually shows her support by watching CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes and being active on social media–For extra credit, on her own time, She watches tons of un-hosted misunderstood movies and creates horror-themed “make ups” including her own Zombie look.

Thank You, ASHLEY STATUM, valued Sleepless Knight, for all your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Please Send Along Your Address! Mr. Lobo will be sending you an autographed “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for July 11th through the 17th! 10357818_672603879480968_6693830403028848410_n


*To Find More about the Sacramento Horror Film Festival: http://www.sachorrorfilmfest.com/

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  1. How cool is this?! Best darn thing to wake up to! Thank you Mr. Lobo and CI crew for this fantastic honor! Keep doing what you do!

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