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ACT NOW to Support MR. LOBO’s Colleague MADD FRANK

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Those of you who watched MR. LOBO’s CINEMA INSOMNIA on AMGTV may also have seen Fargo’s MADD FRANK. He is a legend in this biz and his story must be told. There is a KICKSTARTER campaign to finish the MADD FRANK documentary in it’s final hours! They still need around $1500. CINSOMNIACS, Please consider spreading the word and/or contributing so as to make this documentary happen!


Here is an article about the documentary:

Here is a podcast from an interview about the documentary with Executive Producer Mike Bredon and Madd Frank himself, Delray Dvorachek.

The film is being edited now and will hopefully be screened at the Fargo Film Festival, where it will also see it’s completion by capturing footage of Madd Frank and his die-hard fans.

Thank you HORROR HOST fans for helping these filmmakers tell the story of a legend in our industry!


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