Amazing, Absurd Animated Project That Goes Beyond The Normal–THE PARANORMAL IDIOT

One of our favorite directors or surrealist comedy short films and some of our favorite people in the world of cult movies are making a pilot episode for an animated comedy series centered around two part-time paranormal investigators. Please support this worthy project on Kickstarter and make this program take off into the Stratosphere. If you can’t donate…Share this video or the link and tell your friends!

The show is a semi-scripted / semi-reality based comedy. Most characters play animated versions of themselves and incorporate both personal stories and fictional accounts. We have started this Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to make the series pilot episode. Specifically the funds will be used to upgrade computer equipment, upgrade mics, hire additional animators and cover the production expenses of our cast and crew over the course of 90 days.  The show was created by Tom Barndt and Buddy Barnett. The characters are voiced by Dean Martin Rossi, Buddy Barnett, Kathe Duba-Barnett, Frank Mengwasser, Brad Linaweaver. Tom Barndt and Samara St. Croix handled production.  Tom Barndt, Buddy Barnett, Kathe Duba-Barnett, and Mike Plante serve as the show’s producers.


“LAS VEGAS INTERCEPTOR” also made the animated in-theater ad for our Horrorthon last October featuring HALLOWEEN III. CINEMA INSOMNIA’s MR. LOBO is a character on this show, too! It’s an honor to be a small part of this great project. These guys will  really deliver something special worthy of a top tier cable network–Let’s make THE PARANORMAL IDIOT happen!

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