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Cinema Insomnia “Sea-Monkey Spoof” used as a showcase for filmmakers created in cooperation with Mike Schneider and Neoflux Productions the brains behind “Night of The Living Dead Re-Animated”!

Cinema Insomnia ( www.cinemainsomnia.com ) is back for a new season of 26 more episodes. Join horror host, Mr. Lobo, as he screens some of the best cult, horror and sci-fi movies the ZOM-BEE TV ROKU channel can afford.

In a new reoccurring segment on the show, Mr Lobo will have mail-order pets called ‘Brine-Chimps’. Each episode he will be checking in on his microscopic menagerie and you are invited to animate them!

What happens in the tank when Mr. Lobo peers in?


Each clip is 10-30 seconds in length.

Animation:Puppets, stop motion, flash… all forms of animation are welcomed. 


Audio is preferred but not required. No copy-written music without written consent.



720 x 480 ( 16:9 Aspect Ratio )

30 Frames Per Second

Uncompressed Mov



Clips are submitted via wetransfer.com to shenlon@hotmail.com + mrlobo@cinemainsomnia.com.

The deadline for completed clips is March 13th, 2013.


Animators retain full rights to their submissions.

Animators will be accredited on the show and listed on IMDB.

Animators will receive a prize pack of Cinema Insomnia swag including a DVD of the episode featuring your clip.

Whoever submits our ‘favorite’ clip will also receive a Roku Streaming Video Player.


All submitted clips that meet the basic requirements will be include in a special bonus Brine Chimps Special Feature that will be viewable on ROKU and included on a future DVD of Cinema Insomnia!

Brine Chimps’ Animation Jam is brought to you by Cinema Insomnia Productions + Neoflux Productions.


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