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Art Lovers! Get Ready For The Unveiling of Mr. Lobo’s FAN OF THE WEEK!


photo5.phpSIRFinkleCreature ANDY FINKLE is a monster enthusiast, a librarian, and a visual artist. He creates his uniquely creative pieces in his art studio located in an old camper.
He participates in various shows along the East Coast and the Midwest, sharing his creations with attendees. He also shares his work on his website andyfinkle.com and had participated in our CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Theme of the Month this past January by sharing his painting of “The Kilted Creature.”

11075140_10152634851952237_224193775_n Around ten years ago, SIR ANDY dove deep into learning about different horror hosts. MR. LOBO quickly became his favorite. So much so that he emailed MR. LOBO, asking him if he could paint MR. LOBO’s portrait.

Currently, his favorite misunderstood films are ones featuring monsters and aliens. He continued,

“If it turns out the monster isn’t bad (as in evil) so much as misunderstood than it is all the better. I love movies that were made on low budgets. Some of them do not seem to have been made to make money so much as because those involved in the project felt compelled to make the movie, those are the most fun.”

finklecreepMR. LOBO and DIXIE tapped the talented Andy Finkle to illustrate the late great Barry Lee Hobart AKA DR. CREEP(1941-2011) for their tribute in the print edition of  HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES magazine.

poster-zaat When it comes his overall favorite misunderstood monster movie film, SIR ANDY’s personal favorite is the tale of the mad scientist who injected himself with a formula, transforming into a catfish beast entitled ZAAT or THE BLOOD WATERS OF DR. Z(1971).

“I love the scene with the hippie pied piper, the team in matching jumpsuits that travel around in an RV, and the crazy hand-drawn wheel illustration made by Dr. Z. That movie has got it all!” SIR ANDY recommended.


photo.phpThank you, SIR ANDY FINKLE, valued Sleepless Knight for ALL your Support for CINEMA INSOMNIA,watching all those Misunderstood Movies and continuous support! Here is your FAN OF THE WEEK certificate that you can share, download, and print. Congratulations, SIR ANDY FINKLE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for March 27th through April 2nd, 2015.




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