Dear Dr. Lobo,
I miss your show. You were on my TV a long while ago and I remember enjoying it. Are you still shooting and making new CINEMA INSOMNIAC shows?

Your Fan,
Lacie Fairweather


Greetings Lacie!

Yes, MISTER LOBO’s show is still being made and is still airing. ZOM-BEE TV is a Free Horror and Entertainment Channel that currently programs classic and brand new episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA.

ZOM-BEE TV is a CONNECTED TV channel that is now viewable using a ROKU video player.

ROKU is a brand of set-top converter box/player that can stream programming to your home TV screen without cable using your internet connection.

ZOM-BEE will soon be on Apple TV and other services including a mobile ap! For now, If you can’t get ZOM-BEE TV you might still need a ROKU.

The basic ROKU converter box is a little bit bigger than a deck of cards–they also have a stick that plugs into your HDMI port. It has video cable and HDMI cable jacks that can be plugged into your TV and it’s own remote.

Once plugged in, the box goes online and channels are available and searchable on your TV screen in the “channel store” and selected with your remote that comes with the ROKU.

Once you select a channel it is downloaded into your “my channels” cue so you can find them easily.

Most channels are free, some are pay, some are pay-on-demand. You can also use the Roku to access your Netflix account. You can play pause fast forward and rewind through most programs with your ROKU remote.

You can find ZOM-BEE TV in the category “Movies and Television”.

You can take your channels anywhere and watch them on a TV at a friends house or hotel room or whatever.

There is no monthly fee for the box. They are about 50 to 80 bucks and are often sold in Department Stores next to the Blue Ray Players.See you on your TV!

Look forward to having you again as a viewer…


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