Rondo Hatton was THE CREEPER in classic horror films. Reportedly his face was distorted by mustard gas, but Mr. Lobo is now told he actually had Acromegaly. Regardless, he was larger than life and twice as scary. Often imitated in films like Dick Tracy and The Rocketeer!Annex - Hatton, Rondo (House of Horrors)_01

Rondo lives today as the namesake for an award given for achievement in classic horror.
Zacherley, Vampira, Count Gore De Vol, Svengoolie, Penny Dreadful and many other horror hosts have been honored in the past.

Nominees for the Rondo are selected from suggestions by horror fans, pros and enthusiasts offered all year at the Classic Horror Film Board. Each year’s nominees are finalized by classic horror fan David Colton ([email protected]), with the help of more than 20 classic horror fans from around the world, and with expertise in all parts of fandom.

In true old school style–The ballot is “copied and pasted” from http://www.rondoaward.com and sent with your votes added as an e-mail to [email protected]. 

Votes for the ELEVENTH Annual awards, for work appearing in 2012, began on Feb. 26, 2013 and will continue through Sunday at midnight, April 7, 2013. Winners will be announced on the Rondo Awards website and MrLobo9ofdiamondson the Classic Horror Film Board on April 9, 2013.

For the eighth year in a row Mr. Lobo has been nominated for a Rondo for FAVORITE HORROR HOST. Mr. Lobo–we always assumed it was an East Coast bias that kept the Rondo award out of his greasy hands but now that he lives in the Greater Philadelphia Area…we will no longer have that excuse if he fails to win THIS YEAR.

Being far from his home state your horror host needs his vanity validated more than ever…please vote now for Mr. Lobo and support ALL your other favorites in this very important and fun tradition...LONG LIVE RONDO!




Are you ready for the Summer? Are you ready for the good times? Enjoy this blast from Cinema Insomnia’s past. This fishy floater for you Sea-somniacs was uploaded to LOBOVISION by Cinema Insomnia fan and super Sleepless Knight Benjamin in honor of of Director DEL TENNEY!


The creator of the film featured in this classic episode–HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, as well as–I EAT YOUR SKIN, and CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE has left us to join that “Zombie Stomp” in the sky. CInsomniacs will remember you forever, Del! 
Mr. Lobo would like to remind his fans that you can always share or upload and your favorite Cinema Insomnia episodes to Lobovision to allow other fans to see older shows that they may have missed! Just remember to buy stuff once in a while and join The Cinema Insomnia fan club!
Hang Loose, Beach Combers!

Mr. Lobo is Criswell in the new Plan 9 Remake

Ah, Greetings My Friends and Happy Friday! We predict that the weekend will be a good one for you–but watch out for agitated woodland creatures that may be hiding in your ceiling. Your lucky number is FH-KKU. Enjoy The Amazing Criswell as channeled by Mr. Lobo in a 62 episode web series produced by Darkstone Entertainment called CRISWELL PREDICTS!

As you know, The real Criswell was a famed Psychic who would often recruited as a narrator in Ed Wood’s films. He can be seen prominently in the CINEMA INOMNIA episode featuring PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

You can see many of these new CRISWELL PREDICTS! starring Mr. Lobo served up on Lobovision and radomly inserted into various films on Zom-Bee TV.

We are all excited about the Plan 9 film that is coming in the near future. It is due for release later this year–stay tuned for details!

CINEMA INSOMNIA “Brine Chimps” Animator Jam continues!

Brine Chimp BannerOur early deadline is over BUT Brine Chimps cannot be stopped!

Cinema Insomnia “Sea-Monkey Spoof” used as a showcase for filmmakers created in cooperation with Mike Schneider and Neoflux Productions–the brains behind “Night of The Living Dead Re-Animated”!

On Cinema Insomnia’s new season–your  horror host, Mr. Lobo, as always, presents some of the best cult, horror and sci-fi movies the ZOM-BEE TV can afford.

In a new reoccurring segment on the show, Mr Lobo will have mail-order pets called ‘Brine-Chimps’. Each episode he will be checking in on his microscopic menagerie and you are invited to animate them!

What happens in the tank when Mr. Lobo peers in?

Here is the parody ad for use as a reference or source of inspiration for your own characters.

Brine chimps popsModel sheet for Pops Brine-Chimp:
The patriarch of the family depicted in the ad. He can avoid household chores.
Brine chimps momsModel Sheet for Moms Brine-Chimp. She can spend Pops hard earned clams.
Brine Chimps sportHere’s the Model sheet for Sport, our favorite son. He may seem annoying, but at least he’s not the baby.
brine chimps baby
Good Grief! Do we really need a model sheet for the Baby Brine-Chimp?
Any dark or underwater background will do…they are microscopic so you are free to use your imagination. We will create proper segues and Mr. Lobo reaction shots. If you would like a higher resolution version of this email [email protected]

Each clip is 10-30 seconds in length.

Animation:Puppets, stop motion, flash… all forms of animation are welcomed. 


Audio is preferred but not required. No copy-written music without written consent.



720 x 480 ( 16:9 Aspect Ratio )

30 Frames Per Second

Uncompressed Mov


Clips are submitted via wetransfer.com to [email protected] + [email protected]

The next deadline for completed clips is May 13th, 2013.

Animators retain full rights to their submissions.

Animators will be accredited on the show and listed on IMDB.

Animators will receive a prize pack of Cinema Insomnia swag including a DVD of the episode featuring your clip.

Whoever submits our ‘favorite’ clip will also receive a Roku Streaming Video Player.

All submitted clips that meet the basic requirements will be include in a special bonus Brine Chimps Special Feature that will be viewable on ROKU and included on a future DVD of Cinema Insomnia!

Brine Chimps’ Animation Jam is brought to you by Cinema Insomnia Productions + Neoflux Productions.

Brine Press

Animator Brad Uyeda is already getting recognition for his stop motion work on Brine Chimps and Cinesource,com and  ASIFA Newsletter and we haven’t even seen it yet!

Uyeda HeadIf you have any mistrust or disgust for Facebook please contact us direct for any help or materials you may need to jump in to this fun opportunity!

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR ACCESS TO ALL MATERIALS, INFO, SUGGESTIONS, AND MODEL SHEETS http://www.facebook.com/groups/202137683254933/?ref=ts&fref=ts


IMG_1523Your Cinema Insomnia host, Mr. Lobo and producer Dixie Dellamorto have traveled across their great nation meeting Cult Movie Elite, Friends, and fans along the way.

They have arrived at their haunted but happy headquarters in rural PA. Private–yet reasonably close to all of the conventions, film festivals, productions, and collaborators in the region we now are calling the Cradle of Horror Fandom.lobo 4

At present Mr. Lobo and Dixie Delemorto are building a home studio and will be driving 2 hours south to shoot Cinema Insomnia episodes at the amazing Zom-Bee TV studios in Chantilly VA.

The channel itself is doing a lot of restructuring behind the scenes with Mr. Lobo’s help. Zom-Bee TV just officially launched with a 3-Day weekend event called the Zom-Bee TV Freakend Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA. Mr. Lobo was there in person and was greeted by many fans who drove long distances to meet their favorite Horror Host.lobo5

The big move had caused some delays in the Cinema Insomnia Animation Jam created by Mr. Lobo and organized by Neoflux Productions but they are ramping it up again now that they are more settled on the East Coast. Brine-Chimps-WebsiteMr. Lobo painted this background personally for the various animators to use or not use for the Brine Chimps micro series. Filmmakers are asked to submit 10 to 30 second animated sequences based on Mr. Lobo’s Sea-Monkey spoof in different styles and techniques. More Info and character sheets can be found on the Cinema Insomnia’s “Brine Chimps” Animation Jam facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/BrineChimps/?fref=ts


Happy Clouds



Dixie and Mr. Lobo are also catching up with their commisions and continuing to sell art and Cinema Insomnia Fan Club Kits on their Etsy page.



Mr. Lobo is nominated for an important award in the world of Classic Horror. It’s the Rondo Hatton award in the catagory of “favorite horror host”. ronlogo1This is the 8th time Mr. Lobo has been nominated and with the new move–it would be a great year to finally take home the statue. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite host and weigh in on all the other catagories. http://www.rondo.com.




Crest_Double_Feature_Poster  (1)-1

After the CRIME WAVE/THE OBSESSION OF BILLY BOTSKI show Wednesday at The Grange you will have one last chance to see MR. LOBO host on stage before he and his wife Dixie move to the tinsel plated East Coast for gleaming pastures. BE AT THE CREST SATURDAY 7PM FOR A DOUBLE BILL OF MEN IN SUITS AND BEAST WISHES!

Sacramento movie monster fans, comic fans, and overall cinema creature fans come join us on January 12th for Hollywood Creatures and Collectibles presentation of the double feature screening “Men In Suits” and “Beast Wishes”. Men In Suits is an insightful BobBurnsRoMandocumentary exploring the history of creature suits and the actors who bring them to life! Featuring some of the most iconic movie characters put on film. Beast Wishes chronicles the story of how Bob and Kathy Burns became the goodwill ambassadors of sci-fi and horror film fandom. This amazing couple have spent their lives nurturing the creative spark in talented people, many of whom went on to become award-winning masters in the Hollywood makeup and special effect industries. Between both films, some of the biggest names in creature acting and special fx are interviewed…Doug Jones (Hellboy, TomwoodruffPan’s Labyrinth)Tom Woodruff Jr. (The Alien films)Haruo Nakajima (Godzilla, Ultraman)Bob Burns (The Ghost Busters, Invasion of the Saucer Men)Brian Steele (Hellboy II, Predators)Douglas Tait (Zathura, Knights of Badassdom)John Alexander (Gorillas In The Mist, Men In Black)Van Snowden (H.R. Pufnstuff, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters)Misty Rosas (Congo, Sid The Science Kid)Michelan Sisti (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dinosaurs)Camden Toy (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel)Bobby Clark (Star Trek). Oscar-winning makeup and F/X artists Rick Baker (Gorillas in the Mist, Ed Wood), Chris Walas (The Fly), Alec Gillis (Alien vs. Predator) and Dennis Muren (The Empire Strikes Back, Jurassic Park), Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) and Steve Wang (Predator), directors John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Guillermo Del Toro (director, Pan’s Labyrinth), William Malone (The House on Haunted Hill) and Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling).


Screening is followed by a Q&A hosted by Mister Lobo, with actor and creature designer Tom Woodruff JR (The Alien Films), actor Doug Jones(Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hellboy 2, Pan’s Labyrinth), Brian Steele (Underworld:Evolution, Predators, Terminator Salvation) the legendary Bob and Kathy Burns as well as filmmakers Frank H. Woodward and Trish Geiger & Frank Dietz. MEN IN SUITS composer Mars Homeworld will be on the LOVECRAFTIAN COMPOSERpanel as well. Sacramento local Nicole Chilelli, winner of Season 3 of SyFy channel’s FACE OFF will be joining as a guest as well! Join us after the Q&A for a reception in cooperation with Formoli’s Bistro. Both general admission and VIP Tickets are availble at Tickets.com. VIP Tickets are limited. http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?agency=TDC&pid=7397405




Movies on a Big Screen

Crime Wave MOBS



A Night of Tears? A Farewell Show of Epic Proportions? Join us as we say “See ya later” (never “Goodbye”) to Sacramento and our Pals at MOBS!

From  www.moviesmonabigscreen.com

388839_3136655335281_168323152_n“Raechel (Left), who has usually worked the door and run equipment for the last few years at MOBS is moving from Sacramento to attend college.
Cat , who’s often sold you candy for the last couple of years, will soon be running into schedule conflicts for the semester.

Clown funAnd late night horror host Mr. Lobo (whose show is Cinema Insomnia, now featured on the Zom-bee Channel on the Roku) and the wonderful Dixie Dellamorto (Right) are moving to the East Coast!
There will be balloons!
And dancing!
And cake!


And for this very special night, Movies on a Big Screen is showing a movie they have shown before – in fact, the prior screening of it was how it was discovered by Mr. Lobo and Dixie, and they have kicked around doing another screening with them for at least a year!POSTER

Crime Wave plus the rarely seen early short by John Paizs, The Obsession of Billy Botski

From “Kids in the Hall” director John Paizs comes a surreal comedic obscurity from 1985. There’s no true way to try to convey this film in words, but the general plot centers crimewave2on a quiet young man (also played by Paizs) who is intent on writing “the greatest color crime movie ever made,” but can only write beginnings and endings – and those only by streetlight. After befriending the young Kim, she tries to help him complete his opus, but fails. Throughout the film, the various beginnings, endings, and rejected “middles” are dramatized. Throw in a mysterious and psychotic script doctor named Dr. Jolly, a private club for imaginary friends, a quarantined city — and you still won’t come close to the idea of what this film is really like.”

“Genuinely unique–every time you think you know where it’s going, it veers off in some strange, and strangely fascinating, direction.” – Baltimore City Paper



Thursday, Dec 20, 2012
Admission: $5.00
Movies on a Big Screen at The Grange
3823 V St, Sacramento, CA 95817

Santa vs Satan poster

Santa Vs. Satan

 The entire night will be overseen and hosted by nationally syndicated late night horror host, Cinema Insomnia‘s Mr. Lobo! We’ll also be giving out Crappy Christmas presents to those few unlucky enough to get them.

And featuring this K. Gordon Murray Classic!We’re equal parts apologetic and ashamed that we’ll be yet AGAIN presenting the return of this bizarre and relatively unknown movie from 1959, originally filmed and released in Mexico. Included will be the badly dubbed English soundtrack from its 1960 US release.Nationally Syndicated Late Night Horror Host Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo

The plot is fairly straight-forward – Santa lives on a cloud floating over the North Pole where, rather than elves, children from all over the world help make toys (and they’re really more like happy slaves). Is this a happy Santa that you’ll hope will come down your chimney? Um, not so much. He’s pretty creepy with his overly sweet voice paired with his disturbing (and not quite jolly) laugh and insincere and sometimes vacant eyes staring at children through odd Sid and Marty Krofft-like devices – well, it’s best just left at that… But anyway – Satan is determined to bring Santa down, so sends his minion, Pitch (a skinny guy in a cheap weird red suit), to the surface to make the kids of the world hate Santa and engage in vandalism and other mischief. Oh yes – and Santa is pals with Merlin the Magician who supplies St. Nick with, amongst other things, sleeping powder. Oh – did we mention the vampiric mechanized reindeer? No? Or the interpretive dance in Hell? Hmm…

Santa vs Satan Living Room

All in all, this is one surreal (and yes, it IS surreal) cheaply made (and yes, it IS very low-budget, so don’t expect quality) Christmas travesty for all to enjoy, even with its boring parts (and yes, it DOES have it’s boring parts). When this was first released in theaters, it was common to see children leaving in tears from trauma and fright.

You know, it’s not really a Christmas movie without dialog like, “There’s a prowler out there — he’s come to kill your wife. And your children. He’s going to murder you!”

Santa vs Satan Letters“How can a movie get everything so very, very wrong and yet be so very, very right? If you aren’t the least bit familiar with this surreal trip into an extremely non-traditional view of jolly ol’ St. Nick, perhaps the less known the better, as half the fun of this colossal mess is staring in dumbfounded awe at what is transpiring on the screen. It’s a hoot. A damned scary hoot, granted, but certainly a hoot.” – dvdinmypants.com

Seating is limited. Advance tickets are closed (some will be available at the door until the event sells out).

Advance tickets are will call. The person whose name the tickets are under will need to show photo id on the night of the show. Each advance ticket has a 50 cent service charge for this night. Seating is first come first served.


Thursday, Dec 27, 2012
Admission: $5.00
Movies on a Big Screen at The Grange
3823 V St, Sacramento, CA 95817


Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny poster

We have no idea why, but we’ve been inundated with requests to show this again. We find this quite interesting, since only about 8 people showed up when we showed it a couple of years ago, and more people have asked for it than actually went, so we’ll see how this goes. We’re just reusing the synopsis we wrote up back in 2010, too.

Well, we’re really out-doing ourselves with the “crappy” theme this year, by inflicting you with this tragically bad holiday movie. When you gaze on the blown-out and fuzzy picture, and strain to hear the horrific, and oftentimes inaudible, audio, you might mistake this for someone’s home movie. But oh no. This thing actually played in theaters. For CHILDREN!

So what’s it all about?

Santa has managed to crash his sleigh on a Florida beach. It’s stuck in maybe 2 inches of sand (yes, folks – that’s TWO WHOLE INCHES). It would appear Santa is more than a little drunk. “Donner, Blitzen and all the rest” (yeah, they didn’t even bother to figure out all of the reindeers’ names) have wisely fled the scene. Santa moans. Santa sings. Santa stares directly at the sun for around 30 seconds. Santa passes out. Oh, and he summons the local “Kids” (as they’re billed in the credits) to come and help, who bring along a lot of livestock (from where?) and a guy in a gorilla suit? Yep.

Well, after a really long time (and it will feel like weeks while you’re watching this), nothing will dislodge the sleigh from the TWO WHOLE INCHES of sand, so Santa calls on the Ice Cream Bunny. It’s gonna take awhile for him to get there, so Santa tells the story of “Thumbelina” – which is a movie within the movie. Actually, it’s a movie within a movie within the larger movie framework. That will make sense when you see this. After this REALLY overly-long flower child version of the fairy tale with animals and amphibians showing an unnatural interest in a two-inch young lady, we go back to the beach. And the Ice Cream Bunny (someone in a matted, dirty, and likely diseasefilled rabbit suit from your worst childhood fever nightmares), slowly makes his way to where Santa is in an old fire engine, accompanied by a slow, mournful, death-toll sounding siren. And how will it all end?

Well, as the poster proclaims, with “The Exciting Rescue!” Ahem. Yeah. It’s as exciting as it is “breathtaking.”

Oh – of course, that synopsis doesn’t include any of the ugly details about the sweat stains on Santa’s ass. Or the random raccoon attack on Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in their brief and meaningless cameo. Or all other manner of head-scratching moments peppered throughout this “movie.”

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny Bunny Head

“This was not a movie meant to spread the joy of Christmas, but rather a torture device meant to scare impressionable young children away from ever wanting to have anything to do with the holiday. …after seeing this movie, all those kids ended up wanting for Christmas was some serious psychotherapy.” – The Agony Booth

“This movie really sucked.” – Invasion of the B Movies



A bold move for Cinema Insomnia. After long and tearful consideration, charts, graphs, and secret conferences—Producers Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto–Lobo have recently made a decision that will affect Misunderstood Movie fans on both sides of the continent! The dynamic Lobo duo is relocating to the East Coast.


New Cinema Insomnia episodes will be shot weekly in Chantilly, Virginia at ZOM-BEE Studios–ZOM-BEE TV is one of the fastest growing channels in all of ROKU with one of the highest customer ratings. There is a demand for more new HD shows and Mr. Lobo will also be taking a major role in marketing the channel and producing new content.


The Lobo’s will also have a home/studio for making art, writing, working on commissions and other projects, and shooting video near Lancaster PA.  This new HQ that they’re currently dubbing DAS LOBOHAUS is only 2 hours from the ZOM-BEE studios and will be a launch pad to MONSTER BASH in Butler PA and BLOBFEST in nearby Phoenixville PA as two major anchors of their live appearances. We hope to get into CHILLER, SPOOKY EMPIRE, BLOOD ON THE BEACH, MONSTER MANIA and other major East Coast horror shows.


Transplants are always messy. Any words or deeds of support are always appreciated. It will also be helpful to have projects, gatherings, commissions, and bookings lined up early.  Dixie and Mr. Lobo will be centrally located and traveling often. They know many filmmakers and promoters in Virgina, New York, Pennsylvania, and other neighboring regions who have been dying to work with Mr. Lobo—this is an opportunity to take full advantage of this move.

A Facebook Group Was Created:



This page is to assist The Lobos in transitioning and to plan events, appearances, collaborations, social gatherings, to find leads, destinations, opportunities, new friends, old friends, and to gather support from the East Coast horror/sci-fi/film/art community.


Right now Mr. Lobo and Dixie have a lot more opportunities on that side of the country and they’re gonna try living there. It doesn’t mean they’re staying forever and have abandoned California…They are planning many events and projects in the golden state in the future.

Even though Mr. Lobo has been enjoying more fame than ever and is on the air in cities all over the USA–If you live in Northern CA—it’s been rough to be a CI fan. Mr. Lobo’s own hometown of Sacramento has not aired his show in 8 years.  The San Francisco Bay Area has not seen Cinema Insomnia episodes on their TV airwaves in 5 years. Wondercon, where Mr. Lobo had been a featured celebrity moved down to Anaheim.  Mr. Lobo has been absent at many events that used to consider him an essential special guest. Already the rise of streaming TV is bringing CINEMA INSOMNIA to more and more California TVs…and we hope original California fans enjoy seeing their local boy doing good on a much larger scale than even before! 


Mr. Lobo will host the Sacramento Horror Film Fest’s Holiday Show Tomorrow Night at the Colonial Theater, Movies on A Big Screen has booked Mr. Lobo for two Back to Back Crappy X-Mas shows on the 20th and 27th.  At the Crest Theater on January 12th Mr. Lobo is Joined by horror icons Bob Burns and Doug Jones for a monster double documentary show. Mr. Lobo and Dixie want to see as many of you as possible!


The best news is that CINEMA INSOMNIA will be viewable anywhere in the country via ZOM-BEE on ROKU, Google TV, iPads, iPod touch, iPhones, Smart TVs, game consoles and more . AND the show will be on a WEEKLY production schedule—our goal is to have more variety and more content than ANY active hosted show. Mr. Lobo and Dixie will be busy producing at a level heretofore unseen.

Darkstone’s PLAN 9-that was made in Roanoake and Bedford VA-is finally coming out in 2013. Mr. Lobo is a consultant on MIDNIGHT FRIGHTS in Richmond VA—directed by Eric Miller who will also be completing TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTIEN with Mr. Lobo.  Sean Kotz, director  of VIRGINA CREEPERS is talking about a second sequel with Mr. Lobo as host,  and Mr. Lobo will be working with Count Gore De Vol on CREATURE FEATURE and Karlos Borlfoff on MONSTER MADHOUSE near Washington DC—as well as many other East Coast hosts and producers. Dixie Dellamorto-Lobo will continue working on art commissions, producing and appearing on CINEMA INSOMNIA, and HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES #2, the HHCF website and her Etsy Shop.

They also plan to tie up their projects  and current CI episodes being made in California before the big move in late January.

The first big event back east will be the ZOM-BEE FREAKEND weekend–details coming soon.

Mr. Lobo still plans to fly out for the Sacramento Horror Film Fest for October next year. He and Dixie have beloved family and friends in California and plan to come back again and again…