Mr. Lobo’s official YouTube channel

has been “terminated” by YouTube.

We do think that these shows should be free for you to watch as it is broadcast over the air free and clear to TVs all over the country and that having the shows on YouTube could only help the show. The show will still be viewable on most AMGTV affiliates, THE MONSTER CHANNEL on the web, and the upcoming Roku type internet based television channel ZOMBEE TV.

From the YouTube channel’s launch a year ago, Cinema Insomnia episodes received many claims of copyright infringement. These claims come from dubious sources–competitors, distributors of PUBLIC DOMAIN content, robots that matched our FAIR USE content with another FAIR USE of same content, and AD hogs who hope a claim will allow them to imbed ads on our more popular pages.

Even unfounded and unfair claims will get your channel booted from their miserable service. We had one too many claims and right or wrong CINEMAINSOMNIATV is now deleted.

However, due to a recent acquisition of our old distributor’s remaining stock, we still have about 60 out-of-print DVDs in house that are for sale. This is a great opportunity for those who of you who love the show and would like to own them in a fixed way that can’t be taken away on a corporate whim.

Please contact your Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo personally for a list of titles.

Alive and Kicking! Mr. Lobo’s personal update for Kickstarter donors!

This link will take you to our kickstarter update page where you will hear the straight unvarnished dope from MR. LOBO himself on what we have up our sleeve and when the new CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes are coming and the cherry  on top–the “thank you” rewards for making the task possible.

Our first round of rewards start here: A link on the website for those who donated on the “$1 or more” level.

Issy Tavares

Mickie Rat

Steven Rose, Jr./A Far Out Fantastic Site

Mi Cariño Valentines

Sac Geeks Meetup

Sluggo @ ARTV

All other donors will get a link also with their rewards. Next up, the “$5 and up” crowd…Thanks again everyone!

From the Lap of Mr. Lobo

A Personal Update for all you loyal Cinsomniacs!

Mr. Lobo's Insomniac Oath on Monster Madhouse, Fairfax VA!

Wherever you may dwell, know that the protective hypnotic eye is with you always! As you know, Mr. Lobo has traveled to the juicy hind portion of the country to collaborate with the Sci-Fi/Horror/Cult/Budget Movie elite. Our fecal-storm of bad-timing and worse luck has dissipated. So far we have the shot 2 and ½  more brand new Cinema Insomnia episodes with Virginia horror host legend Jerry Moore II as producer and Mr. Lobo has made an appearance on his program Monster Madhouse – a DC area staple!

Gravely Macabre of Midnight Monster Hop and Castle Blood, Pittsburg PAMr. Lobo was the main judge for a Horror Make-Up contest at THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in Oaks, PA where Mr. Lobo made some great conacts and  also had a sit down interview with Pittsburgh host Gravely Macabre for Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine. Richmond filmmaker Eric Miller and the folks at the ZOM-BEE horror channel in Northern VA are slated to co-produce more CI for you that will be available for viewing worldwide in the near future.

Buttons, Lobo approved Art, and new 8×10’s will be available at MONSTER BASH Conference in Butler, PA where Mr. Lobo is booked to host REPTILICUS live!  There we’ll meeting with fans and experts and gathering the info and strength needed for our next offensive.  We’ll also be collaborating again with the organizers at BLOBFEST in Pheonixville!

Joseph Proffitt's amazing portrait of Mr. Lobo, Chicago Il.

Mr. Lobo is proud to have such amazing support and plans on returning to the West Coast in July triumphant…ready to unleash new CI and our long promised rewards for our special supporters! It takes patience and dedication and superior genetic make-up to be a Cinema Insomnia fan. Thank You! Mr. Lobo does not take you for granted!

Your Cinema Insomnia host,
Mr. Lobo


On May 5th documentary maker  and archivist Tom Wyrsch will present CREATURESCON ONE: The World’s First CREATURE FEATURES Convention at the Bal Theatre in San Leandro, California. Special guests include John StanleyCF host and Ernie Fosselius-creator of HARDWARE WARS which debuted on CREATURE FEATURES when Bob Wilkins was host. Enjoy dealer’s tables, a Q & A panel, an exhibit of rare Creature-phernalia, hours of rare footage, and the opportunity for fans to get together, share memories! Celebrate the show that united the Bay Area Horror and Sci-Fi fan community.  Read more about CREATURESCON ONE in a article written by Lord Blood-Rah on the HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES MAGAZINE website!

Fahr’n Fahr’n Fahr’n auf der HAUNTERCON

Cinsomniacs! Mr. Lobo and the Lady Dellamorto will be going back East for another tour of duty. Our first stop is the NATIONAL HAUNTER’S CONVENTION in Oaks, Pennsylvania on May 4rd, 5st, and 6nd…er, that is, May 4th, 5th, and 6th! Calanderology was never Mr. Lobo’s best subject. There you will see attractive attractions, amazing props, haulin’ hearses, amazing masks and make ups and even horror hosts like myself and the shows founder Gravesly Macabre from Midnight Monster Hop! Mr. Lobo will have a table and will also be performing on the Main Stage. If you’re not there, you better be dead…and even death is a poor excuse.


The ballots have been counted, the votes have been rocked, the dangling chads have been kicked out of their moms basements but most importantly the results have been announced in the 10TH ANNUAL RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS! Congratulations on All the winners! Mr. Lobo’s best pals Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson (Host), Daniel Griffith( DVD Extra), Terror From Beyond The Daves(Blog), August Ragone(Interview), Midnight Syndicate(CD) took top honors and went home with the coveted CREEPER statuette! Even closer to home, MR. LOBO himself and the film he hosted HI THERE HORROR MOVIE FANS swept the HONORABLE MENTION category…I think we get a ribbon or a rainbow pencil or maybe a gold star sticker on our foreheads.

Be sure to cast your vote next year if you’d like to see Mr. Lobo finally take the RONDO for FAVORITE HORROR HOST…


Pushing Our Buttons

Buttons, buttons–Who’s got the buttons? We do. 4 classic designs pressed by those geniuses at Buttonlab. You get the Cinema Insomnia Logo and the “Famous Monsters” parody created by Mr. Lobo himself, Brian Maze’s “13 Hosts” comic book design, and Jeff Carlson’s “Mani-Yack” shirt design.  All four are 5 bucks! That’s a dollar and twenty-five cents each–plus shipping. Coming soon to our store but you can get them now if you email Mr. Lobo!

Thanks for wearing your support of Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia!


Mr. Lobo with SkullIF BY SOME SADNESS YOU MIGHT MISS SAC-CON ON SUNDAY IN SACRAMENTO, FEAR NOT! Many Mr. Lobo events and projects have been added to the ALL NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA CALENDAR! WONDERCON IN ANAHEIM! THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in Oaks, PA! MR. LOBO Hosts REPTILICUS at MONSTER BASH IN Butler, PA! Many more to come…Mr. Lobo will be on the east coast from May 3rd to July 16th. If you’d like to work with him on a project or book him for an event see our booking page or email Mr. Lobo’s assistant! If you miss Mr. Lobo at an event you can always order a signed and personalized custom print or 8X10 in our shop! Thanks, CInsomniacs, and we hope to see you soon somewhere in 2012!

Spooky! DVDs Vanishing
from New Store!

Mr. Lobo’s signed and numbered Out Of Print DVDs have been selling steady on this site since Thursday. 24 sold and only 46 to go! We are not saying there won’t be more  DVDs in the future–but certainly none like these. This is an “end of an era”.  We’ve already sold out of THE BOB WILKINS SPECIAL, CREATURE, BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, our Pre-Slime Line version or MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET, and IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS! Grab some classic CI goodness in this beloved format while you can at our DVD shop!


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from New Store!”

Cinema Insomnia website!

If you’re here, then you know! We’ve been putting less face time in the facebook and burning the midnight oil here. Expect frequent updates and constant contact with the fans. Our calendar will post production dates as well as live appearances to help you stalk your host better. New shows will also be posted. Please contact us with any feedback and let us know how we can make this site more useful and enjoyable…and please share with your closest 4000 friends!