Horror Host Hounds, DVD Collectors, and B-Movie Fans! RARE DVDS WILL SOON BE SOLD OUT!

To meet the demands of Mr. Lobo fans and for greater flexibility in a changing world of media–Mr. Lobo and his team are now handling Cinema Insomnia’s distribution In-house. Our former distributor Apprehensive Films has delivered their remaining stock of Cinema Insomnia DVDs to Lobo HQ. They will sold to lucky fans only direct through Mr. Lobo and this website. You cannot get these on Amazon anymore or any of the usual outlets. No more will be reproduced and when these DVDs are gone they are gone. Poof! Mr. Lobo will personally autograph and number all remaining editions–(They can also be left in their original shrink wrap at your request). Get yours now! Prices are according to rarity and demand so as they sell through the prices will go up! Please take the time now to scroll through these artfully packaged covers below and click the PayPal button to have your favorite Mr. Lobo movies sent to you without delay. Indeed, a wise purchase and an investment for a better world in the future.


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Big changes looming for Cinema Insomnia. Mr. Lobo is working on a few backdoor deals to premiere some NEW Movies and will be working with exciting special guests. Shooting has halted due to the holidays, unforeseen production woes, and some family health issues but have no fear…many new shows are in the can and are being edited by busy elves.

We’re going completely independent with his distribution for CI shows in 2012–although DVDs will continue to be available on TheGrindhouse.net and MrLoboshop.com until a new store can be built. DVDs are becoming less and less viable and new outlets and packaging for the shows will be a focus for 2012. While the dust settles, enjoy our youtube channel :

Mr. Lobo will be hosting another Crappy Christmas LIVE at the Crocker Museum on December 22 at 7pm…the film will be that terrifying import “SANTA Vs. SATAN” presented by Movies On A Big Screen. For info, go to H—er, here:


The winner of our “Who wants to Marry A Horror Host” and editor of Horror Hosts and Creature Features, Dixie Dellamorto will be tying the noose with Mr. Lobo in a private ceremony on Friday, The 13th of January—with a 2 public receptions later in the year–on the west coast on Friday the 13th in April and on the east coast on that same fateful date in July. We are currently raising funds for a ring and such–Any fans of this unholy union can purchase Art by Dixie and Mr. Lobo, magazines, and autographed 8X10’s found on their etsy site.