Building Bridges: Fan of The Week – A Self Proclaimed “Loyal Stooge” of Mr. Lobo

Lobofan copyJeremy Bridges 3Some fans are just incredibly humbling with their support of their misunderstood movie host Mr. Lobo. Many of our most loyal four-star-fans come from the great state of Louisiana.  Why? Well, CINEMA  INSOMNIA was on a super-station out of Monroe, LA for several years, KEJB UPN 43, and the show aired there at 10pm Saturday Nights after the OUTER LIMITS. By far our best time-slot and lead in. Since 2009-or-so, we have been hearing from Sleepless Knight JEREMY BRIDGES. He would purchase DVDs and other goodies including our original fan club kit–always with some kind words. He even upgraded a    Jeremy Bridges 4 couple years ago for our BRAND NEW fan club certificate and card and donated to our ten year Kickstarter campaign. All are lovingly displayed in the home he shares with his creative and charming wife Circe, dog, and new baby(not shown here).

Jeremy Bridges 1

He even purchased one of Miss Mittens offspring…when we offered live house plants through Apprehensive Films. His little miss grew and grew into a rather tall lady. She has already out grown 2 pots and is currently growing larger by the day–He had us send him a new sticker for her new digs. He also has been especially patient with a lot of mail order faux pas and somehow always comes back for more. And lovingly displays and posts his CInsomniac spoils for other fans to drool over.

Jeremy Bridges 2

AJeremy Bridges 5s a working artist who depends on generous patrons, Mr. Lobo attributes Jeremy’s fandom resulting in a lot of hot dinners and electricity for the Lobo family–and salutes him. “He is a rare breed and we need more like him. A lot more” 

Thank You, Jeremy Bridges, valued Sleepless Knight of Insomnia, for all your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Mr. Lobo  has sent you an autographed “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for May 19th-25th 2014! And don’t worry it’s already in the mail!

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    1. Dang! We did send yours out, Jeremy. It’s not framed–it should have been in a plain envelope. Our graphics computer did byte the dust BUT we are recreating the file and sending more FOTW awards out this week. please send me a private email confirming your address. We’re Sorry for the mix up. In the future–We may have to make this a downloadable award if we keep having mailing issues.

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