Can your heart bear the shocking fact–that PLAN 9 is finally here!

Some Reviews that mention Mr. Lobo in Plan 9–

“Whenever given the chance, Mister Lobo steals the scene, and by the film’s very Woodian nature, he should. Yes, he’s playing Criswell (i.e., Jeron Criswell Konig’s famous alter ego), but he’s also making the utmost use of his horror-host image, which in its own right, pushes the remake into its own cult status. In fact, Mister Lobo’s opening “Criswell Predicts” monologue is a hoot, especially in the way it angrily skids into the eerie opening credits. Wood would certainly appreciate this tactic, for it immediately establishes Mister Lobo as this version’s equivalent to not only the original Criswell, but to Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Maila Nurmi/Vampira and Lyle Talbot.”

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“However, it doesn’t forget to pay homage to its source material. For starters, it opens with a very Ed Wood (the movie) scene in which one of the actors, Mister Lobo (that’s really the actor’s name) argues with the director that it’s a really bad idea to do this remake. Mister Lobo rules. He’s the perfect midnight movie actor, and gets many of the funniest lines inPlan 9.”

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