MidnightShowMIDNIGHT SHOW(2016) producer and Sleepless Knight Newt Wallen is bringing a great late night cult movie program to Wayne, PA at a beloved local movie house REEL CINEMAS – ANTHONY WAYNE THEATER!

They have brought films like MANOS: HANDS OF FATE(1966), REEFER MADNESS(1936), FRED OLEN RAY’s SCALPS(1983), STAR CRASH(1978), AL ADAMSON’s DRACULA VS . FRANKENSTEIN, and more to eager fans…


WayneModelBrideoftheMonsterDanielCrowLoboNow for JUNE on the 17th they have partnered with CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO to bring ED WOOD’s BRIDE OF THE MONSTER(1955) starring BELA LUGOSI and TOR JOHNSON and a MYSTERY SCIENCE THEAT

Come on out FRIDAY JUNE,17th at 11:30 PM and bring $7 – there will be prize giveaways, DixieJoelLobosurprises, food and fun! All presented by MR. LOBO LIVE and IN PERSON. We want a good turn out! We want shows like this continue in the area for a long time! Thank you, Newt and Anthony Wayne for letting us celebrate one of our favorite ED WOOD films!   


Pictures: Dixie Dellamorto Lobo, Joel Hodgson, and Mr. Lobo from an event a couple years back. CITIZEN WOOD Director Daniel Griffith, Mr. Lobo and Crow T. Robot.

May 28th and 29th – Memorial Day Weekend – Zombie Apocalypse Asylum!

Zombie Apocalypse Asylum Promo from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

The Apocalypse is coming! Come with Mr. Lobo if you want to SURVIVE! At the New jersey Fairgrounds you can be safe at the Zombie Apocalypse Asylum! An amazing 2-day event with fun runs, obstacle courses, lazer hunts, VIP mixer, movies, celebrity Q&A and a $1000 grand prize costume contest!


May All Your Days Be ZOMBIE DAYS!


April showers were said to bring May Flowers, but instead it brings the Undead. We’re bringing the zombies from all over the world to bring about an apocalypse so vast, you can’t help but come back for more! MR. LOBO also will be bringing Zombie Mayhem on Memorial Day weekend this year!


On May 28th & 29th, our host MR. LOBO will be at the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ASYLUM and MC for the Costume Contest – $1,000 Grand Prize! Located on the NJ Fairgrounds, you can also participate in the Zombie Run, Zombie Defender Laser Event, or meet other special guests attending alongside MR. LOBO.

If you’re unable to attend the festivities, do not worry! We will be loading you up with classic misunderstood zombie posters, clips, and art. If you have any zombie suggestions you’d like to see-do not hesitate to send them in or post their pictures of their favorite zombie feature on our pages.

Of course with every ZOMBIE party, you need to start with the George A. Romero classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968). Only, this version a variety of artists coming together to re-create this masterpiece with their art. Join MR. LOBO as he shows NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD – REANIMATED!

Night of the Living Dead – ReAnimated from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

So Load up Your Weapons and Gear, Zombies-do not forget to practice your zombie walk or run, and Remember “May All Your Days Be ZOMBIE DAYS!”

All Paranoid–All The Time! FRIDAY 9PM EST ParanoiaTV presents THE SAFE ROOM with Special Guest MR. LOBO!

SafeRoom-copy The infamous conspiracy reader PARANOIA MAGAZINE has a new channel PARANOIA TV–AND a new show called THE SAFE ROOM, Hosted by our favorite expert concerning anomalies, UFO, and conspiracies–OLAV PHILLIPS. Tune In 9PM PST/11PM EST and hear CINEMA INSOMNIA host MR. LOBO talk about his own brand of suppressed weirdness–Misunderstood Movies.  IMG_1803



Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Enjoy our Our Haunted House Special from 2013!

Tonite, Mr. Lobo will be a special guest on COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY and will be taking about Halloween, Horror Films and Horror Hosts in for their millions of listeners.

The all NEW Halloween Special: A VERY VHS HALLOWEEN is an intimate, chaotic, creepy, and raw look at unseen and underground material from MR. LOBO’s many lives. It also contains found footage that will make tapeheads want to be kind and rewind again and again. This special will be given freely to the world and should pop up here anytime on the 31st! Produced and Co-Directed by DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO with animations by JASON WILLIS.

Here’s a taste…

We Listened and gave you and new way to watch CINEMA INSOMNIA! Click WATCH EPISODES in the navigation bar above or go here!

Embedded Below is a smaller version of the player–you can make one any size you want!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The Mr. LOBO cartoon promo for DISMEMBER THE ALAMO featuring HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH was such a success this past weekend that Stephen Nerangis the manager at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester has given the green light to Animator TOM BARNDT and MR. LOBO to make a series of on-screen announcements that will go in front of first run films for unsuspecting movie audiences! TOM is working on a show called THE PARANORMAL IDIOT that MR. LOBO is doing voices for.

Mr Lobo Halloween Horrorthon from thelastofthev8interceptors on Vimeo.

MR. LOBO’s Spoken Word and Sound Effects album HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR will continue to be available into November. If you order now you wont get it in time for HALLOWEEN this year…but you will enjoy it just as much in the coming weeks and months and be super-ready for next year.Bad Manor thumb


CINEMA INSOMNIA’S HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL DVD is our first new DVD since we went out of print back in 2011. It’s an instant collectors item and features MR. LOBO and stars 4 other HORROR HOSTS in different roles. Our most ambitious episode to date!

Get the DVD, CD, Necktie and Badge, Poster, glasses and more at our new store!

FAN CLUB KITS are STILL a good value! Mr. Lobo will personally include some extra goodies along with the 8×10, 4×6, Pinback Badge, plastic decoder card, and Certificate!
Members are automatically eligible for FAN OF THE WEEK and FAN OF THE YEAR. Regional fan-club presidents will be elected soon!
LobosproductshotwidewebYUM! MR. LOBO CEREAL
Miss the delicious taste of Mr. Lobo’s discontinued Monster Cereal? Glue the Free MR.  LOBO’S CEREAL BOX PDF. to a box of PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS and mix-in  KRAFT JET-PUFFED MALLOW BITS. email [email protected].com to get the full rez image.

Cinema Insomnia T-Shirt from November FireNEW DISTRIBUTION-SAME OLD GARBAGE
We own our own show–and are offering episodes for download on our new DISTRO PAGE.

This weekend BOXFORD CATV, Boxford MA, Will be adding CINEMA INSOMNIA to their Horror Films on Saturday Nights at 10:30pm, on Comcast Channel 8, and Verizon Channel 45.

Likewise, MATA 14 and 96 in Milwaukee, WI will begin adding CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes to their line up. This Saturday they will be showing MR. LOBO’s hosted versions of CARNIVAL OF SOULS and THE SEVENTH SEAL.

We feel that no Insomniac should be left behind! Does your dad own a TV Station? Do you want to sponsor some classic SD episodes on a public access, college, or community channel? Are you the manager of a hotel or hospital with Closed circuit TV? Are you in a Flash Mob with a digital projector? Do you have an independent screen that needs royalty-free content? If you want to distribute or broadcast select episodes of CINEMA INSOMNIA we want to hear from you! [email protected]

Jam your gullet with treats and we’ll be lurking for you after the Holidays! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Where Monsters Dwell! Lobo Fans Freak Out in Pittsburgh this Weekend!


MonsterBash2MonsterBashmrloboTVMONSTER BASH Conference is a one of our very favorite shows…it’s more like a family reunion!  The guest list is mind boggling and the film program is superb. DIXIE and MR. LOBO will have a table for all three days and we’re lurking forward to seeing all our friends. 

Friday at 1:00 PM – MR. LOBO of “CINEMA INSOMNIA” hosts Movie: CALTIKI – THE IMMORTAL MONSTER (1959) The Italian “Blob” movie from the late 1950s….seldom seen because it will creep up on you and eat the flesh off your bones!
dracnecklaceAfter the wrath of CALTIKI, at 3PM, the MONSTER BASH dealer room opens up and you will be able to purchase several artboxnew LOBOTIMIZED items for the first time in person. You’ll want to save a few bucks for these special items made with love and care by your horror host and is bride. Autographs are included upon request.  IMG_4769artbows
Our HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR CD will be there to add to your Halloween novelty record collection for only $10.

Our first commercially reproduced DVD in several years will be on the table along with a matching poster(sold separately). Our 2013 CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL can now be yours to keeartbuttonsp on home video for only $15–starring MR. LOBO, JOHN DIMES, JERRY MOORE, DICK DYSZEL and RICH KOZ. Artist DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO has created a ton of poster prints and origCI_Bad_Movies_sampleinal jewelry inspired by our favorite Misunderstood Movies. There will also be original paintings byTHE LOBOS to hang in your dungeon. We will also have TOYS, BUTTONS, and BLOBS of SLIME for the kids! CIHauntedHousePoster

Mr. Lobo Loves a Parade – Dogwood Festival

blobfest-2013 BlobcarYour Master of Ceremonies for this year’s BLOBFEST has been invited by Dr. Frank N. Stone and the Blobfest Committee to be a part of their float in the Dogwood Parade in Phoenixville today and throw candy out to the kids in the crowd!

10,000 people are expected to attend The Dogwood Parade and Festival which has become part of the rubric of Phoenixville since it first started as a means of celebrating the arrival of spring and Armed Forces day during Wold War II.
It is now the second largest parade in Chester County, with food, rides, fun and games! See you there! And don’t forget to wave your hand at Mr. Lobo–like you’re changing a light bulb–that’s how the Dogwood Queen does it!

Dogwood_Parade_MapThis is a nice way to locally promote the mighty BLOBFEST happening July 11th, 12th, and 13th at the Colonial Theater! The theme this year is Giant Monsters, there will be the street fair, Mothra, King Kong Vs. Godzilla, costume contest, tin foil hats, the famous Run-Out Reenactment and of course, the monster that put Phoenixville on the map THE BLOB! This is an amazing fan event…make your plans to be there now!
Blobfest takes place in and around the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville.

Wir Fahr’n Fahr’n Fahr’n auf der Retrocon

rc2013banner2dmc1.jpg~originalThis Saturday,  September 14th, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Mr. Lobo goes Retro…again. For the first time!


Mega-collectors Rosemary and Anthony Tuski have launched a mighty show for lovers of 1970’s and 1980’s pop culture. It’s called RETROCON and this goldiewilsonposter.jpg~originalyear the convention is pleased to add to the spellbinding MR. LOBO of CINEMA INSOMNIA to their guest list, along with GI JOE comic maven LARRY HAMMA, internet celeb THE ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD, veteran cartoon voice actor NEIL ROSS, and BACK TO THE FUTURE star DONALD FULLILOVE!

At 2:45, MR. LOBO will also be moderating a CULT MOVIE PANEL discussion, with hand picked experts featuring CHUCK FRANCISCO of the COLONIAL THEATRE CULT MOVIE NIGHTS and NEWT WALLEN producer/creator of the upcoming feature film MIDNIGHT SHOW. The talk will include a surprise video presentation.

Artist DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES will be at MR. LOBO’s table also with CINEMA INSOMNIA IMG_8631b.jpg~originalgoodies, vintage wares, fan club kits, magazines, autographed prints, and original art!

Tickets are only 14 bucks at the door but the memories are priceless. 
The show schedule is as follows:

9:00AM: Show opens to public

10:00AM: Raffle session #1 (Back of Hall D)

11:00AM: Raffle session #2 (Back of Hall D)

11:15AM: Trivia Contest (Panel Room)

12:00PM: Raffle session #3 and Preregistrant raffle (Back of Hall D)

12:15PM: Living in 8 Bits & Nerd vs Geek panel (Panel Room)

1:00PM: Raffle session #4 (Back of Hall D)

1:05PM: COSTUME CONTEST: Kids (14 and under), followed by adults. (Back of Hall D)

1:40PM: AVGN/Nostalgia Critic panel (Panel Room) MATURE AUDIENCES RECOMMENDED

2:30PM: Raffle session #5 (Back of Hall D)

2:45PM: Cult Movie Panel with Mr. Lobo (Panel Room)

4:00PM: Raffle session #6 (Back of Hall D)

5:00PM: Show closes to public

For more info:
Email: [email protected]

Giant Mega Monster Movies This Weekend! Mr. Lobo presents Godzilla and Mothra!



Planning a PACIFIC RIM getaway “vacay”? Well, The ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in WINCHESTER, VA–which presents great first run features such as “Pacific Rim”, is also celebrating the classic beasts and bots of Cinema and has asked MR. LOBO to come down from his secret base PA to host three amazing films that feature chaotic, cataclysmic creatures! GODZILLA at 5pm this Saturday, MOTHRA at Midnight, and on Sunday afternoon, the day after, for the Monster Kids “IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA!”

godzillakongloboThe posters and fliers were eaten up at Monster Bash. Mr. Lobo looks forward to seeing many of you there! Make a weekend out of it if you can…there is a great Hotel in the same parking lot and wonderful restaurants–And of course, The Alamo serves great food and spirits in the theater. Every row of seats has it’s own table. When was the last time you had someone bring you beer and pizza in the dark? It’s damn spiffy! It reminds Mr. Lobo of the “Thrillville” monsmothrabobjohnsonter shows we used to do back in California!     mothralobo

To wet your appetite even further we asked Bob Johnson, who runs Bay Area Film Events and the Sci-Fi Japan website, to say a few things about our Saturday program. Bob has been bringing Kaiju/Tokusatsu to the bay area over the last 30 years with events like GODZILLAFEST and ULTRAMANIA–which Mr. Lobo had the honor of co-hosting on the West Coast. That’s Bob up on top of the giant larva in the photo to the right!

Take it away Bob…

GODZILLA (1954) and MOTHRA (1961) represent two very different ends of the Toho spectrum and both are classics of the kaiju eiga genre.

With Guillermo del Toro readying to make “kaiju” a household name with his new, mega block-buster film PACIFIC RIM, both of these films, which ushered in the term, deserve another look.

Godzilla_1st appearanceGODZILLA is the original Japanese creature feature, making its debut in 1954. Filmed in black and white, it was a very serious analogy for a nuclear nightmare come to life. Directed by Ishiro Honda in a documentary style, the film is dark and somber. Godzilla is a force of nature, a living natural disaster. As the US trailer would say a couple years later, the film featured “Dynamic Violence” and “Savage Action”!

MOTHRA, on the other hand, was Toho’s second color kaiju film (following 1957’s RODAN). Unlike RODAN though, MOTHRA is more fantasy. With it’s bright colors, singing fairies, exotic island locales and more light-hearted characters, MOTHRA is like the day to GODZILLA’s night.


The musical scores also emphasize the different tones of the films. GODZILLA’s music is thunderous, intense and heavy. MOTHRA’s is light and fanciful. Both soundtracks are expertly done and deserve a listen on their own. GODZILLA’s com

posed by Toho mainstay Akira Ifukube and MOTHRA’s by Yuji Koseki. Although Ifukube would go on toscore many of Toho’s monster and Sci Fi films up through 1995’s GODZILLA VS. DESTROYAH, Koseki’s MOTHRA was his only genre score.

Even when released in the US , GODZILLA was re-edited and sanitized, while MOTHRA was released with a few trims, but mostly intact.

The heavy-handed messageGodzilla_Burr in GODZILLA was removed. The main characters Hideto Ogata (Akira Takarada), Emiko Yamane (Momoko Kochi) and Daisuke Serizawa (Akihito Hirata) take a back seat to Raymond Burr’s US reporter Steve Martin. Although expertly edited to look like Burr really is an integral part of the movie, lost is the nuclear allegory, the emotional love triangle between Ogata, Emiko and Serizawa and even some of the monster action.Godzilla_Ogata-Emiko-Serizawa


In some scenes, Burr stands to the side, listening in on meetings and discussions, while an interpreter lets him (and the audience) know what is going on. Saves time on dubbing anyway. But, as such, the US version, GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS, can actually be looked atas another perspective on the same story. In the Japanese version, you get the entire story. In the US cut, you get Steve Martin’s version of the events as he sees them unfold.mothralobo3

In MOTHRA, the film’s original characters, mainly Dr. Shinichi Chujo (Hiroshi Koizumi–shown above with Mr. Lobo at BAFE show GODZILLAFEST), photographer Michi Hanamura (Kyoko Kagawa) and reporter Senichiro Fukuda (Frankie Sakai) come through with their humor and chemistry intact. Actor Jerry Ito’s deliciously over the top portrayal of the film’s main villain, Clark Nelson, also remains as a highlight of the movie. In fact, it is Clark Nelson and NOT Mothra herself, who is the antagonist of the film. Mothra, though she creates a lot of collateral damage, is mainly on a missionMothra_cast to save the Alienas (twin fairies), which Nelson kidnapped from Infant Island to exploit in a series of stage shows.

As evil and despicable as Ito’s Nelson is, Frankie Sakai does an excellent job as reporter Fukuda, known in the US version of the film as a “Bulldog” and in the Japanese version as a “Snapping Turtle”, both metaphors for getting hold of a

story and not letting go. He is jovial throughout the movie, a perfect balancing act between the humor of the character and his reporter’s important role in rescuing the fairies.


MOTHRA was a turning point in the style of the Toho films. Gone was the dark and serious monster movies, substituted by fun amazing adventures featuring a whole roster of far east beasts.Mothra_heatgun


GODZILLA and MOTHRA make for an amazing double feature and will definitely show fans two totally different ways of bringing cinematic monsters to life. And although the films are different in style, tone and feel, they are both created by director Ishiro Honda and special effects master Eiji Tsuburaya.



The July 27th Winchester screening of GODZILLA  and MOTHRA at The ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE WINCHESTER will be introduced live by MR. LOBO and he WILL be bringing THE TWIN FAIRIES!

As you know, Mr. Lobo is the host of the late night movie program CINEMA INSOMNIA–Nationally syndicated on AMGTV affiliates and now via ZOM-BEE TV on ROKU devices. Mr. Lobo presents a LIVE preshow  with audience participation, background on the film, comedy, and prizes.  To purchase tickets or for more info visit the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE website.

See you there…and don’t forget IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA! our bonus monster matinee on Sunday!

Pre-Order Mega Monster Poster with Mr. Lobo

MrLobo11inTallMonsterPosterA “must-have” keepsake for CInsomniacs, Monster Kids, and Monster Kids in training. If you can’t make it to the Alamo Drafthouse Winchester, VA  on the 27th or 28th you can get one mailed to you here for a limited time. They are $10 and the artist gets half the proceeds.

Legendary genre artist George E-Gor Chastain who made this poster created E-Gor’s Chamber of Horror Hosts–the first and best resource Mr. Lobo ever saw on the subject. He also made the DVD cover and poster for Count Gore DeVol’s EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLLOWEEN and lobby card style cover/poster for VIRGINIA CREEPERS! We are honored to have him do our poster for this event.