See right through- Salesmen, Teachers, Politicians, Hype, Pundits, Hipsters, Trends, Drama, Co-workers, Family members, Advertising, Nonsense, and more, just like Mr. Lobo!

ALL NEW LOBOVISION GLASSES  They have “Clear” plastic lenses–but you will finally be able to see things Mr. Lobo’s way! 

Measuring 6 inches across, these Black frames with hinged ear pieces and horn rims will make you look like a nationally syndicated late night movie host!

Retro futuristic styling! Seem taller and more amusing! Appear smarter and less threatening! Prevent unwanted pregnancies! Yell at houseplants! Take on WWE wrestlers with your mind! Foil meddling kids and their stupid dog! Tell off arrogant actors! Cut out spirals on packaging and Hypnotize middle aged fan boys and girls! 1001 uses!

LOBOVISION GLASSES can be worn on face or to be even more geeky–leave in the package and display! What better way is there to enjoy the free movies on http://www.lobovision.tv guilt free and to show support for Cinema Insomnia, Mr. Lobo, and Misunderstood Movies?


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Rare Cinema Insomnia Shows Ready to Go to a Good Home!

A special offer for Sleepless Knights of Insomnia and fair weather insomniacs!

Thanks for your support, cInsomniacs! It’s a rough biz sometimes but with your help we will make this world safe for misunderstood movies. Brand new shows will be rolling out for the fall! Below is a list of out-of-print Apprehensive Films DVD titles I have left…I will autograph them and include a free limited edition Mr. Lobo trading card!

-Gappa: Monsters From the Prehistoric Planet

-Prince Of Space

-Non Stop Movie Party: Zombies

-Carnival Of Souls

-First Spaceship On Venus

-Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

-A Bucket Of Blood

-Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

-Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

-Eegah! The Name Wriien In Blood

-Gamera Super Monster

-The Brain that Wouldn’t Die


-The Last Man On Earth

-Invasion Of the Neptune Men (Box without Cover)

These RARE disks are now(for a limited time) $20 each and ship for $2

I also have a Double Disk set Halloween Special with Mark Of The Damned I and II
and that goes for $40 plus $2 shipping.

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Your Cinema Insomnia host forever,
Mr. Lobo

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Pushing Our Buttons

Buttons, buttons–Who’s got the buttons? We do. 4 classic designs pressed by those geniuses at Buttonlab. You get the Cinema Insomnia Logo and the “Famous Monsters” parody created by Mr. Lobo himself, Brian Maze’s “13 Hosts” comic book design, and Jeff Carlson’s “Mani-Yack” shirt design.  All four are 5 bucks! That’s a dollar and twenty-five cents each–plus shipping. Coming soon to our store but you can get them now if you email Mr. Lobo!

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Thanks for wearing your support of Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia!

Spooky! DVDs Vanishing
from New Store!

Mr. Lobo’s signed and numbered Out Of Print DVDs have been selling steady on this site since Thursday. 24 sold and only 46 to go! We are not saying there won’t be more  DVDs in the future–but certainly none like these. This is an “end of an era”.  We’ve already sold out of THE BOB WILKINS SPECIAL, CREATURE, BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, our Pre-Slime Line version or MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET, and IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS! Grab some classic CI goodness in this beloved format while you can at our DVD shop!


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from New Store!”

Horror Host Hounds, DVD Collectors, and B-Movie Fans! RARE DVDS WILL SOON BE SOLD OUT!

To meet the demands of Mr. Lobo fans and for greater flexibility in a changing world of media–Mr. Lobo and his team are now handling Cinema Insomnia’s distribution In-house. Our former distributor Apprehensive Films has delivered their remaining stock of Cinema Insomnia DVDs to Lobo HQ. They will sold to lucky fans only direct through Mr. Lobo and this website. You cannot get these on Amazon anymore or any of the usual outlets. No more will be reproduced and when these DVDs are gone they are gone. Poof! Mr. Lobo will personally autograph and number all remaining editions–(They can also be left in their original shrink wrap at your request). Get yours now! Prices are according to rarity and demand so as they sell through the prices will go up! Please take the time now to scroll through these artfully packaged covers below and click the PayPal button to have your favorite Mr. Lobo movies sent to you without delay. Indeed, a wise purchase and an investment for a better world in the future.


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