Cinema Insomnia – S02E15 – Day the Earth Caught Fire from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

Some like it HOT some and some like it cold on the rocks in this end-of-the-world disaster SCI FI epic crossed with FRONT PAGE! THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE was a lost CINEMA INSOMNIA episode from MISTER LOBO’s 2003-2004 Season that has been lovingly restored by LANEFILM LTD! New shows in development now for OSI 74 and made possible with your support! Details soon!

Horror Host Mr. Lobo and the team at OSI 74 at RETRO CON!

Check out this COSPLAY montage video from PAUL SANDERS at BESTOW TV and see if you can can find MR. LOBO, producer/editor/ archivist AARON LANE, and vivacious young intern CAY-CI from CINEMA INSOMNIA, BUDDHA GONZALEZ and DOMINO from the OSI 74 music video show BIZARRE TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE and GWAR legend SLEAZY P MARTINI from OSI’s SLEAZY PICTURES AFTER DARK! Bonus points for CAPT. 74 from our Saturday Morning ALL SYSTEMS GO line up and COSMONAUTI 74 from CINEMA INSOMNIA spin off UTOPIA FANTASTIKA! If all this seems strange and inviting, why not add OSI 74 to your ROKU TV app!