NEWLY Restored DEEP RED Episode CUTS into our 16th Season

Cinema Insomnia – S03E05 – Deep Red the Hatchet Murders from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

Aaron M. Lane creates the official OSI version of CINEMA INSOMNIA featuring DEEP RED: THE HATCHET MURDERS! MR LOBO hosts a rare episode restored and re-edited for OSI 74 and presented as part of our NEW 16th CINEMA INSOMNIA Season sponsored by PATREON. Enjoy this Italian slasher artsploitation film by Dario Argento. With DIXIE DELLAMORTO as MUMSY!

Don’t Have to Wait for the Full Moon! NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA! NOW

Thank You for making this possible with your support on Patreon. Mr. Lobo tries to win his soul back from “Dean Slithers” voiced by Don Drakulich of GWAR. To do this, he must explain the plot of this Filipino werewolf film. Plus–tons of fun film clips from our archive! Jessie Seeherman also guest stars as Nurse Wretched and Wolfenmittens. We want to make more like this! We want to a new show every week…Spread the word! Do what you can to support CINEMA INSOMNIA ! All Systems Go!


In this second episode for our SWEET 16th SEASON and 17th year, MR. LOBO goes south to the swampy Everglades where so-called “White Trash” floats–but we can’t abide racial slurs! In satirical and silly wraparounds for ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES in SWAMP-O-VISION, Your Host is reluctantly assisted by the trampy LIZABELLE played by JESSIE SEEHERMAN of UTOPIA FANTASTIKA! Directed, edited, and produced by long time CINEMA INSOMNIA superhero AARON M. LANE. PAUL SANDERS from last weeks hilarious RED HOUSE is also a producer. Thank you PATREON SUPPORTERS for making this NEW episode possible…lets keep it rolling!

Cinema Insomnia – S03E02 – Bloodsuckers of the Atomic Swamp from OSI 74 on Vimeo.


NEW SEASON starts TONIGHT! MR. LOBO cleans house in an all new CINEMA INSOMNIA show featuring a classic film!

The 16th Season funded by YOU, the CInsomniacs, kicks off with a brand new show. More never-before-seen shows and brand new shows are slated to drop over the next 5 weeks with more shooting planned for July! This victory is a tad bittersweet. We’ve had our ups and downs preparing this season for you. Our BIG BIG CREATURE FEATURES crossover episode that we originally had planned for tonight fell apart due to time, technical, and budgetary constraints–but with your help will to be completed later in the season. We did not want to postpone the launch or let you down so, for now, we literally pulled a show out of our behinds to fill the #1 slot. It’s a coming home episode in all respects.

This next bit might contain SPOILERS…

MR. LOBO and MISS MITTENS get back to basics and get their groove back as they try to rebuild their Misunderstood Empire in this very cathartic, experimental, and improvisational episode directed by PAUL SANDERS of BESTOW TV and edited by AARON LANE. MIDNIGHT FRIGHTS creator ERIK MILLER(MARK OF THE DAMNED) is our special guest, and ORMON GRIMSBY of MONSTER CREATURE FEATURE provides some excellent opening animation scored by CREATURE FEATURES producer/archivist/Webmaster SCOTT MOON to commemorate or 16th Season.

We feel it has some great surprises for fans and some of the funniest moments ever on the show. “The Movie” is sort of of irrelevant this time but parallels the wrap around story–in many ways. The film is spiritually connected to the heritage of the first KXTV season of CINEMA INSOMNIA…

We hope you get under the covers with some root beer floats and enjoy tonight’s “homecoming” show on OSI 74 for ROKU…we’re glad to be back with you!

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All Systems GO!
–MR. LOBO and team

“1970’s Mr. Lobo” is FAR OUT….watch a “lost” space episode from our archives…

Cinema Insomnia – S2E01 – BATTLE OF THE WORLDS from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

While we’re on the subject of “lost” episodes. Long time Cinema Insomnia fans: Do any of you happen to have the following episodes taped off TV?

Casablanca Express
A Christmas Carol
Crawling Eye
Day Time Ended
Giant Gila Monster
Killers From Space
The She Creature
The Visitor

These are the only episodes remaining that we know of that are currently lost from the entire 16 year run of CINEMA INSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO. A few of them, I know I’ve seen tapes lying around Casa de Lobo, but who the hell knows where they are. Some of the others, are currently lost to the ages, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to see if some OCD fan out there may have taped them.

Your Cinema Insomnia staff