NEW SEASON starts TONIGHT! MR. LOBO cleans house in an all new CINEMA INSOMNIA show featuring a classic film!

The 16th Season funded by YOU, the CInsomniacs, kicks off with a brand new show. More never-before-seen shows and brand new shows are slated to drop over the next 5 weeks with more shooting planned for July! This victory is a tad bittersweet. We’ve had our ups and downs preparing this season for you. Our BIG BIG CREATURE FEATURES crossover episode that we originally had planned for tonight fell apart due to time, technical, and budgetary constraints–but with your help will to be completed later in the season. We did not want to postpone the launch or let you down so, for now, we literally pulled a show out of our behinds to fill the #1 slot. It’s a coming home episode in all respects.

This next bit might contain SPOILERS…

MR. LOBO and MISS MITTENS get back to basics and get their groove back as they try to rebuild their Misunderstood Empire in this very cathartic, experimental, and improvisational episode directed by PAUL SANDERS of BESTOW TV and edited by AARON LANE. MIDNIGHT FRIGHTS creator ERIK MILLER(MARK OF THE DAMNED) is our special guest, and ORMON GRIMSBY of MONSTER CREATURE FEATURE provides some excellent opening animation scored by CREATURE FEATURES producer/archivist/Webmaster SCOTT MOON to commemorate or 16th Season.

We feel it has some great surprises for fans and some of the funniest moments ever on the show. “The Movie” is sort of of irrelevant this time but parallels the wrap around story–in many ways. The film is spiritually connected to the heritage of the first KXTV season of CINEMA INSOMNIA…

We hope you get under the covers with some root beer floats and enjoy tonight’s “homecoming” show on OSI 74 for ROKU…we’re glad to be back with you!

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All Systems GO!
–MR. LOBO and team

“1970’s Mr. Lobo” is FAR OUT….watch a “lost” space episode from our archives…

Cinema Insomnia – S2E01 – BATTLE OF THE WORLDS from OSI 74 on Vimeo.

While we’re on the subject of “lost” episodes. Long time Cinema Insomnia fans: Do any of you happen to have the following episodes taped off TV?

Casablanca Express
A Christmas Carol
Crawling Eye
Day Time Ended
Giant Gila Monster
Killers From Space
The She Creature
The Visitor

These are the only episodes remaining that we know of that are currently lost from the entire 16 year run of CINEMA INSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO. A few of them, I know I’ve seen tapes lying around Casa de Lobo, but who the hell knows where they are. Some of the others, are currently lost to the ages, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to see if some OCD fan out there may have taped them.

Your Cinema Insomnia staff

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Planet of the Apes
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Final Thoughts
Even though these three picks seem the most attractive in the past few months, there are a lot of other movie themed video slots to have in mind. For example, fans adore Basic Instinct, Rocky and Terminator 2 both for their themes as well as top-class design and special features. Other popular picks fitting here include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Austin Powers and Bridesmaids.

Congratulations to Horror Host Svengoolie!

Mister Lobo congratulates all the winners of the The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards! Monstrous thanks to all who voted in this contest.

Many of the winners are dear friends and colleagues!
David Del ValleDaniel GriffithDavid G. Hardy Dr. Gangrene and others!

With a heavy heart I must concede that Mr. Lobo was not your “favorite horror host of 2017”.

Favorite Horror Host Svengoolie Rich Koz inherits a planet whose fans will be ready to assist him in the conduct of his large responsibilities. Kong-Rats, Svengoolie! Your victory is well deserved!

Mr. Lobo will personally will be at his disposal, and we call on all citizens of Outer Space–Mr. Lobo particularly urges all who voted for Cinema InsomniaOSI 74, and Blobfest in the Rondos to unite behind our current “favorite horror host”. This is Outer Space. Just as we fight hard when the stakes are high, we always. always close ranks and come together when the contest is done. For reals. Right?

And while there will be time enough to debate our continuing differences, now is the time to recognize that what unites Monster Kids is greater than what divides us.

Going forward. We are making new shows for our 16th Season with the support of our Cinema Insomnia FansMr. Lobo will try and be a more favorable horror host in the future…for that is where you and I will spend the rest of our lives.

All Systems Go,

Mr. Lobo
Not your favorite horror host

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Happy Val-Pal Day! Love is a much splendorifferous thing. Mr. Lobo wakes up in an 80’s romantic comedy somehow and gets ready for a day of love. Directed by Paul Sanders.

First thing in the morn, get the secret box of love dovey stuff and fix up the nest. Get those cards and letters in the post for Same-Day Delivery–A Valentines Miracle!

Winding down with a meal and who knows, two plates, two glasses, and one lonely heart. Top it all off with a classic 2008 episode of CINEMA INSOMNIA on Roku channel OSI 74 starring Mr. Lobo, Miss Mittens, and the Queen of Trash! Directed by Ron Peterson. Remember, Mr. Lobo loves you!

Cinema Insomnia – Last Man on Earth from OSI 74 on Vimeo.