Mr. Lobo’s official YouTube channel

has been “terminated” by YouTube.

We do think that these shows should be free for you to watch as it is broadcast over the air free and clear to TVs all over the country and that having the shows on YouTube could only help the show. The show will still be viewable on most AMGTV affiliates, THE MONSTER CHANNEL on the web, and the upcoming Roku type internet based television channel ZOMBEE TV.

From the YouTube channel’s launch a year ago, Cinema Insomnia episodes received many claims of copyright infringement. These claims come from dubious sources–competitors, distributors of PUBLIC DOMAIN content, robots that matched our FAIR USE content with another FAIR USE of same content, and AD hogs who hope a claim will allow them to imbed ads on our more popular pages.

Even unfounded and unfair claims will get your channel booted from their miserable service. We had one too many claims and right or wrong CINEMAINSOMNIATV is now deleted.

However, due to a recent acquisition of our old distributor’s remaining stock, we still have about 60 out-of-print DVDs in house that are for sale. This is a great opportunity for those who of you who love the show and would like to own them in a fixed way that can’t be taken away on a corporate whim.

Please contact your Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo personally for a list of titles. [email protected]

Alive and Kicking! Mr. Lobo’s personal update for Kickstarter donors!

This link will take you to our kickstarter update page where you will hear the straight unvarnished dope from MR. LOBO himself on what we have up our sleeve and when the new CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes are coming and the cherry  on top–the “thank you” rewards for making the task possible.

Our first round of rewards start here: A link on the website for those who donated on the “$1 or more” level.

Issy Tavares

Mickie Rat

Steven Rose, Jr./A Far Out Fantastic Site

Mi Cariño Valentines

Sac Geeks Meetup

Sluggo @ ARTV

All other donors will get a link also with their rewards. Next up, the “$5 and up” crowd…Thanks again everyone!



This year Mr. Lobo just missed the Blob on Friday when he got lost due to road closures on the way to the stage show. The entire Colonial Theater yet again escaped with their lives as the Blob was eventually contained by the Phoenixville, PA Fire Department. Dr. Frank N. Stone used his super science to communicate with Mr. Lobo on route via “live” video link just before the annual run-out. This video is a condensed trilogy of cut-ins from the big screen. Enjoy.

Movie Host Mr. Lobo Speaks Out About Recent Colorado Tragedy

Mr. Lobo is shocked, disturbed and saddened by the events at a Aurora, Colorado movie theater last night. It is a double tragedy that people seeking escape and fun in their local movie house would have both their fantasies and realities shattered by a real maniac with a gun. A movie theater is a safe sacred palace of our collective dreams – the pain and violence of the outside world we leave behind when we attend a theater has no place there. To the good people of the Denver area we are sending our love, support, and hope for your community to heal.

To everyone else, enjoy the few public places we have left and take in the arts. Enjoy the world of entertainment and each other and do not let the random acts of a lunatic deprive you of a rich life filled with fun, fantasy, and the company of others who share your love for the movies.


Tomorrow Mr. Lobo and Dixie head for THE DAYS INN in Butler, PA for the 2012 MONSTER BASH conference! We will be in the main hall near registration to greet fans and monsters along side Penny Dreadful and Company from Shilling Shockers. They will be running classic horror films all weekend and on Saturday Night at 12:30 for this historic PREHISTORIC themed edition of their MONSTER BASH (Techically JUNE 24!) Mr. Lobo  and hard working cave girl Miss Cretaceous will be giving prizes to volunteers who will help us with our DINO SIZED games in the name of science, leading the audience to perform the INSOMNIAC OATH, and presenting the MISUNDERSTOOD CLASSIC REPTILICUS! All this happens after the outdoor drive-in style films in the insect rich parking lot. After the preshow, REPTILICUS runs in it’s entirety without interuption other than the usual mild heckling and snores!

Mr. Lobo will have a vendor table with all NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA prints and merchandise, art, and goodies for the kids…LIKE DINO DNA SLIME! We will also have a relative of Reptilicus growing live in a glass container at our table!

We’ll aslo be hanging with our pals Our pals Count Gore, Ghoul A Go Go will also RONDO winning director Daniel Griffith, and Buddy “Cult Movies” Barnett. The ZOM-BEE channel will be recording parts of this show for upcoming new epiosdes of CINEMA INSOMNIA! And many more friends and fans that we love to see each year!






Later this month at MONSTER BASH in Butler PA, where Mr. Lobo will be presenting another low rent disaster called REPTILICUS, he will also be meeting again with filmmaker Daniel Griffith to shoot more interviews for upcoming documentaries for SHOUT FACTORY bonus features. One of the subjects we will be talking about is SCI-FI director Jack Arnold who gave us IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, TARANTULA, and THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN. In preparation for his interview Mr. Lobo boned up on Arnold’s work and wrote an article for the online version of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES magazine. Check it out, eartlings!

Introducing Mrs. Lobo! Cinema Insomnia’s New First Lady!

Cinema Insomnia’s worldwide search for the winner of the “Who Wants To Marry Mr. Lobo” contest is over! Dixie Dellamorto – Horror Fan, Artist, Taste-Maker, and editor of  Horror Hosts and Creature Features Magazine from Pennsylvania – is our official final finalist and THE NEW MRS. LOBO! Her duties on the show will occasionally include rotating the Hypno Spinner, delivering secret messages to Mr. Lobo, keeping Mr. Lobo’s table cloth straight at  genre conventions, watching very MISUNDERSTOOD MOVIES, adding a “womans touch” to Mr. Lobo’s projects, ironing neckties, and helping in the new Kitchen Set with Insomniac Snacks. She has already officially tied the knot with the famous Cinema Insomnia’s host in California earlier this year but a private East Coast party will be held for her friends and family in her home town on Friday July 13, 2012. Mr. Lobo has already  congratulated the new Mrs. Lobo with a hearty handshake and offers his sincerest condolences! Thanks to everyone who participated – but don’t be jealous – Dixie’s will most undoubtably need the moral support of all CInsomniacs! All hail the new First Lady of Kitsch! 

From the Lap of Mr. Lobo

A Personal Update for all you loyal Cinsomniacs!

Mr. Lobo's Insomniac Oath on Monster Madhouse, Fairfax VA!

Wherever you may dwell, know that the protective hypnotic eye is with you always! As you know, Mr. Lobo has traveled to the juicy hind portion of the country to collaborate with the Sci-Fi/Horror/Cult/Budget Movie elite. Our fecal-storm of bad-timing and worse luck has dissipated. So far we have the shot 2 and ½  more brand new Cinema Insomnia episodes with Virginia horror host legend Jerry Moore II as producer and Mr. Lobo has made an appearance on his program Monster Madhouse – a DC area staple!

Gravely Macabre of Midnight Monster Hop and Castle Blood, Pittsburg PAMr. Lobo was the main judge for a Horror Make-Up contest at THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in Oaks, PA where Mr. Lobo made some great conacts and  also had a sit down interview with Pittsburgh host Gravely Macabre for Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine. Richmond filmmaker Eric Miller and the folks at the ZOM-BEE horror channel in Northern VA are slated to co-produce more CI for you that will be available for viewing worldwide in the near future.

Buttons, Lobo approved Art, and new 8×10’s will be available at MONSTER BASH Conference in Butler, PA where Mr. Lobo is booked to host REPTILICUS live!  There we’ll meeting with fans and experts and gathering the info and strength needed for our next offensive.  We’ll also be collaborating again with the organizers at BLOBFEST in Pheonixville!

Joseph Proffitt's amazing portrait of Mr. Lobo, Chicago Il.

Mr. Lobo is proud to have such amazing support and plans on returning to the West Coast in July triumphant…ready to unleash new CI and our long promised rewards for our special supporters! It takes patience and dedication and superior genetic make-up to be a Cinema Insomnia fan. Thank You! Mr. Lobo does not take you for granted!

Your Cinema Insomnia host,
Mr. Lobo


In the begining, this small globe cooled in the vacuum of outer space and gave rise to cold blooded beasts of massive size called horror movie fans! Every year the old ones gather at a special 3-day ritual called MONSTER BASH at the DAYS INN in BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA! A freaky family reuinon full of collectors, film and TV actors, spectres, robot erectors, movie projectors, genre inspectors, reality defectors, funeral directors, Dr. Lecters, and pocket protectors!

In the year of our lord 2012, one horror host was asked by CREEPY CLASSICS and SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE to present the film REPTILICUS on Saturday Night at 12:30 for this historic PREHISTORIC themed edition of their MONSTER BASH JUNE 22-24! Men call this host Mr. Lobo and if you are brave of spirit and have superior DNA – you will be there in the movie room, too – for prizes, suprizes, and the INSOMNIAC OATH! All this happens after the outdoor drive-in style films in the insect rich parking lot and before the REPTILICUS runs in it’s entirety without interuption other than the usual mild heckling and snores!

This event is only a cubic zirconia in the bling-speckled crown of another fun filled three-day weekend with celebs, filmmakers, horror hosts and fans! Movies of course will be runningf all weekend. Mr. Lobo will have a vendor table with all NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA prints and merchandise, art, and goodies for the kids!

This fest is a favorite of Mr. Lobo’s because of all our dearest friends and fans who attend! Our horror host pals Count Gore, Penny Dreadful, and Ghoul A Go Go will also be there with their ghoulish goods. Daniel Griffith, the director of CITIZEN WOOD, a documentary featuring Mr. Lobo, George “The Animal” Steele, and MST3K’s Joel Hodgson. The ZOM-BEE channel will be recording parts of this show for upcoming new epiosdes of CINEMA INSOMNIA as well as footage for an upcoming LOBOMENTARY spearheaded by Chris Lorusso.

So, in short – Fly, Drive, Walk, Quit your Job, or do whatever you need to and be at THE BASH! UNGAWA!


On May 5th documentary maker  and archivist Tom Wyrsch will present CREATURESCON ONE: The World’s First CREATURE FEATURES Convention at the Bal Theatre in San Leandro, California. Special guests include John StanleyCF host and Ernie Fosselius-creator of HARDWARE WARS which debuted on CREATURE FEATURES when Bob Wilkins was host. Enjoy dealer’s tables, a Q & A panel, an exhibit of rare Creature-phernalia, hours of rare footage, and the opportunity for fans to get together, share memories! Celebrate the show that united the Bay Area Horror and Sci-Fi fan community.  Read more about CREATURESCON ONE in a article written by Lord Blood-Rah on the HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES MAGAZINE website!