WeCI Hard Days Nightmare know you have been good little CINSOMNIACS all year! Old Saint MR. LOBO is bringing you a special present tonight! Another BRAND NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA episode featuring the Rock and Roll Horror Comedy called A HARD DAYS NIGHTMARE(2013)–starring those 4 lovable pasty faced lads of the San Francisco group CLAMHAWK MANOR!
Insiders say it is one of the GREATEST EPISODES EVER! We’ll let history decide–although Mr. Lobo will be watching it complete for the first time tonight, too! Also on the ZOM-BEE TV schedule we have SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS as our CLASSIC SATURDAY CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODE. Enjoy them both and join us next week for another NEW CINEMA IN
Slime Line #010: Santa ClausSOMNIA episode never before seen on ZOM-BEE TV and another CLASSIC CINEMA INSOMNIA from our vault!

Also UP tonight on your favorite ROKU channel is BORIS KARLOFF’S THE VEIL, another episode of PENNY DREADFUL’S SHILLING SHOCKERS featuring AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL,and THE PYX starring Karen Black! Looks like the rest of your night is taken care of–Enjoy your Holiday Weekend!


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