CI Screenings and Chats in Anticipation of the New Year–PLUS A BRAND NEW MR. LOBO SHOW with LIVE CHAT!

10891972_882533005124090_3171078479993945430_nOur elves are still busy making you a new show for the new year! Are you ready for your presents? Let’s begin!

012-VenusTo get you warmed up we have a special treat in store for you–classic CINEMA INISOMNIA episodes have been added to the line up at THE VORTEXX. FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS(1960) will be showing on the VORTEXX Livestream channel starting at 6PM Pacific/9 Eastern on Friday and there will be a live chat during the episode. Who knows who might drop in! Come and Join us for the festivities on the VORTEXX channel:

10898302_882185241825533_7390366797849545228_n TOMORROW-NEW YEARS EVE Streaming LIVE on the Cinema Insomnia Ustream Channel around 10:30 PM EST–A BRAND NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA AFTER X-MESS NEW YEARS SPECIAL…with MR. LOBO LIVE and IN PERSON in the USTREAM CHAT ROOM:

984Stay with us until Midnight EST for a special episode of 12:01 BEYOND with Special Guest Mr. LOBO–as our colleagues Josh Hadley and Nicholas J. Michalak take on the new year and present the film 984 PRISONER OF THE FUTURE(1982) in a style reminiscent of USA’s NIGHT FLIGHT(1981-88) with amazing clips, videos, and short subjects:

treevenge-movielogo-short-tsrimgAfter that, if you STILL HAVE INSOMNIA–it will be followed up by the Christmas Episode of 12:01 BEYOND featuring TREEVENGE(2008) and MR. LOBO wraparounds from our classic CI episode SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS(1964)!


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