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A WARNING for all who are watching The CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL premiering HALLOWEEN NIGHT on ZOM-BEE TV for ROKU. It was recorded in what many experts and locals believe is a “real” Haunted House. We can’t show you the house here at the request of the owners. We also don’t want to spoil what the actual rooms look like until the show premieres.

This claim has been recently given more validity by one of our fans, Gern Blaith of Indiana who brought to our attention a photo we originally published here on this website a few days ago. The house was dark as we had to supply our own electricity and some strange light play is happening in this photo.fakeghostpeekSome upsetting history about the house built in the 1800’s came out while making the special. The old woman who owned the rural farm house often wandered and was often found by the locals far from home disoriented and confused. The story goes she was locked in her room and checked on every few days. Desperate scratch marks and locks were still on the walls in the bedroom where she died.

The crew on the special have interesting incidents to share. Before Zom-Bee TV began restoring the rooms for shooting. A thief broke in an stole all the mantles and radiators from the home. The set builders had to recreate the beautiful mantles using the broken tiles from the original mantles that were scattered on the floor. They needed one more piece of wood to finish the mantle for the front room featured in the Halloween Special. They searched the whole house top to bottom for a spare piece of wood and found nothing. Before leaving the remote area for Home Depot they decided to look one more time and in a very conspicuous spot in one of the bedrooms they say they found a piece of wood that fit the mantle to the millimeter.

Another story, The staff at Zom-Bee TV completely cleaned up the front room that it could be restored and decorated for production. They came in the next day and found one lone cut-out newspaper obituary from 1958. They thought the owner was trying to fool them–but he was very elderly and religious so this is an unlikely explanation. They left an empty prop scrapbook in one of the rooms. Later they came back and found more obituary clippings under carpets and behind doors. They picked up the scapbook a pile of 20 or so obits fell out that were not there before. Some were written on in pencil with specific dates–all were from 1958.

During production of the Halloween Special. Mr. Lobo, Dixie Dellamorto and Dale Jackson were doing some pick up shots. Loud scratching noises in the condemned kitchen made recording of scenes impossible. Thinking it was a large rat or possum the director made loud noises, clapped, and even threw pieces of tile–but it refused to stop. Eventually, after throwing half a box of old tiles the noises tapered off. Typically, rodents leave or hide during any commotion. Due to structural danger we were not allowed to be in that part of the house so we never saw what it was.

In light of all this data…we took another look at the photo and we can’t explain what we found. Do you see a face?
To see more of the real haunted Winchester Farm house standing in for the fictional Chestburster Mystery House in Mr. Lobo’s Special turn on your TV and your ROKU box after 8pm and click over to ZOM-BEE TV for THE CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL!





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