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Cinema Insomniacs! You Declared “War” on Throwback Classic Cinema Insomnia Thursday!

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Many of you rallied together to declare you wanted to see the Italian Sci Fi Film from the future year of 1978 that truly challenges even the greatest insomniacs to stay awake! Load up on your coffee and strap yourselves in for a fantastic ride as Legendary Horror Host John Stanley and Mr. Lobo team up to host WAR OF THE PLANETS!

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Join us next Thursday for another free episode online…and if you want more CINEMA INSOMNIA and Mr. Lobo check out the free ZOM-BEE TV channel for ROKU video players. Or purchase your very own Zom-Bee TV App for your Android Devices so you can take Cinema Insomnia with you wherever you go! You can watch a BRAND NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODE on Saturday–followed by another CLASSIC CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODE!


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  • June 21, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    Must watch!!!!


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