CinemaInsomnia.Com Is Back Online

Tell your Cyberpals! This is not a mirage. Every pixel is back in place and we are running at 1.21 Lobowatts per second. Cyberterrorists driven by jealousy and hatred for misunderstood movies and Mr. Lobo tried to hold your official Cinema Insomnia website hostage. Thankfully our systems guru Olav helped us beat these Lawnmower Men at their own electronic game and is back with a vengeance. In the near future we will be moving the site to a private server and will have full episodes watchable right here. Stay Tuned, fellow Programs! End OF Line.

10 Replies to “CinemaInsomnia.Com Is Back Online”

  1. I was very concerned when I couldn’t find you on here. LOVE the dvd’s. They’re on constant rotation at my house!

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