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CInsomniac Pride!



What a spread! Mr. Lobo is elated when he sees new Sleepless Knights show off their stuff. CInsomniacs James and Gaby and their new CInsomniac spawn ordered two fanclub kits and an art print from Dixie Dellamorto Lobo for thier family. They were so proud when it came in the mail that they displayed their nerdy booty for all the world to see. This was found on a popular social networking site that shall remain faceless.

If you have a picture of your Lobo memoribillia share it–and wear it on your sleeve that you love CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO. Our numbers are growing so be brave. Potential sponsors, possible investors, journalists, our network, future collaborators, clients, and fans-to-be are always watching. Be a Cinema Insomnia ambassador! We’re here, we’re fear! We’re misundestood movie fans!

Thanks again James and Gaby and all you other loyal Sleepless Knights for sharing!




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