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CITY WEEKLY Chooses CINEMA INSOMNIA for Must See Turkey-Day TV

¬†There is some truth on the internet. For example, we learned today that there is a secret chemical in overeating that makes you sleepy.¬† In an article called THANKSTREAMING from the Salt Lake City Weekly writer Bill Frost puts our favorite B-Movie Birthday-Boy Mr. Lobo on the list of Six on-demand alternatives to (TV’s lack of) Thanksgiving programming, right after Bojack Horseman…

CI Tonights Episode

“Your host” Mr. Lobo has presented late-night horror-cheese showcase Cinema Insomnia for 13 years through a smattering of regional cable outlets and, probably, subliminal mind control. Last year, Zom-Bee TV (available through streaming service Roku) picked up Cinema Insomnia, exposing the campy creature-feature to a slightly wider audience that needs to know: “They’re not bad movies … just misunderstood.” The suave-ish Mr. Lobo tees up classics like The Horror of Party Beach and The Brain That Wouldn’t Die with the snarky intros and interstitials you’d expect, but what sets Cinema Insomnia apart is its mind-bending, cocktail-kitsch menagerie of vintage commercials and film trailers, as well as the occasional recipe (Santo vs. the Vampire Women’s detailed snack instructional for chips & salsa: a bag of chips, a bowl and a bottle of salsa). Episodes are also available at CinemaInsomnia.com

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Below you can enjoy a couple of Turkeys from Mr. Lobo… THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE and HORROR OF PARTY BEACH…

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream



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