Dust off your Dancing Shoes as Mitch Mittens Reviews “The Ghastly Love of Johnny X!”

MMReviewsOut from the deep space, we hear a tale. A certain tale of a certain alien juvenile delinquent and his pals called “The Ghastly Ones”, are exiled from their world to dreaded Earth because of their disrespect for authority! What will become of these alien “outsiders?” I, Mitch Mittens, is on the case with…….11163833_800 theghastlylovesofjohnnyx_390  We open to find these group of delinquents searching for their escapee partner, Bliss, who stole their leader Johnny’s resurrection suit. What is a “resurrections suit?” Imagine if you had a suit that can generate electricity into reviving the dead or controlling anyone from a distance. Sound like Dr. Frankenstein-on-the-go, right? Correct, and Bliss isn’t just any random member, but “Johnny’s girl.” Apparently, she’s tired of the group and wants to go back to their space home and leave Earth. Let’s just say…..Johnny and the gang don’t take it so well and go after her. After attempting to hide out in a diner, Bliss befriends a soda jerk named Chip and convinces him to run away with her.1374969164_2At the same time, a world-wide sensational rock-and-roll Mickey O’Flynn dies a few days before his mighty comeback performance that is being held by money hungry club owner, King Clayton. Him and his girlfriend Lily then proceed in trying to convince Johnny to use his resurrection suit in order to bring Micky O’Flynn back to life in order to do the concert and gain masses amount of money. GhastlyLoveofJohnnyX-2012-2Will Johnny be able to track down Bliss? Will he bring Mickey O’Flynn back to life for the greatest show of his career? Strap yourselves in for a tremendous right with this greatly misunderstood film. We see familiar cinematic and independent faces such as INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHER’S Kevin McCarthy as The Grand Inquisitor. 


If you are familiar with the TROMA films TROMEO AND JULIET and TERROR FIRMER, you’ll recognize actor WILL KEENAN. There are also a few other celebrity cameo’s throughout the film. This film is filled with musical dance numbers, fantastic tributes to 50’s scifi, and a wonderful storyline that will make you want to watch this over and over again. I give this film 8 1/2 out of 10 Hypnotic Eyes!

Have any more Cinsomniacs or Sleepless Knights tuned into this film? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the rating? Would you like Mitch Mittens to do another review in the middle of the week? Leave your comments or private massage and let us know! If you have a suggestion of another film for MITCH MITTENS to review, leave it in the comments. Thank you for “tuning in” and come back next week for another MITCH MITTENS REVIEWS!


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