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FAN OF THE WEEK from the great state of Texas! Wahoo!

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Lobofan copyTHE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for May 4th-11th 2014

Sir Garrett Mehaffey is a new MR. LOBO fan and has never met Mr Lobo in person. He watches Cinema Insomnai on his ROKU on Zom Bee TV. The Haunted House Special brought a tear to his eye. Recently he purchased his fan club kit to become an official initiated Sleepless Knight even though he is not a “joiner”. His long suffering wife isn’t as into Misunderstood Movies as he, but she emailed Mr. Lobo, along with a bunch of other folks possibly persuaded or brow beaten by the man himself to be nominated for our weekly award. Apparently, they don’t have horror hosts in their part of Texas…apparently THIS IS ALL THEY HAVE.

GarretttexasSending odd pictures is what mostly defines Garrett’s relationship with Mr. Lobo. Here is a picture of Garrett’s future study/sculpture studio where he hopes to display all of his CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO merchandise.

Garrettstudy garretfanclub

He is currently working on getting Mr. Lobo invited to a convention near him and actively spreads the good word about the show! GarrettPic

Thank You, Garrett, valued Sleepless Knight, for your support and for watching all those misunderstood movies. Mr. Lobo will be sending you a “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for May 4th-11th 2014! We hope to see you and your charming wife at an event in the lone star state next year!


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  • May 10, 2014 at 4:42 AM

    This such a great honor! Thank you so much!


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