Fill Your Haunted Home with Spooky Sights and Kooky Sounds from Mr. Lobo

DVD_201_20A_originalHALLOWEEN is almost here, CINSOMNIACS! We have two discs that have never been on sale for any Halloween before. The first our CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE special  on DVD! This retro extravaganza –must be seen to be believed. If you don’t have a ROKU Streaming player or would like physical evidence of this television event…then you need to own this limited edition DVD. In this 90 minute program written and co-directed by MISTER LOBO, a group of “paranoid investigators” called THE TOTALLY FAKE GHOST-BUSTERS– who apparently had their own kids show in the 80′s–return to the one house that they could not prove was haunted by a fake ghost in a rubber mask. This holiday special is NOT ANIMATED but features some very animated actors who are better known as their Horror Host Characters.FGBcartoonweb It features HILARIOUS moments with…
DICK DYSZEL(Count Gore DeVol’s Creature Feature) as Sheriff Bronson Canyon, JOHN DIMES(The Spooky Movie host, Dr. Sarcofiguy) as Professor Ex-Exorcist
JERRY MORE II(Karlos Borloff host of Monster Madhouse) as V. Price Tagge
RICH KOZ(Svengoolie) as the voice of Dr. Rummage Goodwill
And of course,
MR. LOBO as Himself and
MISS MITTENS as Herself, who together have hosted horror movies on Cinema Insomnia for 13 years.

Also appearing is genre model and actress ANDREA MARIE and DIXIE DELLAMORTO, artist and Editor of Horror Hosts and Creature Features–credited as Kogarella the ape’s “trainer”.

Since the 50′s TV Horror Hosts have been a just as much a staple of Halloween fun as bumbling idiots in a Haunted House. Not only do you get top horror host talent but a barrage of Haunted House trailers, Cartoons, Vintage Commercials, and tons of spooky surprises and original songs by SCOTT MOON, APOCALYPSO NOW, and LARRY LEE MONIZ! Beautifully Filmed by ZOM-BEE TV in a real haunted house in Winchester VA (that has since been condemned and torn down!) Be ready for Halloween anytime anywhere and invest in this collectable spooktacular!

You’ll find it along with other CINEMA INSOMNIA goodies at our STORE!


The perfect companion to this HAUNTED HOUSE DVD is our HAUNTED HOUSE CD…

Bad Manor thumb
IMG_4744Weeks ago we reported that we were #41 in iTunes TOP 100 HALLOWEEN albums of all time. Well, HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR
has now slipped to #52 but with all of you opting to buy the CD instead of the download–we are not surprised we’re dropping in the eyes of itunes! SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS, do your part to support Mr. Lobo this season by sIMG_4745pinning this disc proudly and/or
downloading it from itunes and tell fair weather Insomniacs just how great it is!

It’s now on EBAY and AMAZON…but true “CInsomniacs” know you can get it direct from Mr. Lobo from our CINEMA INSOMNIA STORENVY shop……

The cover was designed by DIXIE DELLAMORTO and MR. LOBO and features art by BRAINS comic artist PAUL ALLEN on the back. And just ’cause we like you, we made improvements to the sound quality and added a bonus track. There are 20 tracks of semi-original spooky tales written and performed by your host with the most–Mr. Lobo.

Order Your Copy Now!
Perfect for your Halloween! Bring Mr. Lobo and this NEW Halloween Sound Effects and story album. HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR everywhere upsetting noise is appropriate! A wickedly funny satire of children’s vinyl records of the 60’s and 70’s.

And if you got it already–THANK YOU for making this our most popular item so far this Season!




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