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10314626_776543455792272_8083748706685441162_nFor a full month we have brought you a look at some majorly spooky and over all creepy dolls on and off the silver screen. Record album covers featuring missionaries with their ventriloquist dummies….now those are plain scary. You’ve also shared with us some creepy dolls of your own in the past and in the present. This picture was sent in by Sleepless Knight Kim Wailes of her older sister’s old Barbie pictures. Lady Kim explained the story behind the picture:

984277_10153188519659430_4552569859919821418_nMy older sister’s Barbie family pictures were always a bit more put together. That baby is creepy. Grandma and Grandpa dolls’ eyes came out and fit perfectly into the ring hole on Barbies’ hands so those two eventually lost all of their eyes, and they were terrifying with just eye socket hole.”

10986901_762454510534500_6551333240848879688_nWe’ve also been holding a Spooky Doll contest. What do you have to do? Take a picture of you or your family with a creepy doll of your own personal collection or of the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen. It MUST NOT be from the Internet but be created or taken by you or a family member. You or your family member MUST be in the picture, not just the doll. You can send them in by posting them on our Facebook page wall, Direct Message them to our Instagram Page, Reply to this article with the picture, or Tweet us the picture! You may also send in as many pictures as you want. The winner shall receive this Handcrafted MR. LOBO Baby Doll created by the lovely ladies of Wicked Little Nursery! Deadline is March 31st! Hurry and get your pictures in today!

For the final week, we will be sharing MANY different creepy doll pictures. If you still have creepy doll pictures or art you’d like to send in to share on the pages-send them in! Let’s make this final week spooky, creepy, and ooky!

**Stay Tuned later this week for News About Next Month’s Theme of the Month! Bring your favorite monsters and misunderstood movies-they might be next month’s theme!



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