For Halloween We Salute Our First Mother/Daughter Sleepless Knights!

10308568_583920028387950_4005223084196961277_n1625591_671831776220766_3815912263873237401_nFAN OF THE WEEK AND SLEEPLESS KNIGHT ANITA GALE GREW UP IN THE LITTLE TOWN OF CONNERSVILLE, INDIANA with her brother and sister.  On late Saturday nights, her family would tune into COWBOY BOB’S CHUCKWAGON THEATRE and enjoy hilarious cartoons and silly movies, but they wanted to stay up afterwords to turn what she considered the greatest part of the night. Tuning into the old horror films featured on the legendary horror cowboy-235x300host’s SAMMY TERRY’s SHOW.She recalled his maniacal laugh that would spook her little brother into hiding, the yellow rubber gloves, and the long line of classic horror films. After his passing, she mourned SAMMY along with his other fans and the Horror Host community. Since then, she thought all horror hosts were extinct until discovering MR. LOBO quite randomly while searching for different old horror hosts from the past. She then discovered the CINEMA I42833607af7186103ee0c81a2a5aa1c0NSOMNIA LIVESTREAM and tuned into the classic episodes like EEGAH! and THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL while doing her macrame at the same time. LADY ANITA GALE then preceded to like the CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO Facebook page to tune into what was going on in the SLEEPLESS KNIGHT and CINSOMNIAC world. She purchased her Sleepless Knight fan club kit along with one for her daughter, CAYCE. They both took the INSOMNIAC OATH and were inducted to the SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA. But there is more to this story…..


10171197_748976641839612_8851599659253835633_nEarlier this year, MR. LOBO getting bogged down with projects and let out a cry for help in order to keep up with all SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and CINSOMNIACS on social networks and the fan pages. ANITA heard his cries and sent a Facebook message to her daughter who was a college student, if she could do anything.

SLEEPLESS KNIGHT CAYCE CAMPAIGN, was attending FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY and studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Insomnia: The Last Man On EarthEntertainment Business when she received the message. For a whole year, her SLEEPLESS KNIGHT mother tried to get her to tune into CINEMA INSOMNIA amidst her busy schedule. Finally after completing a big presentation, LADY CAYCE watched BUCKET OF BLOOD following THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. Slowly, MR. LOBO grew on her and she took the INSOMNIAC OATH.  Not long after, CAYCE jumped on the chance to help MR. LOBO in anyway she could. As of this March 2014, LADY CAYCE has been an Intern for MR. LOBO and CINEMA INSOMNIA and has pushed very hard and put in many hours in order to help our beloved h10395852_775296699181055_911613753657212517_nost. Immediately after MR. LOBO brought her on board, MITCH MITTENS came onto the scene and chose LADY CAYCE CAMPAIGN to be his care giving mistress and take him around conventions such as HORROR HOUND and DAYS OF THE DEAD in the Ohio and Indiana areas in order to spread the news of CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR.LOBO. She has also interviewed different SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and CINSOMNIACS for their FAN OF THE WEEK article’s and has enjoyed each and every story she

has read.

To her, this community means a lot to her. She grew up loving Horror Films both misunderstood and understood. At the age of 4, she saw her first horror film quite by accident. While watching a recorded BEATLES cartoon on a VHS tape-soon the movie NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 came on. Although it frightened her to watch, she kept watching and loved it. Since then, she has enjoyed many horror films and identifies the victims battling against the monsters to fight for their happy ending–just like she does in her day to day in her own life.

MMReviewsEarlier this month, she graduated with her degree and still supports CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO by constantly making sure MR.LOBO’s work is seen by all as well as conducting the Weekly Theme’s and spreading pictures and videos of horror from the past and the present.

Mr. Lobo attached these remarks to Cayce’s paperwork,

9455_689515207828431_7334132837033344742_n“Cayce is a quick study and takes direction well. She is very enthusiastic, creative, and has a great attitude. Her only shortcoming is her inexperience–but she’ll get there. Even when she makes mistakes–she corrects them instantly without hesitation. She always dives in and tries and is always positive and eager to learn. An ideal employee for anyone. Thank you for allowing Cayce to intern with us. She is a reliable asset.

FanoftheWeekAnitaGaleThank you, LADY ANITA GALE AND LADY CAYCE CAMPAIGN, Valued Sleepless Knights, for ALL your support, hard work, and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Here are your FANS OF THE WEEK certificates that you can download and print. Congratulations, LADIES ANITA GALE AND CAYCE CAMPAIGN–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS  OF THE WEEK–for October 31st through November 6th, 2014

FanoftheWeekCCYou now stand alongside your “FAN OF THE WEEK” siblings and like them, you are both eligible to become the FANS OF THE YEAR and receive a prize package that will include a framed certificate, official Lobo Necktie, Lobo Badge and other goodies to be announced later this year!

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