Freaky Game Night with the SPOOKY FAMILY!

  addams-family-slot  Whenever we visit our favorite gambling and kitsch mecca of Las Vegas, Your Horror Host and his Monster Bride are always on the lookout for games with a “spooky, kooky, or all together ooky” flavor. THE MUNSTERS,THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and ELVIRA themed slots make us grown adults giddy and silly with excitement. My wife started taking pictures of these flashing beacons of pop subculture and promptly got us thrown out of the casino by security. Apparently, you’re not supposed to take pictures of the machines. Who knew?  

However, we recently discovered a new game online for creepsters like us, that you can ogle all you want in the privacy of your own haunted house. It’s called SPOOKY FAMILY and it’s crawling with darkly comic Tim Burton-esque animations and variety of chances to win.  
SPOOKY FAMILY is fun an exciting new 5-reel slot at NETBET. They have a lot of great games for fans of cult movies and fanastika, Superman, Batman, Ghost Busters, Red Dragon Wild, Bruce Lee, Aliens, Rambo, Blood suckers and more.

These guys are not quite the ADDAMS FAMILY or THE MUNSTERS–but perhaps they’re descendents of both. The family that plays together, stays together, and sometimes slays together!–So be sure to play by their house rules when you plan your stakes.

spooky-family Ooky extras can cause the Darkness Bonus round worth 10,000 coins and the base game jackpot is worth 5000x the stake! Even a vampire can appreciate those stakes.
spooky-family2spooky-family-pet-bonusYou can play 25 coins or the maximum of 150 coins per spin. Per line the risks seem minimal–just a couple pennies per line or more if you’re feeling extra kooky.
A ghostly skull appears to make random family faces or  other elements “WILD” and help to substitute a match needed for any win on your reels. With each win, you have the choice to  “double-up” to bet your winnings or move on to the next spin.
The haunted house appears as the Bonus. When you collect 3 or more haunted houses anywhere, it triggers the Random Bonus game. Win up to 10,000 extra coins based on your stakes waged before beginning the bonus round.  There is also a Feed The Family Pet Bonus spin that gives you a chance to win 250,000 coins.
Our gaming pals in the Netherlands told us to Look out for “scatters” –these can move multiplied winnings for each Character or Icon landed on SPOOKY FAMILY reels. We enjoyed playing the game as much as we enjoyed the spectacular, silly, and sinister design and art created for this themed game.  We recommend that you play with THE SPOOKY FAMILY on your street!

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