Goodbye and Nanu Nanu to Robin Williams–Mr. Lobo finds drawing he made of Childhood Hero Mork Vs. The Universe!

jealousyMorkMr. Lobo never met the man. Terribly Sad. I will not be talking about his bittersweet Oscar winning dramas or stand-up. I did wear rainbow suspenders for 3 years, sat on my head, and burped with my finger. I was Mork in the space-pajamas for Halloween in ’78 and my best friend was an “Orkan guard” from the Opening of MORK AND MINDY–a favorite show of ours starring Robin Williams as a quirky space man who doesn’t fit in but succeeds anyway. A great vehicle for the actor’s free-form humor. He befuddled authority figures and uptight humans with humor, sweetness, intelligence, and absurdity. He was a role model for every weird kid with a TV.

Tonight a good friend on facebook said that ROBIN WILLIAMS” gave so much joy to others and saved so little for himself.”

Like I said, I didn’t know Robin Williams–but I think his passing is a reminder for all off us creative types to keep own depression in check. The Blues gets to us all and it’s hard to weather the storm. Not trying to be maudlin or fishing for sympathy–but I remember having suicidal thoughts in grade school because I was bullied so bad and didn’t fit in. Kids would destroy my artwork and I would think about laying down behind the school bus tires…Instead I drew this picture.

An Outsider. A Misfit. A Clown. Object of ridicule. MORK FROM ORK enduring the impotent attacks of all the galactic bad-asses–including DARTH VADER, CYLON, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ALIEN,  ZOLTAR, PEEPO, even CAPT. COSMIC’s wonder robot 2T2. The caption, “Jealousy gets you nowhere.” This is the message I was getting as an 8 year old. Do your thing and don’t worry about what other people! Thanks MORK.

That’s all for now. This is Mr. Lobo from the black void signing off. Nanu-Nanu.

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  1. Excellent insight regarding both RW and those of in kinship with you Mr. Lobo. I am genuinely touched by your words today, and your advice is Wisdom.

    Many thanks,

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