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Gulp. Our First Female Fan of the Week! Sleepless Knight, Ladies night!


renee whaley9 Renee Whaley2Before this honor, Sleepless Knight RENEE WHALEY grew up on CHILLER DILLER and CREATURE FEATURE and loves VINCENT PRICE. In 2009, when Mr. Lobo was a guest on local talk show, Northern California born Rene met MR. LOBO in person and offered him a role as “Mr. Media” in an independent production she is still developing. She applies her experience from making her own comic books to create funny homespun graphics and videos boosting her favorite horror host for FACEBOOK and YOU TUBE.

Renee Whaley1

Renee Whaley5

She even sent us an archival snap shot of herself wearing a catsuit and  playing an electric guitar on stage.

Thank You, Renee Whaley, valued lady Sleepless Knight, for your support and for watching all those Misunderstood Movies! Mr. Lobo is sending you a “fan of the week” award–THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK–for May 12th-18th 2014!Renee Whaley7



  • June 18, 2016 at 2:49 PM

    Just an old family member checking out this honor of her fan of the week. . Im actualy the memory of her dad , I left ship in 2010. but stayed in her heart. nice to see she is amonst her kind. Now I can rest.

  • May 17, 2014 at 8:30 PM
    Renee Whaley

    I am who I am today , because of the late night features and excentric role models. that fascinated me , spookd me and introduced me to Poe. When I was just four or five years old ,and by the acting roles in Murders in…. Pit and ……etc Price was like the grandaddy I never had.. Godzilla, my hero and babysitter was the after school special follow up movie . Godzilla week was cool. Just me and my BLACK mood ring./ Never turned color. I had cold hands and a rubber King Kong and Bat. I didnt sport the dolly or purse. In fact I used to stick ink pens through the eyes of my sisters dolls. I do beleive scribbling on the eyes to tough up her make up. eventualy checking my strength of being lefthanded. lol Iam a freak and i love who I am because there is a special place for those like you and I Mr. Lobo , like those hiding behind a slient Pan-omine , Your into plants, Im into Eddie the head. as an adult, yup graduated a step up last year with honors and my valley victorian was a speech of when meeting your peers for the first time and always remembering to sit closer to the television, perhpas you meet through a pan-o-mine friend,.. or an imaginary friend whom through their peeps meet and start a networking method somewhere in deep space or similar interests a class feild trip is one i remember ; Dont kknow the grographics but remember the birds and butterfly nets. Good times. A praise of gratitude for hosting the missunderstood movies as we adults struggle to pass our tag -along date (maniquins)… or say ” Im staying home to watch some classic horror movies and laugh at the host during the many cool intermission in a double feature show. Us freaks are all connected somehow. A giant web we weave but only one spider keeps the bugs crawling in… and that is hosts like you. So stand up and raise your head high, for we stand for what we will refuse to be and that is anything beside ordinary. Glad to be a part of this generations horror shows and hosts alike and abroad, * koolaid in hand* Cheers !


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