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Hurry! Fan Club drive and Free Shipping Ends Today!

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In a few hours Mr. Lobo is going to be deactivating the FREE SHIPPING coupon code “CINSOMNIAC”–the code served us well this week. We sold more fan club kits than ever before in the entire history of CINEMA INSOMNIA!
The fan drive is officially ending–but EVERY WEEK is fan appreciation week and we always are looking for dedicated Sleepless Knights to become official fans. It’s the finest horror host membership kit on the market and worth every penny. Ask a CInsomniac who has one!  Thank you all for making this Fan Drive/Fan Appreciation Week a monster success! We hope you have a bit more swagger in you step and speak a bit louder when you talk about the show and Mr. Lobo. Be proud Cinsomniacs–we ARE taking back the night!


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  • April 1, 2013 at 10:32 AM
    Prince Everlove

    LOBO RULES! And congrats on the Fan Club Drive! Get ready–your Fans are gearing up for more DVD Goodies! Your Loyal Knights of Cinsomnia~Prince Everlove /Warrior Princess


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