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Here is a list of contacts for anything related to Cinema Insomnia!
(The spam epidemic being what it is, please choose a ‘Subject:’ line that is not likely to be mistaken for a bulk unsolicited commercial message. Thank you.)

email: info@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)
General feedback and show-related inquiries. Want to know about a particular film, or public domain movies in general? We’d will be happy to fill you in. Do you have an event coming up? Let us know!

email: submissions@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)
Are you a filmmaker? Would you like you feature film shown on Cinema Insomnia?? We’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email with your contact information, the name of the film and some details about your movie. If your movie works for our format we’d love to show it!

email: info@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)
Do you represent a television station? Interested in airing Cinema Insomnia? Let us know! We’d love to talk to you. Please contact us and let us know how we can work with you to bring Cinema Insomnia to your area!

Mister Lobo
email: mrlobo@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)
Do you have a secret massage for Mr. Lobo? Want to know about a particular film, or public domain movies in general? Mister Lobo will be happy to fill you in. Want something special mailed to your doorstep? Ask Mister Lobo. Do you want Mister Lobo to entertain at your 10 year-old’s birthday party, and have it all end in angry tears? Mister Lobo is the one with whom you should communicate.

Dixie Dellamorto
Producer / Personal Assistant
website: horrorhostmagazine.com
email: dixie@cinemainsomnia.com
Do you want to volunteer to be on the cast or crew of Cinema Insomnia, submit fan art, professional art, or writing to the show? Perhaps you’re interested in Mr. Lobo’s other projects, such as Horror Hosts and Creature Features, or you’re to shy or angry to directly contact Mr. Lobo — Dixie is your connection.

Olav Phillips
email: olav@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)
Looking to do a partnership with Cinema Insomnia, maybe you are a press representative, or you have some interest in working with the Cinema Insomnia crack marketing team email Olav and we can help you out.

Scott Moon
Film/materials librarian and technical adviser
website: scottmoon.net
email: scottmoon@scottmoon.net
The process of getting these movies digitized is a daunting task supervised by Scott Moon. He’s supplied or acquired nearly all of the film prints we’ve shown on Cinema Insomnia – including the commercials and retro PSA’s. If you have questions related to film handling or print acquisition, he’s your man.

Cayce Campaign
Social Media Pages Marketing Operator, Mitch Mittens “Caretaker”, and Interviewer
email: cayce.hrivnak@aim.com
Any questions you have suggestions or ideas or questions about he social media pages, Mitch Mitten’s Review movie suggestions, or suggestions and submissions for Fan of the Week- shoot Cayce an email and she will get back to you right away.

website: amgtv.tv
email: terry_elaqua@amgtv.tv
phone: 772-334-7252
If you have any questions about local affiliate programing or where you can catch the next episode of Cinema Insomnia episode on broadcast or cable television across the nation, contact AMGTV directly.