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Mister Lobo is available NOW for appearances and bookings!


Mr. Lobo is an award winning actor who received a commendation from California’s governor. If you need a narrator, horror host cameo, scientist, psychic, authority figure, geek, MIB, slasher victim, zombie, or leading man for your next comedic, fantastic, horrific or indie film or TV project you will find Mr. Lobo professional, highly-creative, dedicated, and affordable.



Mr. Lobo is hired to host many film festivals including a yearly stint as MC for BLOBFEST at the Colonial theater in Phoenixville, PA,
THE SACRAMENTO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, PSYCHOTRONIX FILM FESTIVAL in the San Francisco Bay Area, and DISMEMBER THE ALAMO in Winchester Virginia. He’s presided over countless costume contests, screenings, stage shows, concerts, competitions, fund raisers, and auctions.



Mr. Lobo is a reverend to both Church of the SubGenius and Universal Life Church. Patron Saint of late night movie hosts and insomniacs and is qualified to solemnize weddings and renewed vows. Mr. Lobo had performed ceremonial services for several couples who are CINEMA INSOMNIA fans and you and better half can be next!



MR. LOBO has written for Radio, TV, Films, Comic Books, Newspapers, Websites, and Magazines–specializing in humor, pop culture, sci-fi, and horror. Fiction and NonFiction.



Mr. Lobo makes himself available for radio, TV, internet , magazine, newspaper, and documentary interviews and is very knowledgeable and entertaining when answering questions about his TV show, his other projects, pop culture, humor, certain sub-genres, horror hosts, and a variety of other topics.



WONDERCON, COMIC CON, SUPER-CON, MONSTER BASH, HORRORHOUND WEEKEND, BLOBFEST, CONQUEST, RETRO CON, THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION, MONSTER MANIA, SPOOKY EMPIRE, and many more have benefited from booking Mr. Lobo.  Adding him to your event attracts the attention of his legion of fans across the country. He will show up in his characteristic clothes from his TV show CINEMA INSOMNIA or dressed in a costume from his films and will happily meet and greet your attendees and make them feel special.

Having Mr. Lobo on hand for raffles, giveaways, panels, or to judge a contest adds extra value to his appearance. He is there FOR YOU and your customers, not for himself. For appearances that require “out of the way” travel, Mr. Lobo may request a hotel stay, a free vendors table, featured promotion in any programs, fliers, websites or other media, trip expenses, a $200 to $500 per diem, a guarantee against merch sold or any combination of these.


Thank you again for your interest. Mr. Lobo is looking forward to working with you on your upcoming event or project.

Please email inquiries to Mr. Lobo’s personal assistant Dixie Dellamorto info@cinemainsomnia.com.